Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is Jess's IT supervisor. The Yummers page should now be working properly. At least is it on my end. If anyone is still having trouble getting to the Paypal page through the "Give" candy link, please comment below and let us know so we can make sure it's absolutely operational for all :)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Do you hear that?
That is the sound of time ticking by. And do you know what that means?
It means that we are that much closer to the launch of the Kissing Booth and the King and Queen vote!
However, you still have a few hours to get your photos in. So, if you were a bit shy, but have been thinking that you want to join the fun, send your photos to:
purple DOT tidalwave AT gmail DOT com
so we can enter you! We don't want anyone to miss out!
you may want to check out the "Loved recipients" page. There is a message for you. ;)

Going once, Going twice...

The deadline is quickly approaching for your smiling faces to be added to the Kissing Booth or the Valentine's Day King and Queen vote. In approximately fifteen hours, the entry will close and the pages will be posted for your viewing/kissing/voting pleasure.
So, if you would like to be a part of our Kissing Booth or have a chance at being voted Valentine's King or Queen, don't delay in sending in your photos to Jess and Glacier at:
purple DOT tidalwave AT gmail DOT com
There is no cost to have your photos added, but remember, that each kiss and each vote costs 1 American dollar.
We'd love to see you!
*Note: prizes are being awarded to the lucky creatures voted Queen and King*.
P.S. Thank you to Amber for letting me know that the Yummer's "give" button is not working. We are working on it. If anyone else is having any technological problems, please do not hesitate to send me an email to the address above. We want this to go as smoothly as possible and to be as fun as it can be. So, send in your questions/comments/suggestions.
PPS: To those of you using a screen reader, I personally couldn't get my screen reader to interact with the "give" buttons. I am not sure if that was because the buttons just weren't working or if they are not blind friendly. If it the latter, please let me know and I will find a way to make sure you can participate. :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fur My Sweetie: By Roscoe

Guess whats everyone?
I haves a date to the Blogville Valentine's PAWTY and hers is a very lovely Lady. I'm sure you all knows hers too! It's the beautiful

Isn't hers beautiful?
Can you believes it? Hers said she wanted to go dancings with me. With me! I am sooooooo excited! Mom said hers will give me dating lessons so that I am a complete gentleman for Maggie Mae. Mom says I needs to learn hows to open doors and hold them for my Lady; I haves to get hers her drinks at the PAWTY; I also needs to learns hows to hold my arm so hers can walk with me. There's so much stuffs to learns!
And do you knows what else?
It's Maggie Mae's birthday today! So, I gots hers a present.

Do you likes it Maggie Mae? It's a Yummer just fur you. I knows that theys are fur Valentine's Day, but I thought that you should have a yummer fur your birthday too.
 I hopes you haves a wonderful birthday!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Say Cheese

Can you believe it, Blogville?
Just over two days for you to get your photos in for The Kissing Booth and vote for Valentine's Day King and Queen.
The pages are coming along very nicely and everything should be ready to launch on February 01. That means, if you want to pawticipate in the vote or in The Kissing Booth, then you need to get your fabulous faces into me by midnight January 31. That is not very far off.
Email your smiles/puckers/pouts to:
purple DOT tidalwave AT gmail DOT com
*There is NO cost to enter your photos*!
This also means that voting and kissing can start on February 01. Each kiss costs 1 dollar American and each vote also costs 1 dollar American, which will go towards helping Dog Foster Mom pay for the necessary privacy fence.
So, what are you waiting for?
Send us your photos and hurry.
We don't want anyone to miss out.
Happy Sunday :)
P.S. Don't forget that the Yummers Fur your Sweetie shop is open. Stop by and check out our (virtual) selection of treats and pick one for your honey. Or, there have been a few birthdays in Blogville as of late; maybe someone would like to get a plate of cookies?

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Valentine's Request From Roscoe

Hellos Blogville:
This is Roscoe, doing this Blog thingy. I haves never done this before, but Glacier says it's easy. Easy for himms. I ams still confused by this typing thingy. Hims says he'll spellcheck for me when I'm done; whatever that is.
Anyways, I haves given up my very impawtant job of sleeping on the couch and protecting my Mom-Hers is  my Mom, but Glacier's girl; very confusing-to ask a very impawtant question. And that is:
Are there any available ladies still left in Blogville?
When I saws that everyone was getting dates, even Glacier, I decided that I hadn't been practising my dance moves fur nothing. No, ssirree. Since I don'ts do this Blog thingy, I don't knows any of you lovely ladies and so would be most honoured if one of you wanted to take me-oh no, wait-if you would go with me...that's right isn't it? I take you rights?
Anyways, I knows I would be the most pawfect escort because I have the same job for the Daddy that Glacier has for my Mom; AKA hims girl.
I'm a guide dog. I would be ables to keep your paws from getting stomped on and make sure you didn't run into anything while we were grooving. Very impawtant stuffs.
Oh, Glacier says I shoulds show you who I am since you don't knows me. So, here it goes:
Here is me.
Me is so handsome. Wouldn't I look good on yours arm? Erm, you on mines. I am telling ya! This dating thingy is almost as confusing as this blog thingy. I ams a fast learner thoughs. I'll take dating lessons befures the PAWTY and be the pawfect date.
What Glacier?
Ohs another one.
Heres I am agains.
As you can sees, I ams a dog of many talents. I can snuggles, plays computer games and...erm, I don't knows whats I was doing in that other photo thingy. The Daddy has a sick sense of humours sometimes.
Would someones likes to go to the Blogville Valentine's PAWTY with me? I pawmise, I'll take dating lessons befures February fourteens.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Girl Can't Sit Still

Hi there: Glacier here. I don't know if any of you have noticed, but my girl has itchy feet: she can't sit still. It amazes me that she can sit down and read a book without jumping up to do something.
Right now, hers is doing 87 million different thingies! No, really.
Hers has started volunteering with Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland; hers is constantly doing thingies for the Blogville PAWTY; hers has another blog (you can read it
here. and hers Highness Crazy Lady is training for a triathlon! And, now! Hers has decided it's a good idea to train for her triathlon AND raise moneys for the Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland.
I tell ya! Hers doesn't know how to stay still!
Can anybodies come and tie hers to the couch?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Dog Dream

Things with the Labrador Rescue have been moving right along at a very quick pace. C has been amazing and hasn't said "no" to any of my ideas/suggestions, which has completely surprised me. Some of my ideas/plans have been a bit ambitious, but she just keeps giving me the green light and encouraging me.
This woman is truly Heaven sent. Where has she been all my life?
Actually, I'm glad it's taken me this long to find her. It has given me the opportunity to learn more about dogs, fundraising and a lot of other things that I think make me a better volunteer for the rescue.
Before Mr. K and I moved to Scotland back in August of 2011, I had created a website called
that Mr. K designed for me. I haven't done much with it since moving to the Uk because I felt that I wasn't quite equipped to enter the world of dog training. I didn't have any contacts, no resources and I really wanted a mentor. After speaking to C over email today, I think I will be resurrecting Furdemonium and breathing some life into it.
C has given me the "go ahead" to be a follow-up resource for the people who rescue from Labrador Rescue. I will serve as a go to person to help with settling a dog into a home, training enquiries and other dog related issues. C even added to my duties by suggesting that I act as  a resource for people who are thinking of re-homing their Labrador. She says often, a phone call or two can rectify a problem a person is having and she thinks that if she could send me to the person, that perhaps even more re-homings could be prevented. I just can't believe she is giving me so much responsibility with regards to the dogs.
One of my other tasks is to find a company willing to free source clickers to Labrador Rescue. I had asked C if she gave out starter kits with the re-homed Labradors and she said that in fact they did. However, clickers were not provided, which was something I suggested be in the package, and she said I could  start looking for a "clicker sponsor" of sorts.
Other organisations wanted me to hand out posters and here C is encouraging me to train dogs.
All I can say is "wow."
Furdemonium will be used as a tool for aiding Labrador Rescue as well as providing a resource for owners. Who knows where this adventure will take me, but perhaps my dreams of working in the pet industry will come true. I'm just so excited that I can do what I love so much and help out such a wonderful person, C, and organisation.

