Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In a Nut Shell

This weekend at my grandparents’ was a lot of fun. So, here is what happened in a nut shell.
Friday evening we arrived around 7 or so. We had stopped at a restaurant in the city before heading out. When arrived everyone except my Dad-mom, Jetta, Flash and me-got out of the truck and walked up the 1 kilomtre long driveway to the house. Jetta and Flash had fun chasing each other and tramping through the chest high grass that grew on both sides of the gravel drive. They both beat us to the top and when I saw Jetta again she was soaked. There is a little pond my grandpa dug out a long while back so he can use the water for his yard and such things instead of draining the well their house uses. She must have been running too fast to stop because her head was even wet and there was trampled grass at one edge of the “swimming pool” as we call it. I was so shocked because she hates swimming. The only lab I know that does. I spent most of the rest of the evening sitting on my grandparents’ deck listening to the birds and the dogs crashing through the forest. My dad showed me the wood piles he, my mom and grandpa had cut for the winter-our houses are heated by wood stove and electricity, makes it very cozy.
The next day I spent the afternoon staining bird feeders for my grandma. My shirt and arms were covered in it, but other than that I did a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself. Then, my Mom, Dad and the two dogs headed to the down town area-which is not so big-and walked around. We wandered the boardwalk reading the names of the different boats docked there. We also stopped at the restaurant there and I got a milk shake and water for the dogs. The sun was hot that day.
Sunday, we returned home after a hardy breakfast of leftovers from the previous night. Both of my parents had a steam bath (sawna for you nonFinns), and my grandpa too. He had brought home fresh fish that he caught that week and gave us a ton to take home. (We ate it tonight. It was delicious)! We also had a visitor before we left Sunday morning. It was raining and when my mom came out of the steam bath there was a beautiful orange cat following her. We figured he/she belonged to the farm up the road. We brought him/her into the house and fed it some dog food. It was so hungry it made little whining noises when it ate. It broke my heart. I told my mom it was lucky that we already had two at home because I would have taken this one in. My grandma promised to put food out for it every night.
So, dogs and humans alike came home tired, but a good tired. The sun had turned my cheeks and shoulders pink and Jetta and Flash were worn out from all of their frolicking in the wild flowers and overgrown bushes.
But the fun does not stop there. My mom, Jetta, Flash and I are going camping tomorrow until Saturday-which is Canada Day for all of you lovely American people. Upon returning that day, one of my best girls, Lindsay, will be home for a few weeks, and we’ll be going out to celebrate. Bring on the fireworks. I am excited for both the camping trip and the Canada Day celebration. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to ramble on about when I get back. The camp has little cabins, which we rented, with screened in porches. That means Jetta can go outside and enjoy the scenery and I don’t have to worry about her running away. There is a beach and we’re taking our fishing gear. I’m also picking up a braille Scrabble game for us to play and definitely a package of marshmallow for roasting. Oh, and of course, bug dope for Jetta because she swells up. It’s not her fault she’s a city dog!
Anyway, it’s late and I should probably try to sleep. I have to swim tomorrow morning before we leave.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Family Time

