Monday, August 06, 2007

Something weird happened

Ok, so half of my post was missing from the earlier one. Weird. Anyway, the point was...
I'm going to Brazil later today. Jetta isn't coming because of the fact that the village was built on a swamp and there are mosquitoes. I think there was more, but I am tired now. lol
So, I'll talk to you guys in 2 weeks.

On the Road again...

So, she headed home with my parents this morning. It was hard putting her in the SUV. I hope she doesn't miss me to much. My parents said she threw up grasss on the way home because of all of the grass she ate yesterday at the beach. lol
I miss her already-wait, did I already say that? :) I know she's in good hands, but I only have left her once before this. Oh well, I'm sure the 2 weeks will fly by-considering how busy I am going to be.
So to everyone out there who still reads this-see you in two weeks.
And thanks guys for the birthday wishes!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy birthday to me and all that extra stuff

Okay Okay, so again I’ve been really bad at updating this blog of mine. But here is a quick update.
The last month or so I’ve been training a lot. I am leaving Monday for the Para Pan-Am Games in Rio Brazil. We’re there until August 20ieth and then we all fly home. The events I’m swimming are:
The 50 and 100 freestyle,
100 back,
100 breast,
the 200 IM (Individual medley),
and a few relays.
So, I guess I’m going to be pretty busy.
On the weekend of July 21st, Jason got married and it was an amazing ceremony and a great reception afterwards. My mom, Christena and I danced the night away and although the bride’s maid’s dress was gorgeous that I wore, I was pretty glad to get it off at the end of the night. Oh and the shoes too. I basically wore the dress and shoes for almost 12 hours, but it was so worth it. The dresses had gatherings on the skirts and the stitching was very loose so if someone stepped on it the gatherings came out. So, my groom’s man kept having to sew my skirt back it up. It was hilarious! The best part was that he did a fantastic job, even if he did put gatherings in where they had not been before. Jetta was the one to guide me down the aisle and she wore pearls like the rest of us. Jester wore a giant bow that made him look like a present. Chris played for the ceremony and it was lovely. Cotton just laid at his feet behind the piano and behaved himself. We even got Chris up to dance at the reception and at one point he was wearing a napkin on his head. According to Christena, he looked like Captain Underpants. Lol
Besides, the wedding and swimming, I had a course to finish. I wrote the final exam last Saturday and handed the essay in the night before. The paper had been due the week prior, but my Braille Note crashed and I lost 2500 of the 3500 word paper. I was livid. But at least that is done now.
Yesterday was my birthday and I was so amazed at how many phone calls and emails I got from everyone. It really made my day. Laura, Willow and Stella emailed me; Ashley phoned from Montreal; Jeevan phoned from Toronto; Tenie called from Sault Ste. Marie; my grandparents on my mom’s side sent me a card; Carmen emailed from Jordan; Nathan and Michael MSNED me; Jason-not the one who got married-emailed me, and my parents took me out for supper. It wasn’t the greatest birthday because I spent most of it running around trying to get my stuff ready for Rio, but it wasn’t too bad. Today a few of us are going to the beach for the day. It’s about an hour and a half drive away, so hopefully my mom doesn’t get too tired driving.
Speaking of my mom, my parents came down to visit Monday. They brought Flash with them and Wednesday we went to the beach and let Jetta and Flash play in the water. Brooke and Huib came and met us with their two dogs. Jetta only went In the water a few times, but I actually got her to swim and play fetch for about 15 minutes or so. I am was shocked! My Jetta? The Jetta who walks in giant arcs around puddles to make her precious paws don’t get wet? My Jetta who refuses to swim at all costs? My Jetta who can run up and down a pool deck during practice and not have one thought about jumping in? Yes, I know strange Labrador-one that hates water and playing fetch, but she did it!
Anyway, I think my non-swimming Labrador is wanting out now, so I’ll take her out, feed Sisu and Loki and find myself some breakfast.