A Whole Lot of Excitement

There is so much going on that I hardly know where to start. So, here are a few updates, just in case you may have missed them.
First of all, the Yummers Fur your Sweetie page is open. This is where you may go and buy a (virtual) treat or two for your sweetie for Valentine's Day. You fuzzy creatures stealing your Mama's "plastic thingies," don't forget your humans. :)
All you have to do is go to the page, pick your treat and hit the button underneath it, which will bring you to a Pay Pal page. The cost of a treat is 1 US dollar and all proceeds go to Dog Foster Mom and helping her build her privacy fence.
*Note: Please remember to fill out the comment section on the Pay Pal page. This way, we know who bought what and for whom. If you don't want to be recognised, no worries. Just don't fill out that comments section. Once your payment has been confirmed and I have read your comment, I will make it public that so and so has bought a treat for so and so. There is a separate page for that*.
That brings me to my next thing. There is a page that displays the Yummers bought for sweeties. Please check this page as you may have received a Yummer. If you decide to purchase a yummer, please feel free to take the image of the yummer, display it on your blog and tell your sweetie yourself that you bought something for him/her.
Next item of business:
If you are unable to participate in the Blogville Valentine's Day PAWTY, or just want to contribute more to Dog Foster Mom's fence fund, a "general donation" button has been added to the Updates and Information page found on this blog. This button allows you to select the amount you want to donate.
Thus far, all of the photos sent in for the Kissing Booth and King and Queen vote have been added to their respective pages. I'm gonna tell ya Blogville: we have some very lovely four leggers out there. There is still time to get your photos to me and we welcome them. If you have a photo for the Kissing Booth and/or for the Valentine's Day King and/or Queen vote, please email them to:
You have until midnight on January 31. Got it? :)
Also, if anyone is looking for a fuzzy one to go to the dance with, I know Roscoe is looking for a date. Tune in tomorrow because he will be taking over the blog for the first time...ever!
I think, for now, that is all. If you have any questions about any of the activities, please do not hesitate to contact Jess and Glacier at the email address above. We always love your suggestions/comments/questions.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Stuff

Glacier and Roscoe have been on a raw diet for just over two weeks now. Mr. K and I decided to go with a pre-made  food for now as getting the ingredients for a raw diet may prove difficult as of right now. The food we selected, after many hours of research, was Natural Instincts and let me tell you, we, the dogs included, are very happy with the food.
As most of my readers know, Roscoe has a few allergies and commercial kibbles often make the allergies flare up. We had found a wet food, Nature Diet, that seemed to work for a while, but his stomach seemed to disagree with it after a while as well. His ears would become stinky and overly waxy after a few weeks, which would require the use of an ear cleaner. Both dogs' "deposits" were small, but the consistency wasn't quite right. So, I went on the hunt for a high quality, raw, pre-made food. Natural Instincts has a "Working dog" line, which we feed the boys, not only because it has more vitamins, but also because, for some reason, it is cheaper than the other Natural Instincts Options. I also like it because there is a variety of proteins to pick from and so the boys may get chicken one day, turkey another and beef yet another. The shipping was incredibly fast and the food arrived still frozen in little coolers. Their customer service is also quite satisfactory as I emailed at one point, wondering where our order was, and they phoned me back within a few hours of me sending the email. Yes, the food is a bit more expensive than what we were originally feeding Glacier and Roscoe, but I calculated it and they are eating 1100 grams of food less a day. That is huge. That means, that they are metabolizing the food better and actually using what is put into their systems.
Their coats are thicker and shinier, ears are clean, no paw chewing, poop is itty-bitty and their stinky doggie breath isn't nearly as bad. And, the boys love it! I mean, they are Labs and would probably love anything I put in front of them-Glacier has eaten velcro-but they are so excited for their meals now, I can hardly contain them.
At first, I thought they were starving and that I wasn't feeding them enough. The quantity of food I was feeding them had dropped drastically and I was concerned that they were not getting enough food. So, to experiment, I doubled their portions one day and they still acted crazy when it was meal time. It wasn't that they weren't getting enough, it was that they loved it so much.
Both boys know when it's close to meal time, as I am sure all dog owners can relate to. Roscoe starts prancing about and if I'm not fast enough, he will start talking to me. Ever since we made the food switch, he prances even more vigorously, even to the point where he runs around the living room like a mad man and talks even more vehemently. Glacier will move around, plunking into a sit and then moving to a new spot. He knows he has to sit for his food and perhaps he thinks that if he sits adamantly, then I'll feed him faster. This is at supper time. The mornings are a whole different story.
In the mornings, both boys start tap dancing next to my side of the bed and thrusting their cold noses under the covers. Glacier is tall enough to get his head on the bed without putting his paws up. If I am unresponsive, and Mr. K isn't in bed, Roscoe will leap on to the bed and start stamping on me and snuffing my face. If I move at all, indicating to him that his antics are working, then he starts hitting me with his front paws. The instant I throw back the covers, Roscoe has launched himself off the bed and lands in front of  the bedroom door, where he resumes his tap dancing. I can't get the door open fast enough for the two of them. They both hold their "sit, stay" while they wait for me to dish it out, but they are quivering with anticipation.
Basically, we, all of us, are very satisfied with the food we have chosen. The dogs love its taste and the humans are happy with the results. I think we may have found a winner this time around; let's just hope it stays that way.
*Note: the opinions expressed here are mine and I have not received any kind of endorsement from Natural Instincts for my review; although, that would be nice*. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anyone Hungry?!

Hi everyone: Glacier here and I am here to make a huuuuuggggggeeee and excitin' announcement.
Are you ready?
Perhaps you should sit down...
Are you sittin'?
Guess what?
My girl and one of her very bestest furriends, the human kind, worked and worked and played with 'puter thingies all night and
*takes deep breath*
the "Yummers Fur Your Sweetie" shop is open!
That is right Blogville. Treats right at your claw tips.  I've seen them and they look fantabulous! The best pawt is that you can buy a Yummer, or two, fur your sweetie and all of the moneys will go to helpin' Dog Foster Mom.
 You get to eat and help someone else. It doesn't get any better than that.
So, fur all of you snackers out there, stop in to the Yummers Fur your Sweetie page and purchase a treat fur yourself or your sweetie.
Here's what you have to do:
Go to the "Yummers Fur your Sweetie" page, under the heading "The Furry Family," and click on the page. (Don't ask why my girl decided to call our "pages" the "Furry Family." Hers is bonkers or somethin'). Then, all of the delicious yumminess will be right before your eyes. You scroll through and find the pawfect Yummer and then hit the Pay Pal button under it. Once you've made your purchase, or purchases, then go on to the comments section and let my girl know that you have bought a yummer and who you bought it fur. My girl will list everyone who bought treats and who received them. You are also encouraged to take the image of the yummer you purchased and display it on your own blog and let the special someone know that you were thinking of him or her.
Easy enough right?
What are you waitin' fur?!
Go on and start sniffin' around. You won't be disappointed.
Note from my girl: If there are any technical difficulties with the Pay Pal buttons, please contact me immediately so that I can work on rectifying the issue. I've never done this before, so bare with me. Thanks. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Good Things Come to Those Who Wait."