"Close your eyes and walk around like that. Do you see anything? That is how Jessica sees." Says my aunt to her three year old grandson. She was trying to explain to him that he had to answer me when I babysat him this morning because I couldn't see him. It's a tough concept for adults to grasp, never mind a three year old. The difference between adults and three year olds is that children are creative and open minded and don't really care when things have to be done slightly differently. So, my babysitting expedition went quite well, even though he still did not get the concept of "blind" as we would view it. (There is a picture of him up on my website hanging from my parents' clothes line...don't ask. Damn I say that a lot).
When he first arrived we headed into the computer room to dig out my childhood crayons. He wanted to colour. So, I grabbed the plastic tub, some paper and we went out on to the deck in the backyard. I figured it was safer out there. It wasn't as bad if he scribbled red and blue dots all over the deck as opposed to the kitchen table that my grandpa made my mom. We coloured for a while and then he took to chasing Flash around the back lawn screaming "give me that stick." Flash was not too keen on sharing though. Must be the lab in her. :) After that little game was over, we headed inside for some juice. It was only 11 A.M., but the sun was already hot. I found an old plastic Koolade cup that I had used when I was a kid. It's one of those cups with the little handle and the smiley face on the front. I decided that a 3 year old should not be given glass. I can clean up spilled juice no problem, but glass...that is not impossible, but much harder. Besides, if he were to drop it, I did not want our two dogs and two cats wandering through the shards while I tried to clean it up. After we were both hydrated, we dumped out his toy bag and started playing with his cars. He was convinced that he should ride Jetta and Flash, but I had to explain to him that they were big puppies, but dogs were not meant for riding-horses were. He had a plastic tiger, which I made eat a car...but I think he just thought I was weird. He had three or four little cars that you pull back on the floor and they wind up. You let them go and they go hurtling crazily across the room. We played with those for a good hour. I'd shoot them and he'd go get them. He also enjoyed driving them into my foot or letting them crash into the kitchen cupboards, where they would flip over. He thought this was the best thing in the world. His grandma, my aunt, came to get him and we opened the door together to let her in. I then changed, since I was wearing a sweat-shirt and jeans, into something lighter and we-Aunt, uncle, baby, me and Jetta-headed over to our local park.
It's huge! There are three or four different play areas, with swings, slides, teeter-totters, mary-go-rounds and climbers. There are also picnic areas. It's a really nice park. I used to play there as a kid. There are also ponds with ducks, paved paths and giant fields for playing in. They have just declared this park a no "off leash" area for dogs. I can see why because there are so many people playing and eating there, but there is not one dog park in my home town. It doesn't make sense. You can't just ban something and then expect people to observe the law when they are not given an alternative.
After the park, we stopped at his "other" grandpa's flower shop and he got a pink balloon filled with helium. He was convinced it was green though-since everything seems to be green to him. Even Jetta was green. :) They drove me home and the little munchkin fell asleep in the car.
I am now getting ready to go out to my grandma's house tonight. She lives about 45 minutes out of the city and we're taking the dogs there for the weekend so they can run. (Hopefully, this deters Jetta from taking off again). My grandparents' have 25 acres of land, so it is safe for Jetta to be free. My aunt, her husband (the same people from today), my cousin and baby are supposed to be coming out tomorrow as well. It's my grandpa's birthday so the family should probably get together. (That is not everyone Our family is much larger, but those are the people who are in town as of right now).
Everyone have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday with more stories to tell.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Top 13 Reasons why I love Jetta

In light of yesterday's "Great Escape," I thought I'd write the 13 reasons why she is a great dog and I love her.
1. Look at that face! Who could look at that face and not love her? (You can find many pictures of that cute little nose on my website).
2. The way she curls up beside me when I am feeling sick, it's cold outside, or I just need a hug.
3. The way she is so alert and attentive. One of my profs that I have had every year I have been in university once said, "She never sleeps during class. She's always watching me. It's almost like she's learning too."
4. The way her ears perk up when she sees someone or something that is interesting. (For example, seeing Christena randomly at school, seeing Ashley and Medley walking toward us when we've decided to meet somewhere).
5. How she is nice to other dogs.
6. The way she runs like a maniac when I let her go at a park. She runs faster than even greyhounds, her ears flapping and her tail straight out. (This running is also why we could not catch her yesterday, but I still love her enthusiasm for freedom).
7. The way she crosses her paws when she is wearing her harness.
8. The way she trots in harness. This dog does not know how to walk!
9. The way she snorts and splutters when she puts her face in something she shouldn't have and I tell her off. (Example, under a dusty couch).
10. How princess-like she is. "I am not walking through that puddle are you nuts? I don't care if you get your feet wet, but my paws are precious!"
11. The way she asks me to hold her bone while she chews it.
12. How excited she gets when she finds something I have asked her to find. (I believe I've commented on this somewhere before).
13. The way she loves me and deals with my crazy antics. (Like making her go whale watching, trecking through strange cities and stuffing her on too many airplanes to count).

All in all, she is amazing, regardless of her need to defy the "come" command. I love her very much.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Escapee: "I'm freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!"