That statement couldn't be truer. Sometimes it feels like waiting will never end or that what you are waiting  for will never come, but my stubborn, determination to work with a dog rescue has finally paid off. I have emailed countless organisations, both rescues and service dog organisations, in the hopes of being granted the opportunity to volunteer. Some have said flat out no, others have not returned my emails and others have told me I could help by doing door to door fundraising. None of these answers, or lack thereof, were very satisfying; not even close. Most recently, I had an organisation tell me that I could hand out posters at events. I'm sure that is a very necessary job, but I was looking for something that was a challenge and put my dog skills to the test. I also wanted to learn about dog training.
Well, my wait is finally over. It's been a year or two in the making, but the opportunities I have been granted with this rescue are beyond my greatest hopes. It's been in the works for about a week now, but I didn't want to say anything until things were a bit more permanent. I was worried I would jinx it with my enthusiasm. :)
 Today was the day that solidified my spot as a volunteer with the Labrador Rescue of Scotland.
The woman who runs the rescue, we'll call her C, has been so incredibly open minded and willing to allow me to be involved. We had an hour long chat on the phone this afternoon, that was followed up by numerous text messages and emails. She's already assigned me a few projects that I started working on today. Some of them have to do with fundraising and others have to do with dog training. I feel very privileged to have found C and to have her embrace me as a whole, capable  person. She's even asked me to draw up some training techniques I would use or exercises that I like for training that she wants to incorporate into her training classes.
My first project is to work with a low vision man and his rescued Labrador on some basic house manners. Apparently, she likes to jump up and so our first task is to teach her to keep all four paws on the floor. I was so shocked and excited that C was actually going to let me be a part of the training process. The man and I are supposed to meet at the beginning of February to discuss what he would like to accomplish with his dog and then to create a plan of attack.
I'm still in awe that this has actually happened. C keeps saying that I am "Heaven sent," but I think it's the other way around. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sneakings and Discoverings

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a very impawtant news release from our under cover Dachshund who has boldly gone where no Dachshund has gone before, or should go. To give you this impawtant report, our very own Glacier.
Take it away Glacier!
...Is this thing on...?
Oh, ahem.
Hello Blogville. This is Glacier reporting to you from a very secret location. It is so secret that my camera dude, Roscoe, was not allowed in.

What does that thingy have to do with my very impawtant report?
Why is we showin' our readers that our agent stoles my bone?!
Where was I? Oh yes...
We have received a very interesting report from our under cover Dachshund that the construction of the Valentine's Day Queen and King crowns is well under way. Our agent risked his life to bring us the report that the crowns are still in their beginning stages, but that he saw a lot of shiny stuffs in the room where the crowns are being held.
Our agent. Isn't him handsome? He's quite brave too, ladies.
He had to traverse rough terrain, fighting gale force winds and deep snow.

And had to be the sneakiest of sneaky as the crown making room is under heavily armed guards.
Brave, brave Baloo, erm, I mean, Special Agent Spotty Man.
This is all of the informationals Special Agent Spotty Man was able to give me as of right now, but he plans a sneakier, secret attack on the Crown Making room. So we will know fur sure that the crowns are bein' made and that the armed guards aren't just keepin' the shiny stuffs for themselves. Thank you Special Agent Spotty Man for going where no Dachshund has gone before and should never go.
This is Glacier, signing off fur now.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Quick Reminder

Hello everyone: Glacier here to give you a gentle reminder. *nudge, nudge*.
My girl is a bit worn out from running
six K yesterday,
 so she asked me to make this a short and sweet post. So, here it is.
We are still needing, and wanting, your beautiful kissable faces for The Kissing Booth. Quite a few cuties have sent in their adorable mugs, but we need more.
Also, our Queen and King vote candidates are a bit sparse. As of right now, we have three beautiful single ladies, including my lovely Nola, for the Queen vote. That isn't many. We've added a new category to the vote as well. If you are a couple and want to be voted for together, then send us a photo with the two of you together. We have a few handsome couples already.
That is it for today. My girl has a massage client coming in and she needs to get ready. Come back tomorrow to see the lovely award we were given. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a Shy Guy

Hello everyone: Glacier here with a very impawtant question.
Oh, I am so nervous.
It would seem that Blogville is really gettin' ready for the big PAWTY and my girl and I are very excited bouts that. Seems like everything is comin' together and now that we know this thingy is actually happenin' I began to notice that
This guy
has been cruising around Blogville and working his magic.
  It seemed like everyone was lining up dates; everyone  except me.
*This is me. Just in case you didn't know*.
But then, I noticed this lovely Sable girl and gots to thinkin' that maybe, just maybe she'd want to go to the PAWTY with me.
*shuffles paws nervously*.
I first saw hers when her photos came in for the Valentine's Day Queen vote and the Kissing Booth. I didn't know then that I was allowed to ask anyone to the dance, so I was thinkin' I'd just give her a smooch in The Kissing Booth. But, after
Max, DaOdder Weenie
Anna Rose
I gots to thinkin' I should ask my Sable girl too.
Dachshund Nola
I may be 66 pounds bigger than you,
See? I'm kind of big.
I am a gentle, shy guy who would love it if you would go to the PAWTY with me?
 My girl always says "please" goes a long way. Here's to hopin' she's right.
Oh! I almost furgot....
 These are fur you!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Any Takers?

Hello everyone: Glacier here, doing my girl a favor.
She has been so busy puttin' photos on to a page thingy, sendin' out email thingies and all sorts of excitin' thingies for the Blogville Valentine's Day PAWTY. So, I told her to give her fingers a rest this morning and I would type for her. She's off in the kitchen makin' some coffee. That's one of the only thingies that  the Daddy lets her make. Hers is not so good in the kitchen. Anyway, gotta type fast befure she comes back. I have some favors to ask and I need to tell ya the truth so that you understand how desperately I need your help. She won't like it! So, here it goes.

With all of the excitin' plannin' my girl seems to have missed one very impawtant detail: if we're gonna be dancin' we're gonna need music. She has sent me on the hunt for a band or a DJ. There has got to be a band or a DJ somewhere out there in Blogville? Mayor Frankie suggested Puddles could sing "Rain drops keep falling on my head" over and over again if we can't find a band. So, I am hopin' we can find some music for our dancin'...no offense Puddles.
My girl thinks that maybe she could teach Fiona, Plato and Yoda to play some instruments in two weeks if she had to, but those flying Monkey thingies she calls Sugar Gliders give me the creeps. Just the other day Fiona pulled one of the Daddy's keys off of his keyboard in search of treasures. They have thumbs!
Thumbs I tell ya!
 I'm thinkin' that they probably could be trained, but there's no tellin' what they'll do. So, is anyone out there musically inclined in any capacity? If not, the Flying Monkeys may be our only option.
More concerning than the Flying Monkeys performin' at the Blogville PAWTY is that my girl needs to bake a birthday cake. She won't tell me whose, but it's someone's birthday on February fourteenth and she thinks that all of Blogville needs cake to celebrate. I like cake! Oh, wait. I've never had cake...my girl is thinkin' that it should be a critter friendly cake. Now, listen very carefully, my girl may be able to teach the Flying Monkeys to play instruments, but that girl should NOT, under any circumstances, be allowed to bake!
I repeat! Under no circumstances!
 She and the kitchen disagree. She's lit the stove on fire, boiled a sponge into her pasta salad and dogness knows what else!
True stories! I wasn't there, but my girl's first guide dog, Jetta, told me all bouts it.
So, please Blogville! I am beggin' ya! Can someone bake a critter friendly cake?
Don't let her do it!
Just don't!!!!!!
Oh, hers is comin' back. Gotta hurry.
If you can bake a critter friendly cake for February 14th, can you email my girl at:
purple DOT tidalwave AT gmail DOT com
Don't tell hers I warned ya bouts her cookin'...okay?
Update: Glacier back again. Have you seen what Mayzie is doing fur the PAWTY?! Hers needs a date and she's turned it into a contest. I was going to enter, but brother Roscoe saw her photo and is smitten. So, I will back off.
If you're looking for a date, gentlemen, go on over to her
and enter, but just be warned, Roscoe is entering too.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm A Working Stiff

No, really. I am. There's no shame in it. I live for my job and work for my life; and my girl's life too.
You don't believe me?
Let me tell ya all bouts it.
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Glacier. Not Iceberg, Ice cube or Blizzard as some would like to call me: it's Glacier. I know it because it was the first thing I learned. It's the first word that leaves my girl's mouth when she's giving me a cue. Cues like, "Glacier forward," or "Glacier find the curb."
That's right. I find curbs and a whole bunch of things. Curbs, chairs, doors, stairs, escalators, elevators. I even know how to "find the Daddy." My girl taught me that one because both her and the Daddy's eyes don't work so well. That's why my girl has me. That's why I'm a working stiff.
My training started when I was a little wee guy. I lived with a really great family who taught me all the things I would need to know to be a working dog. Then, I moved into a school for six months and started learning a whole bunch of new things; things like watching for cars, moving safely around obstacles, ignoring food/people/other dogs. That ignoring thing was the hardest thing to learn. I'm a Labrador, how can I possibly ignore food?
But I do because it is my job. If I stop to pick up that tasty french fry off of the ground, my girl could walk into a pole or even out into traffic. I'm expected to be aware of my surroundings and ignore them all at once. It used to be confusing. Now, it's just my job; a job that I love.
My job has let me do some pretty cool things. I get to go into malls, grocery stores, ride on trains/planes/buses. Anywhere my girl goes, I'm going too. I was even there when she carried the Olympic torch. How many dogs can say they got to help carry the Olympic torch?
As soon as my girl gets my harness off the hook by the door, I am right at her side. I won't let her go anywhere without me. She might get hit by a car if I don't go along. So, she can just put that notion out of her silly head that she's leaving me at home. My girl seems to think she makes the decisions, but it's really me. She may tell me where we're going, but dude, I'm the one who doesn't let her walk forward if there's a car coming. I'm the one who finds the door when it's time to turn in. What if I didn't want to go to the gym today? Did you ever think about that little missy?
I'm a working stiff and proud of it. Don't believe me?

watch this!
I am ready to go to work; boots and all! (Did she really have to put those on me? And the coat? Oh the shame!
This is Glacier's entry for the
Mango Minster 2012
Working Stiff category.

Blogville PAWTY Updates

Are you getting excited?
Have you been practising your moves?
How about picking out the pawfect outfit?
Things are heating up around here, Blogville!
How so?
Pictures have been coming in for The Kissing Booth, and let me tell you, four and two legged kind alike are going to have a hard time dragging themselves away.
For those of you who don't know about the Kissing Booth, allow me to fill you in. The Kissing Booth is going to be set up right here under the title "The Kissing Booth." Pretty simple so far right? On February first, the booth will open with lovely ladies and real gentlemen for your smooching pleasure. Just simply scroll through the page of "Kissables" and select the one you'd like to smooch. From there, you click "smooch" and you will have planted one on the pup, cat, crab, hamster, horse, Sugar Glider Etc Etc of your choice. Now, if there are just too many fabulous faces out there that you simply cannot resist, then smooch as many as you'd like. Each kiss costs a dollar, but all of the proceeds, minus Pay Pal's fee, will go towards assisting
Dog Foster Mom
build her well deserved and very needed privacy fence.
Now that we know what The Kissing Booth is, is there anyone else out there who'd like to be a "kissable?" If so, send me your photo to:
purple DOT tidalwave AT gmail DOT com
with the words "Kissing Booth" somewhere in the subject line. Also, don't forget to tell us who you are so we can put your name up with your picture at the booth.
*Note: The deadline for photos is January 31 at midnight*.
Photos for the Valentine's Day Dance King/Queen vote have also started arriving in my in-box. If you need more information about this activity, or you would like to pawticipate please contact me at the email address above. (I heard roomers of prizes for the winners of the King and Queen titles, respectively).
  Information about all activities can also be found on the Update page found on this blog.
On to the new stuff!
Yummers fur Your Sweetie has been added to our activities for the great Blogville bash.
suggested that snacks would be welcome at any PAWTY. Glacier fervently agreed and so "yummers" can be purchased for a dollar for your special someone. You know Labradors and their stomachs. As of right now you can go and gawk at the mouth watering treats that are on sale, but they are not quite ready for purchase. Ordering will soon be available. Once you can place your order(s), I would encourage you to take the image of the treat you purchased, display it on your blog and let whoever you bought it for know that a treat has been purchased for him/her. Also, I will keep a list of who bought the treats and for whom they were purchased and make that list public. So, you will be able to check if you got a Yummers; or two.
Our raffle prizes just keep growing. A wonderful donation from H Gibson, a Scottish artist has brought our prize count up over ten prizes. H Gibson has generously donated three prints of her work and two hand painted/dyed scarves. Photos of all prizes will soon be available on the Pawsome Raffle Prize page. If you have anything you would like to contribute to our raffle prizes, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address listed above.
Currently, I am awaiting a response from Nylabone and a few other pet product companies to find out whether or not they would be willing to donate raffle prizes.
I have also heard roomer of the Valentine's Day King and Queen crowns being crafted in a secret location where no one will be able to find them until February fourteenth. I have heard, from a very reliable source, that armed guards have been put on patrol to ensure the safety of the crowns. I will give you more information when my informant has gleaned details from his snoopervising assignment. He's a Dachshund, so I am very confident in his snoopervising abilities.
So, isn't this all exciting? The plans have been made and we're going to give you a great PAWTY!
As always your suggestions, comments, questions Etc, about any of the activities are welcome.
Oh, and don't forget to take the PAWTY badge for your blog if the fancy to write about the PAWTY should strike you.
Happy Sunday, Blogville. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Striding Along

Today was a busy day for Glacier and I. . I include Glacier because when I have things to do, that means Glacier has things to do. There aren't many places I go without my big, Yellow Fellow striding along at my side and today was no exception. Our first stop, the gym.
We left the flat around 12:40, fighting the lunch crowd clogging the sidewalks. The sun was shining this afternoon, the first time in probably a month and the weather was mild. People probably wanted to soak up as much Vitamin D as they could. I can't lie, I probably would have enjoyed staying out longer and running outside instead of at the gym if I had the means. The sun felt good soaking into my skin as Glacier and I made our way to the gym.
I had left the flat a bit jittery as there is a crossing just two blocks from the gym that makes me incredibly nervous. The crossing is very busy with buses and cars turning and I've nearly been hit by a bus there. There isn't a way to control the traffic and so you have to wait to hear a lull in the traffic and then run across. Not my idea of safe. I got myself so worked up into a tizzy, I barely noticed the sunshine at first or the crowds of people. Glacier and I made our third crossing, a busy intersection that is currently under construction, and in my nervousness I steered us in the wrong direction. I couldn't tell you where I made the mistake and I can't tell you how we got out of it, but at the time I knew how to get back to the street we were actually supposed to be walking down. The jolt of getting lost, momentarily, made me realise that fretting about the crossing that was still far off was not going to get us there safely. I started paying attention, noticing the sun finally, the people bustling about and Glacier's easy, comfortable trot. I began to enjoy myself.
We arrived at the gym without incident. At the crossing that had befuddled me so early on in our walk, an older gentleman assisted me across the road. He was very nice and asked if I was crossing before telling me it was safe. I appreciated his unassuming demeanor and that he asked. Once across that street, it was smooth sailing.
After pounding out over 5 K on the treadmill, I collected Glacier from the office and we were off again. I was impressed at his composure when we passed a playground filled with screaming, squawking, crying, laughing pre-school kids. Some of them were even riding little toys that made a racket and even though Glacier glanced at the madness behind the fence, he didn't flinch, despite the overwhelming noise.
We made it back across the dreaded crossing with the assistance of the same gentleman and met Tenie and Carmen at our specified meeting location. Then, it was on the bus for us to stop at the girls' Letting Agency, to the bank and then a stop for a bite to eat for the humans. Glacier was a super star ignoring the hordes of people out and about and curled up and behaved himself on the bus rides and at the little Italian restaurant we stopped in at. Can I just say, delicious!
On the ride home, I was impressed to discover that the bus we were taking talked to its passengers, letting them know where they were and what stop was coming up. Apparently, all of the UK is working towards making all of the fleets of buses talk, which would make my life so much easier. Taking the city bus means asking the driver which bus it is before getting on and then asking the driver to let you know when you reach your stop. It is easy to worry the whole ride whether the driver will remember or not, or if you will even hear him/her over the noise of the bus and its passengers. The talking buses are fantastic and I'm glad to see them finally being put out on the roads.
The four of us, hopped off at a different stop so that we could stop in at the vet. Guide dogs that are registered with The Guide Dog Association here have their medical expenses covered. In order for that to happen, a health book is used to document the dogs' medical information and any procedures/vaccinations Etc that may have occurred. Glacier and Roscoe's books had come in just before Christmas and we had to get them to the vet's office so that the vet could actually get paid for caring for the boys.
It was home time after that quick visit. Glacier had met a little puppy named Charlie who liked to whack Glacier in the face with his paws. At one point, Glacier popped Charlie on the head, the way he used to do with Baloo, but I put a stop to that. I don't care if Glacier whacks my dogs on the head, but he should not be bopping other people's puppies; unless he knows them of course.
We walked part of the way home with Tenie and Carmen, chatting away. We eventually reached the corner where we go our separate ways and Glacier guided me safely home. His curb work was excellent and I made sure to give the correct directions this time. I think I've said this before, but it is amazing to me what a little patience and consistency has done for Glacier and I.
In October I thought I would have to retire him. Our independent travel was definitely unsafe and Glacier seemed disinterested in keeping the two of us safe. It's something he and I have struggled with since day one, but the last couple of months he's come a very long way. I know now that his nervous/anxious reaction to big changes is to shut down, but knowing that allows me to give him what he needs to get back on his paws, so to speak. Traveling around a big city, such as Edinburgh, is so much easier for me with a guide dog and I am just glad Glacier and I were finally able to figure each other out and continue to work together.
I think Glacier enjoyed his day out as much as I did, but after I showered, fed him and Roscoe, took them out and  got the Sugar Gliders' food ready, we're both crashed out on the couch; settled in for the night. Being a guide dog isn't easy, I would think; especially if you are my guide dog and i get myself so worked up about something trivial and get us temporarily misplaced. They never truly rest when we're out in public even if they are just lying under a table at a cafe. Glacier stays on alert for when I get up and when we're walking, it's his job to be watching for the both of us.  I can't blame him for needing a nap after all of that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Wee Update