I guess I shouldn't call it a trauma. It's just another chapter in my book of adventures that is my life. :)
So, I was talking to Ashley on the phone being silly and getting the dogs excited. Jetta has not had enough exercise since we've been home and I know she has house fever. She is a very high energy dog who needs a lot of intellectual stimulation. Strange yes, but she does. Flash does this silly thing where if you say "squirrel" to her she goes tearing around the house barking and whining. If you let her out she goes running full tilt across the yard and tries to climb the nearest tree-don't ask, I don't know how she learned this. Flash is the dominant dog out of the two and Jetta always hangs back at the door waiting for Flash to leave. She has never tried to make a "run for it" before, but today the inevitable happened.
As I said above, Jetta's a runner. She's a free spirit-kind of like me. Doesn't like to be tied down or told what to do. It's a wonder she became a guide dog at all. She is very good on harness and works hard, but off harness she is crazy. I don't know why. Maybe her puppy raisers did not teach her "come" or "stay" properly, but these two commands are things we have struggled with from the start. (I think I complained about this in another blog). "Come," and "Stay," were the first two commands Flash learned. My thought is that if pet dogs can learn it, then dogs who know their left from right should be able to get it too.
So, back to the phone conversation. So, I'm getting Flash all excited and Jetta is lying calmly at my feet ignoring the crazy antics of Flash. She didn't seem to care whatsoever. I walk through the kitchen to the back door still teasing Flash about the squirrel that does not exist, all the while talking to Ashley. I fling the door open, just wide enough for Flash to get through, and she bolts out on to the deck, down the steps and out into the yard. Unfortunately, so does Jetta. (Yes, it was my fault and I could never had lived with myself if something had happened to her). I froze in sheer panic. Here was a dog that had too much pent up energy, running free in a neighbour hood where people do not tie up their dogs. Here was a dog who was submissive and would be ripped apart by any of the stray dogs roaming in packs. They never bother people, but they are territorial with other dogs and I was afraid of Jetta getting attacked. (That has already happened last summer, but she was on a leash with me. That was a horrible experience and I did not want it happening again). I hung up with Ashley and called my mom at work. I could not hear her choke chain and 3 tags jingling and Flash had seemed to have run off somewhere-probably following Jetta. Flash has been trained not to leave the yard and rarely does.
I called Jetta and Flash, but Flash was the only one who came back. Freaking out, I went back inside and found dog treats in hopes of coaxing her back, but by the time I emerged again, she had really run off. Flash was sitting on the deck waiting for me. My mom called back and said that Dad was on his way and that aleviated some stress, but I was still freaking out. I phoned the local shelter and reported her missing and then phoned Christena's house to see if she had gone there. We often walked there together so it was a possibility. Dad soon arrived and started driving around with the dog treats in hand, but he could not find her. Flash came and sat with me on the deck and I felt totally helpless. I could not even get up and go look for Jetta-my "eyes" had just run away. I sat plotting my next move, when Flash suddenly shot off the deck like a bullet. I figured she had either seen a real squirrel, or Jetta was close by. I remained seated and called her happily, hoping she would come back. Flash came running up the stairs, but no Jetta. I told her, "No, go get Jetta!" She went running back into the yard and I kept calling. Suddenly, there was the sound of pounding paws and 2 giant black dogs came running to me. I praised them both, stuffing treats in their mouths and then flung the back door open-shoving them in, not fast enough in my opinion. I continued to praise them while feeding them more treats and then re-filled the water bole because Jetta had drained it. She must have been running the entire 25 minutes she was missing. Even though it was only 25 minutes, it felt like an eternity. We're in a city where pure bred dogs are stolen and kept by families because they want a dog. My pet yellow lab Sasha, was stolen twice when I was a kid. Flash is not a pure bred and she was stolen when she was a pup. I was so afraid I would never see my Jetta again. Thankfully, Flash, or some greater good, brought her back.
My Dad had seen Flash standing at the edge of our property wagging her tail and figured she had found Jetta. His view was blocked by the house, but he stopped in to make sure she had been found. I wasn't sure if I wanted to hug or hurt Jetta, but I definitely hugged her and told her she is to never do that again. I guess some of it is my fault, but I don't understand why the "come" command was omited from our dogs' training-well, at least mine. I was told by her puppy raisers that she stayed tied up the whole time she was a puppy and slept in a crate. No wonder she wants to run! She's sick of being tied up.
The good news is that she came back and is lounging out in the living room after her little "disappearing act."
Damn I love that dog and I am responsible for her safety as much as she is responsible for mine. I am just glad she came back safe and sound. I can laugh about it now and just add it to the list of crazy things she has done, but I definitely was not smiling when she was gone.
So, Jetta if you read this:
Please no more running away. I don't think I can handle it! :)