Oh, no! It's happened! I am talking like a UKer. I tried to take that word "wee" out, but it just sounds so much better with it in...Anyway, on to today's business!

So, guess what?
! VIP has come through for us! That's what.
I don't know what the product is, but it is to be shipped to Mr. K's Mom's house, since a US address was needed. Once it arrives, I'll fill all of you lovely people in on what it is.
Thank you
Do you know what else?!
Our very first photo for the Kissing Booth has made its appearance in my In-box. I won't tell who it is, but all I can say is: you better pucker up boys! She's a beauty. :)
And, last but not least: your hostess-that would be me-has this little thingy that effects her ability to tell what things are. That's right: the blind one got the Kong products mixed up. It wasn't until last night when a friend with working eyeballs was over, that she clarified my mistake. So, let's go over what Kong actually sent, and not what I thought they sent. ;)
1 Kong Senior (I thought it was a bit soft),
1 XXL red Kong Classic,
1 Kong Wobbler (there was no mistaking that),
and the three mini Kong key chains, which my friends tried to make off with last night. And they're not even crazy dog people like me! That is how cute these key chains are. I'll be making the corrections on the Pawsome Raffle Prize page.
So, that is it for now. I think it has been an exciting couple of days with The Kong Company's generous donation; our first Kissing booth photo arriving; and the surprise donation from VIP. I think this is  going to be one Pawsome PAWTY!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On The Hunt for Food

My dogs' health is always a concern for me. Their diets are an integral part of their health and finding the right food for both Glacier and Roscoe has always been a struggle. Ultimately, Mr. K and I would love to raw feed them, but we  run into two concerns.
1. The cost. From what I can tell things might be more pricy. Currently, we have estimated we are spending around 75 pounds a month on a commercial, complete wet food called Nature Diet. I think it is a brand exclusive to the UK as I've never seen it in North America when I was doing dog food research before.
2. Our flat is small. Providing a place that could be easily sanitized after meals poses a large problem. There just isn't the room for crates, or even one crate for that matter.
The biggest problem we are finding is  that nearly every food we have looked at in the UK has rice in it. I don't know what the obsession with feeding one's dog rice is, but it's everywhere.
Dear dog food manufacturers: dogs don't need rice! Where the crap did they get rice from when they were roaming free?
We had them on Orijen, a food common in North America and actually Canadian made, but whatever they do to it here just does not agree with our boys' systems. While eating Orijen, a high quality dry commercial food, they became stinky, Roscoe's coat started falling out in clumps, their eyes were constantly oozing and Roscoe's  ear issues flared up again. Not to mention, we were paying more for poorer results. I had wanted them eating a kibble, even if only at every other meal, to keep their teeth clean, but after those results Orijen was scrapped from the menu. We went back to Nature Diet.
The problem with Nature Diet is that  I'm not sure I trust the packaging process, or perhaps the store we are getting it from is not storing it properly, but whatever the reason, ever since switching them back to Nature Diet Roscoe has had slimer, runny poop three times; just randomly. The food doesn't smell bad to me when I dish it out, but he'll start whining at us to take him out. Sometimes he has to go almost immediately after or it will be hours later. This has happened on more than one occasion when Mr. K and I are 100 percent sure he didn't have any treats, bones or eat anything playing off leash. So, it has to be the food. We can't have a guide dog who randomly has diarrhea. Well, no dog with diarrhea is very nice, but Roscoe is expected to go into public places. We can't risk him having an upset tummy and him exploding all over a mall.
Thankfully, he's really good at warning us, but the other morning his warning wasn't enough and I wasn't able to get him out. He pooped all over our foyer floor. Have you ever tried cleaning up runny poop off of a wooden floor? Yuck! It was that time that I had had enough. Before that, his horrible poop was flung at me during a wind storm and ended up caking my jeans. It was the mess on the floor that decided me: we needed a new food.
I spent the greater part of Saturday researching commercial foods. What I really want, if this were a perfect world, my dogs would be eating raw, but meat isn't cheap. So, I researched probably close to ten different brands. Out of those brands, and the dozens of  others I dismissed because I already knew they contained rice, I found only two that didn't have rice or grains. These foods are considered to be a part of the BARF diet and contain only a protein source and some fruits and vegetables. It's so expensive though.
Mr. K and I ordered just under what we would normally pay for a month's supply of Nature Diet and are going to see how long it lasts us. There is 18 kilograms of frozen dog food supposedly headed to our flat. My only concern is where we're going to fit it all. Well, I'm also wondering how the boys will take to it, is it going to be more expensive than the Nature Diet and will Roscoe's tummy approve? The brand we're trying out is called "Natural Instinct." I have never heard of it before my incessant researching, but that doesn't mean anything.
If this food fails, I'm not sure what we'll do. Maybe I'll go to the local butcher and see what he can offer us. The only thing is I think his prices might be a bit outrageous. Someone told me that he charges close to ten pounds for a rabbit. Ten pounds! I have two dogs both weighing close to or over seventy LBS. They'd eat one rabbit for a meal between them. I just hope this new food works and one day, when I am rich and famous, we'll be able to raw feed our dogs. Until then, let's hope Natural Instinct (Working Dog Beef/Chicken/Turkey) doesn't break the bank or Roscoe's intestinal tract.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Are You Ready Blogville?: The Unveiling!

Look at it!

Isn't it beautiful?!

This, Blogville is the badge designed for us, by Baloo's now Mama, for our Blogville Valentine's Day PAWTY. It's your badge too, so feel free to display it proudly. :)
Now, if you'll excuse me: I have a badge to add to a few pages. ;)

Baby Pictures

I've promised a few of you that I would post  photos of our little Flying Monkeys. I'm not the photographer of the family; in fact, I'm sure some of you can attest to my non-photo taking abilities, but Mr. K seems a bit more talented in that department. If you are wanting to see our newest fur kids, you can  see  a couple of them on Mr. K's blog
There is one labeled "Superman" and that is Yoda at the top of our blinds in our flat. Another is labeled "rockin' out" and that is Plato coming out of Mr. K's guitar. I missed all of the fun last night because I went to bed at 6 PM-thank you creeping crud-but it sounds like Mr. K and the babies had a good time.
As for Glacier, Roscoe and I: we spent the evening and whole night curled up in bed. I was so tired and felt so crummy, I fell under the covers wearing my clothes and woke up this morning still fully dressed. They did a great job of sandwiching me between them; ensuring I was warm and secure. Both boys left me long enough to have Mr. K take them out to "park," but came bounding back on to the bed once let back in. They promptly took up their snuggle positions and slept until I woke up this morning. I do feel quite a bit better-the pain in my head/face/neck has subsided-but I think I may be going back to bed for a while longer. Thanks for all of the well wishes and happy Glider watching. :)
Blogville Valentine's Day PAWTY Update: the badge is almost ready. I will let you know once it is posted on the Information page. Once it's up, please feel free to take it to display it on your blog.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Glacier's Grumblings

I said, "I would like to go for a walk please?"
What do you mean you need to drink water, sit on the couch and blow your nose loudly? Come on! Fresh air will do you some good; I promise...!
At least, I think that is what Glacier is telling me. If that is what he's saying, he's probably right. I haven't got him out to work for a couple of days, except for a ten to fifteen minute walk on Friday when a rep from the Guide Dog Association was around for their yearly check in.
It seems like, ever since we moved, I'm more sick than I am healthy. It's strange because normally I'm quite healthy; getting maybe one bad cold all winter season. This season though, it seems like every month another bug has attacked my system.
I think part of it is because all of these colds/flus are completely different strains my body has probably never fought off before. It's like I have to build a new immune system because of our move. I think another issue may be that the weather is so wonky. One day it's pleasantly warm out and then the next you're bundling up to your eyeballs just to take the dogs out to relieve. I've also noticed that whenever I've been away from the gym-either due to training outside, or because I took a week off as a break-I end up getting sick as soon as I go back. I don't know if people aren't wiping the machines off or what, but it's like clock work. I go to the gym and about five to six days later, I've got the creeping crud. It's more annoying than anything.
I do think, though, that it is relatively warm outside today-almost reaching 50 F-and so I may venture out for a short walk. Not only to get myself fresh air, but to let my big yellow fellow stretch his legs. For the last couple of days, he's been curled up next to me, patiently enduring my sneezing, nose blowing and groaning. I bet "snuggling extraordinaire" wasn't outlined to him as a part of his job description, but he's taken it like a champ. :)

Side note: If you haven't noticed, two pages related to our Blogville Valentine's Day PAWTY have been put up. The "Pawsome Raffle Prize" page is still under construction, but feel free to take a gander at both and let me know what you think.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Thank You Kong!

Well, Blogville. We wanted raffle prizes and we got some. Yes, that's right: I said "some," but let me start at the beginning just in case some of you don't know what I'm talking about.
On February 14th there is going to be a Blogville bash like no other. Not only is it Valentine's Day complete with PAWTYING, but all of the fun will benefit
and all of the wonderful adoptable animals she has in her own home. A page is going to be added to my blog with all of the details so that if you want to know anything about the PAWTY, like what time it starts or what fun things you can  pawticipate in, you can just look on the page displayed at the bottom of this blog. Of course, I'll still let you know about updates, but this will allow you to find all of the information in one place.
Speaking about updates: I have a very exciting one to share with you.
A pawty just wouldn't be a pawty without raffle prizes. We've had a few generous donations from some great people, like Fiona and *angel* Gus's breeder, and today our pool of prizes just grew immensely.
has donated three, count 'em, three prizes for our raffle draw. I had contacted Kong originally asking for a product to be donated for you lovely folks to win and when the package arrived this morning I was shocked at how big the box was! In fact, it was so large, I didn't think it was the box from Kong until I opened it and found:
1 Classic Kong red,
1 King Kong black,
1 large Kong Wobbler
and 3 mini Kong key chains.
Can I just say, those key chains are adorable?!
Not to mention, the Kong Wobbler is one of Glacier and Roscoe's favourite toys. They were both confused when I put the box away without sharing the goodies inside with them.
With three larger Kong products paired with   three mini Kong key chains, there will be three prizes for your ticket purchasing pleasure. Photos of the raffle prizes and the ability to purchase tickets will soon be available.
All I can say is:
 "THANK YOU KONG!" Your generosity completely blew my mind.
With this great news, I'm off to create our "information" page.
I know I'm excited: what do you say Blogville?!

Friday, January 06, 2012

When Flying Monkeys Attack

Okay, perhaps our Sugar Gliders-Yoda, Plato and Fiona-didn't attack, but they sure were plotting.
Last night was another successful night in the tent. Fiona, Yoda and Plato were not entirely impressed that Mr. K had put them into a carrier to be transferred from their cage to the tent, but once they were out of the carrier and roaming free, all complaining ceased. After returning from
the gym
Mr. K and I climbed into the tent for another bonding session with our flying monkeys. The evening started out with the usual gliding, climbing, jumping, scurrying Etc. All three gliders were in great moods; especially Fiona, who was climbing the tent walls more than she ever has. She was also good about not chomping as much-she only chomped me twice-and was more concerned with giving Mr. K's hand a bath. She even hopped up on my shoulder and did her little "squeak tsk" thing she does when she's playing or happy.
Both boys were zooming around like the crazy little guys that they are. Plato was racing as fast as he could and Yoda was contented to scurry about and then come back to chill on either mine or Mr. K's back. Originally, Mr. K had one of his shirts in the tent because that is where all three Gliders had been asleep when he removed them to the tent. Plato kept trying to get back in it and then crabbing angrily whenever he got snuggled in, so I pitched it out of the tent. His crabbing stopped.
Fiona found a new fun game that entertained her for almost the whole time we were in the tent. We've put a fleece blanket on the floor of the tent to make it more comfortable and also to reduce the crinkling sound  made by the bottom of the tent. We read somewhere that the sharp plastic noise can scare the Gliders at first and to reduce that, a blanket spread out is a good idea. Last night, Fiona decided that tunneling under the blanket and running from one side of the tent only to pop out at the other end was great fun. I'm not sure why she did this, but she was so happy, sneaking from one end to the other. Well, she thought she was sneaking, but the little "tick, crinkle" of her claws gave her away.
After being in the tent for nearly two hours, Yoda came to perch on my shoulder. Earlier he had tried to burrow in my pocket, but I think the space was a bit too small for him. After a minute or two of just hanging out, Yoda started moving close to my neck and hair. I thought he was going to groom me, but suddenly he started burrowing under the neck line of the hoodie I was wearing and disappeared down the back of my shirt. He would not come out. I think he was off to take himself a nap. Plato soon discovered his brother's hiding place and every time he tried to burrow in, Yoda crabbed at him. Finally, Plato found a spot closer to my other shoulder and settled in. He wasn't as tucked in as Yoda was, but the two sat and crabbed at each other from my two shoulders.
I couldn't stop laughing. First of all, it tickled so much. The Sugar Glider's fur is so soft that it felt like someone was rubbing a cashmere sweater on my back. Plus, their little feet tickle and Yoda kept rooting with his nose so that he could get in further. I was trying not to move and tears rolled down my face in the effort of keeping my laughter in check.
By this point, Mr. K and I had thought of getting out of the tent, but we couldn't figure out how to get Plato and Yoda out of my hoodie. Fiona was scurrying around on my back looking for them and both boys were still having their crabbing war. Plato was mostly in the hood of my hoodie, so Mr. K suggested taking my top layer off. I thought Yoda was in that superficial layer as well, but when the hoodie came off and only Plato could be heard crabbing in the sweater, we knew Yoda was still tucked in for his nap.
Mr. K suggested pulling my second shirt off, but as my shoulders are a bit big from when I was a swimmer, pulling shirts over my head is difficult at the best of times; never mind when there is a flying monkey going to sleep on my back. I tried three different ways to pull the shirt off and finally succeeded by yanking my arm through the hole and then my head. Off came the shirt, but still no Yoda.
Since we had been at the gym, I had my sports bra still on and he had managed to wiggle under the thick strap and down under the back. He was determined that he was staying on Mama for his sleep. The problem was not only did we need to get out of the tent, but Fiona and Plato were already in the food box, ready to be transferred back to the cage. We always bring the carrier in with their food-AKA a Glider kitchen-when we are ready to get out. That way, the gliders usually hop in, we close the lid and they are moved back to their cage safely. But, Yoda was convinced that he was just fine where he was.
Hoping to scare him off, I put my hand on my shoulder and petted him. Instead of leaving, he rubbed his head against my hand. It was so darn cute that I didn't want to move him, but by this point all of the water I had drank at the gym had kicked in and I knew Glacier and Roscoe probably needed out for their last "park" time of the night. Mr. K tried scooping Yoda off my back and even though Yoda let Mr. K pet him, he was not coming unstuck from my sports bra. Finally, I put the shirt I had taken off over him and gently scooped him into it. He crabbed a bit, probably wondering how he had been captured, and we were able to transfer him into the Glider kitchen with the others. The instant Yoda noticed there was food, he stopped his complaining and chowed down. The lid on the carrier/Glider kitchen was closed and our little stow aways were returned safely back to the cage.
Our little flying monkeys never cease to amaze me. They are so much fun and both boys have such a sweet demeanor. Fiona is making bonding strides and we are so glad that she actually likes us again. If having Yoda stuffed down the back of my shirt is what it is like to have a bonded Glider with you, I'm ready for it; just without the strip routine. :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Blogville Valentine's Pawty Update and Reminders

I'm gonna sing it from the mountain tops; yell it as loud as I can:
Blogville is having a Valentine's Day PAWTY!
Do you remember the date yet? No? Perhaps I should remind you.
On February 14th, Blogville is gonna have a pawty like no other; at least that is the plan. ;)
The only way that's gonna happen though is if everyone is there. So, tell your furriends to get their best dresses out and their dancing shoes on so that this Valentine's Day Pawty Benefit will be a huge success.
If you already didn't know, and even if you did, the Valentine's Dance is being thrown to benefit
Dog Foster Mom
and the wonderful foster animals she loves and cares for.
Since we want this event to be huge there is a lot of planning to do. This is where we stand so far.
-Raffle Prizes: I put up a call out on my personal Facebook page yesterday to see if anyone would be able to contribute a pawsome prize. To my great surprise and pleasure, Fiona and *angel* Gus's breeder said she would donate an item for you lovely folks. What a sweet and generous thing for her to do. I'll let you know more about the item once I have more details.
I have also been in contact with a few  big names in the pet industry in the hopes that they may donate a few items for prizes, but I've only heard back from one such company and since I'm not a registered charity, they will not donate. Let's keep our paws, fingers, toes, claws, Etc. crossed that The Kong Company and VIP comes through for us.
The page for the raffle tickets still needs to go under construction.
-Photos: We need 'em. There are two activities at this pawty that requires your smiling faces.
1. The vote for Valentine's Day King and Queen needs contestants. Send me your photos to:
with your name within the body of the email, a photo of you in all of your Valentines Day glory and the words "Valentine's Day Queen and/or King vote" in the email's subject line. Easy enough right?
2. The infamous Kissing Booth is going back up. So, if you think "you gots the moves" then send me your photo to:
The email must contain your name, the most kissable photo you've got and the words "kissing booth" in the subject line of the email.
*NOTE: If you want to pawticipate in both the Kissing Booth and Vote just let me know and your wish is my command*.
The deadline for photos for both the Vote and Kissing booth is January 31 at midnight. Got it? January 31 at midnight. If anyone knows how to set up a page with "vote" buttons" and Pay Pal, would you like to give me a tutorial?
-The badge: That is currently under construction as we speak. I've got a very techy friend of mine-Baloo's new Mama-on the job. So, have no fear.
-Yummers For Your Sweetie: Another page that needs to go under construction.
So, as you can see, we have a lot of work to do, but it is so worth it. If anyone thinks they can lend a hand, paw, talon, flipper...even if you think it's in the smallest way, please let me know.
Now, I better go find Glacier: I think he's practising his dance steps...no one's told him that "the Sprinkler" is so 1980's. ;)
Update: Right after this post was published, I received an email from Kong stating that they will send an item for the raffle prizes. Way to go Kong!

A Sugie Surprise

We did it: last night, Mr. K, Fiona, Yoda, Plato and I entered the infamous, or not so famous, tent for some quality bonding time. A lot of the literature on Sugar Glider bonding suggests that you begin your bonding process trapped in a tent with your Sugies to ensure a safe environment where the Gliders can get to know you on their own terms. Both boys let it be known that they were not happy about being trapped in bonding pouches, but once the zippers were undone, it did not take them long to emerge. In fact, Fiona didn't take long to pop her little head out either. Mr. K and I used to have to wait at least twenty minutes for Fiona and Gus to decide to come out. It was almost amazing how quickly the three Sugar Gliders decided to grace us with their presence; at least in Fiona's case. She thinks she's gracing us with her presence. That little stinker has become a diva. Perhaps she was always one, but ever since these two boys arrived, she's been waiting for glass slippers and a  sparkling tiara to be added to her cage.
We probably spent close to two hours squished into the tent with three little fuzz butts jumping from one of us to another, climbing the tent wall and dropping from the ceiling on to our heads/faces and just general Sugie  silliness. It is an awesome  thing to see each individual personality display itself. Physically, the boys are difficult for Mr. K and I to tell apart, but their movements, sounds and general demeanor are so different that it clues us in to who's wriggling down our shirt collars.
Plato is a little dare devil who isn't afraid of anything. We should have called him "speed racer" because he does everything at top speed. Even when the other two are tuckered out, Plato is still awake running his little heart out in one of the two Wodent wheels we have in their cage. He was no different in the tent. He would scamper up the side of the tent at top speed, launch himself at our heads or faces (they need their claws trimmed) and then run as fast as he could around our shoulders/head only to glide to the side of the tent and race back up it. It was easy to tell who Plato was when he was hanging out on you because he didn't really hang out. He was too busy running around as fast as he could. That said, he's very sweet and even lets Mr. K pet him while he hangs off of the tent's roof  from his back feet. Considering that the boys' breeder wasn't able to handle them very much, our two boys are impressively friendly; especially Plato.
Yoda is sweet too, but in a calmer, laid back way. However, he is always on guard and I think kind of takes on the protector role. He is the one who crabs the most when the sleeping domain, containing all three Gliders, is disturbed and yesterday he lunged at Mr. K and grazed Mr. K's face with his teeth. When neutering time comes, he'll be the first to have the procedure done. He shows, to my untrained eye, too many signs of alpha manliness and so we don't want that to get out of control.
He too enjoyed cruising around the tent, but was more satisfied to sit between my shoulder blades and hang out. At one point, we thought he escaped the tent-not sure how-as we couldn't find him anywhere, but turns out he was just chilling on my back. He had been there so long, I couldn't feel him through the thick sweater I had on. To make sure he was doing all right, I offered him a yogurt drop which he accepted and proceeded to eat, still perched between my shoulder blades. I was even able to gently pet him while he sat on my back, which was the first time I've really had a good "look" at our, or any, Sugar Glider, despite having Gliders for over a month. He was very good about not biting and both he and Plato seem to be past that horrible "chomping" phase Miss Fiona is gradually growing out of.
Speaking of Miss Fiona: how is she?
Well, as I stated above, she is the queen and definitely rules the roost. If she crabs at all, even just a little bit, both Plato and Yoda go scampering to check on her. Yoda sometimes fusses at her if she has been awake before the other two and climbs back into the pouch, but she chitters at him and he quiets right down. Pretty soon, she'll be perched on the edge of the hammock expecting the boys to be her man servants, bringing her yogurt drops and paying her compliments. She's a sassy girl. It seems all of the girl fuzzy creatures in my life have an element of sass to them. I wonder why that is. ;)
Fiona is doing so much better since the arrival of her new brothers. She chirps and is much more active. She lets herself be moved from her sleeping place to a bonding pouch which she had started refusing to do after Gus died. Her chomping has decreased and she has started licking more than anything. Last night we had a break through when she first groomed me, by pulling on my hair and combing it out with her little fingers, and then doing the same for Mr. K. She's never groomed either of us and it was so good to know that her bonding is progressing.
It's already been a wild ride with these three "flying monkeys," as we like to call them, and I'm sure there is much more in store for us. I don't think it will take long for them to bond at all. Plato escaped the cage yesterday when Mr. K was attempting to scoop the three of the Sugar Gliders into a bonding pouch. Instead of running away and hiding though, Plato scurried around on the couch where Mr. K sat and eventually entered the cage on his own. The first time Fiona escaped out in the living room, she hid for two hours under the couch. Plato's already even sat on top of Roscoe, not minding the shaggy dog trying to sniff him.
The last few days have been great, watching Fiona come even further out  of her shell and getting to know our two newest family members. As I've mentioned before, bonding with these little flying monkeys is definitely a process, but a very rewarding one. They aren't the easiest pet to keep as they require a lot of patience and persistence, but I would definitely recommend them to people, or a person, who has a lot of time and patience. In the long run, you will have a little companion who will be by your side, quite literally, for many years to come.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The To Do List

Oh, look, it's a human typing this time. I had to wrestle the Laptop away from Glacier. I think he was enjoying this blogging thing quite a bit; especially since he got to tell everyone what a flake I am. Since he's right and I can turn into a flake when I am trying to do too many things at once, I am going to write out a to do" list for the Blogville Valentine's Day dance. This is to help me keep things straight, but also to ask help from the members of Blogville.
Just in case you missed yesterday's post here's a quick recap:
On February 14th 2012, a Valentine's Day Dance is going to be held in the Blogville banquet hall. All of the proceeds made from this fun filled event will go towards helping
Dog Foster Mom
build a privacy fence. Currently, Dog Foster Mom has seven foster dogs living in her home as well as cats. She is incredibly dedicated; keeping one foster dog for two years until his forever home could be found. The privacy fence is necessary as her fosters have managed to get out of her temporary fence and the neighbors have said they will shoot the dogs on sight. Not to mention, Dog Foster Mom is working hard to keep these animals safe: if they are out roaming in the streets, they are no longer safe. So, I have asked the wonderful members of the blogging community to come together to throw an event that will benefit Dog Foster Mom and her foster animals.
Here are the activities to be held in conjunction with the dance.
-A vote for Valentine's Day King and Queen. In order for this to be a success two things must happen.
1. If you would like your beautiful girls or handsome gentlemen to be available for voting, then please send a photo of your contestant with his/her name in the email. Please put "Valentine's Day Vote" somewhere in the subject line of the email.
Please send your photos to:
2. A page needs to be set up with our handsome fellows and gorgeous girls where people can vote for them. If you, or your mom/human/momster, feels that they are technically advanced enough to assist with this page please send me an email to:

-Kissing Booth: That's right. We're bringing it back. The same two things must happen as the vote above in order for this Kissing Booth to be a success. Please send your photos to the above email address with "Kissing Booth participant" somewhere in the subject line. Also, if there is someone who is technically inclined who would like to assist with setting up the Kissing Booth, please let me know. Again at:
*NOTE: The deadline for turning in  photos for both the Kissing Booth and Vote for Valentine's King/Queen is January 31 at midnight. We want to have the Kissing Booth and vote open on February first. So, please. If your dog, cat, crab, elephant Etc. thinks they've got what it takes, send me your photos, but NOT after January 31 at midnight*!

-Raffle Prizes: A pawty just isn't a pawty without raffle prizes. I thought I would do raffle tickets a bit differently, since I am in the UK and postage is expensive and slightly unreliable. I will set up a page with the prizes, a Pay Pal account and whoever wants to have their name put in the draw can pay for tickets electronically. Every time tickets are bought, the purchaser's name will be added to a jar where the winner will be drawn from. Photographic updates on how full the jars for each prizes are getting will be displayed. What do you think? Again, if anyone wants to assist with this aspect of the Valentine's Day dance, please do not hesitate to let me know.

-Yummers For Your Sweetie: This was a great suggestion from Sarge, but I am not entirely sure how this page will be designed. Any takers?

I am also going to work on a badge for the Valentine's Day dance that willing Bloggers can display. Is there anything you would like to see in the badge? This is your bash Blogville, let me know what you think and I will work to make it happen. Along the same token, if there is an activity that you would really like added to our line up leave me a message or fire off an email.

This is  going to be a great event, benefitting a wonderful human being and her foster animals. Please help out where you can, but most  of all, please come out and have a great time on February 14th. :)

My Girl Is A Flake: written by Glacier

Hi everyone!
Glacier here; again! Can you believe it? I got full control of this blog thingy for two whole days! I'm here today because, as my title states, my girl is a flake. No, really. Hers is. Let me tell ya bouts it and you can see fur yourself.
A lot of people thinks that it's me, but really, it's my girl. Hers is always trying to do too many things at once and then bad things happen; flakey things. This is not a new thingy apparently. So, it can't be me.
Backs when my girl was but a wee thingy-I thinks hers was at this place called high school-hers went on a trip with hers choir. Hers and hers friend, my Aunt, was sharin' a room and my girl was gettin' dressed for the day. Hers was half asleep because, as always, had tried to do too many thingies at once and hers did not get enough sleep. Hers friend, my aunt, heard my girl throwin' stuffs around hers bottom bunk and mutterin' to hers self and my Aunt asks hers what's hers pawblem. My girl says that hers can't find hers socks. Hers had looked and looked, but they were nowhere to be found. No socks! Socks were needed for the day! My Aunt, being the bright girl hers is, hung over the edge of the bunk bed and told my girl that hers socks were in hers lap.
In hers lap! With all hers searching, hers didn't even notice hers socks sitting on her lap. Good thingies my aunt was there or else my girl would have cold feets!
My girl's socks are not the only victim of hers thinkings too much. When the Kyo came to lives with my girl and I, him was a bit of a difficult dog. I tried to tell my girl that we were fine, just the two of us, but hers kept sayin' that him just needed some training. The thingy that Kyo was the worst fur was rushing the door when it opened. We thinks it's because him thought people would leave him by hims self too much befores him came to live with us. One night, my girl prepared us fur "park" time. I always went out first because my girl said that I was there first and Kyo had to know that I was a special dog. Well, of course I'm a special dog...erm...ahem...
So, my girl takes me out and didn't even notice the 85 pound moose of a dog sneak past hers out into the night. Hers lost an 85 pound dog! How does one do that? It was probably close to twenty minutes befores hers realised her mistake and hers went runnin' down to see if Kyo was still around. Hers was worried because him was a rescued dog and hers thought him would run away, but Kyo was sitting on the front steps waitin' for hers to let him back in. Hers loses everything! Even 85 pound dogs!
Now, you see, such incidents are not a thingy of the past. Oh nonono. Like I saids, my girl tries to do way too  many thingies at once and hers is thinking bouts a million different thingies at once and then flakey stuffs happen. Take the other morning for example.
My girl likes the morning. Hers gets up early and hers routine goes: use the human park place, feed me and brother Roscoe, turn the coffee on whiles we eatin', gives us water and then we go to the dog parkin' spot. My girl was so distracted the other day with hers own thoughts that hers managed to takes us out in hers slippers. Yep. Down 43 stairs, out the front door, down the street and across the street. Hers didn't notice hers was wearin' the slippers until hers was half ways cross the road. When hers reached the other side, hers made me stand and  wait for the light again and then cross back over so hers could wear shoes to take me to park. How hers got outside and across the street in slippers I don't know. I tried to tell hers, but hers imagination was takin' hers away somewheres else.
There are so many ways that my girl is a flake and it all comes back to hers brain doing too many thinkings at once. Hers has run the coffee maker without filter or coffee; locked Roscoe and me out in the foyer because hers wasn't payin' attention and left us out there for almost an hour; hers was so deep in hers thinkings that when the mail person knocked on the door hers jumped so high, whacked her elbow off of the water filter thingy and broke the lid. No matter how long my girl  has been in the door, hers always loses her stuffs. Hers will put the gloves down hers has just been wearin' and then ask the Daddy wheres they went and it's only like twenty-six seconds later. I swears, hers would lose her head if it weren't attached, or worse! Hers would lose me! Then what would hers do? My girl wouldn't know where hers had left anything and hers wouldn't have me to guide hers down the road; a very unsafe combination.
So, do you see? my girl is a flake. Hers would be lost without me; quite literally. As my flakey girl's guide dog, I have to work twice as hard just to make sure hers remembers impawtant stuffs like where my treats are at. Fur reals; my girl is a flake!