B and E

What a day! Let's start with the break and enter.
A little history. My parents put in new doors a few years ago. The sliding glass door on the back deck used to stick and my dad was the only who could close or open it. They also put in a new front door since the old one had been there for approximately twenty years. All of the doors are quite lovely. We have started putting the Christmas tree in the kitchen now because the doors and the white snow outside are a gorgeous back drop for pictures. (I may have a picture on my website of this very door. I'm not sure). The only problem with these doors-well, maybe not a problem-is that they can lock from the outside, but be opened from the inside. Both of my parents have locked themselves out numourous times because of this feature. Usually when this happens though, there is someone home to let them back in. Unfortunately for me today, that was not the case.
My dad came home at lunch today, which he normally does not do. When I am home alone, I have all of the doors locked, but when I take the dogs out I am VERY careful to ensure that the doors get unlocked so I can come back in. Having dad at home for lunch threw off my routine and I let down my guard. As he was leaving to go back to work, he locked the front door to make sure I would stay safe. (It's probably not necessary since I have Jetta and Flash to protect me, but it makes him feel better). I headed out the back door at the same time to let the dogs go to the bathroom-Jetta has to stay on a leash, she's a runner-and when I tried to get back in, I realized I had locked myself out. I went running to the front yard in hopes that Dad would still be there, but he was gone. I tried the front door, but he had, out of habit, locked it. I tried the side door, but it too was locked. We rarely ever unlock it. There are spider webs all over it. That is a testimony to how often we use it. I went back to the back door, trailing Jetta on the leash and Flash dancing ahead of me. I thought perhaps I had not shut it tight, but I had. So, I did what a girl in her pajamas and bare feet can do-I broke in.
My parents weren't supposed to be home for another three hours and there was no way I was staying outside until then if I could help it. Still heeling Jetta, I walked along the right side of the house trailing the wall with my fingers, trying to find the window that can be removed. It leads down into our basement, which is not finished. I came to the first window and found that it had two panes of glass and the outer one was shattered. I figured this was not the window that could be opened, since you'd probably cut yourself up trying to get through it. I continued along the house trailing with my hand and Jetta eating grass as we went along. (She thinks she's a cow remember)? When I came to the second window I was disappointed to see that there was a screen on half of it. I crouched down in front of it, sure that this was the window, but could not see how I would get in. A breeze blew and I could smell the dank dusty smell of our basement and came to the conclusion that the window had to be slightly open. I started fiddling with the screen and found that it slid off. I felt around the window frame and discovered that the window was open a crack. I slid it completely open and then returned to the front of the house. I tied Jetta to the front door knob, closing the screen door on her leash as an extra precautionary measure and then returned to the basement window. I squatted on the dead pine needles and dried grass and swung my legs into the open window. It's a good thing I'm a small person because there is no way a guy would be able to get his shoulders through it. As I was lowering myself down in the chin up position, I heard "Hello?" It was the neighbour concerned that I was breaking into a stranger's house. (Yes, because a small girl, in a housecoat would be breaking into a house in broad light. Not to mention the house's dog was happily wagging her tail laughing at her owner). We have new neighbours and I'm not sure if they know what my parents' daughter looks like. I shouted back, "I live here," as I dropped to the cement floor below. Flash stuck her head in after me and licked my face the whole while I was sliding to the basement floor. I then slid the window back shut and navagated my way through the cluttered, unfinished basement-stumbling over an empty pail, crashing into support beams and sheets of floring that my parents are using to rennovate with. I finally made it badck upstairs and tried to let Jetta in, but realized I had locked myself in due to the way that I had tied her leash on to the door knob and then shutting it in the storm door. I ran back outside, through the back, making sure the door was unlocked and got back in. I then sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and laugh. I phoned Ashley to tell her the news and the next trauma of the day occurred.

Monday, June 19, 2006

"I will look into my crystal ball..."

Today my mom and I went and had our tea leaves read. I've always been a sucker for these things and it was a lot of fun. She had a lot of interesting things to say-like I'm stubborn as Hell and scare guys off, or that my grandparents' anniversary party is going to be a hit, and that I will get married some day and my partner will debate having children seriously, that one of my very close friends is depressed and that I have a heart of gold, but when I get pissed my tongue is a bit sharp...oops... etc etc. She told my mom a lot of interesting things as well. She even brought up my decision to take a break from swimming and go do something that "has to be done." (She didn't say swimming, but you start linking things to what she is saying. Don't say anything you psychology majors). That would be the councillor job. I actually filled out the forms this afternoon-the accident waiver and such-and will be sending it back tomorrow. I'm kind of excited. I've gotten way ahead in my classes and this will make it possible to go.
We then took Jetta for a walk on the boardwalk since yesterday we were rained in. We walked for a good hour and I think she enjoyed herself. She did an excellent job of guiding me around cyclists, baby carriages and other pedestrians. Although, she did want to stop once and sniff a young child. Silly Jetta.
My swim coach here has gotten me an appointment with a physio therapist so that we can get my shoulder injury sorted out. It's just been getting worse. Last night I was up all night because of it. (That was another thing she mentioned. She said that I did not have a clean bill of health, which is true). Hopefully, he'll be able to help me get my shoulder back on track.
Tonight is game seven between Carolina and Edmonton. Of course I will be cheering for the Oilers-I've always liked the under dogs. :) I didn't ask her about the outcome of the game tonight though-I figured it should stay a surprise. lol
Anyway, I look into my own crystal ball and predict that it is almost Jetta's supper time and that she is standing next to me pawing my arm. I guess I better feed her.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happily Ever After

Well, the reception of the wedding that I went to yesterday was fun. We had a great meal and mom and I danced very frequently. Dad also jjoined us on the slow dances. It was nice to see my God parents again, but strange to talk to a whole bunch of people who remembered me as a little kid-I had no clue who they were! :)
We got home around 1 A.M. and let the dogs out. They had been alone since 6 and really missed us. It's not often that I leave Jetta, but the reception would have been too loud with the music playing.
The bride and groom seemed very happy and I wish them the best of luck. Everyone was pretty friendly, so it made for a good night. When it came time for throwing the bouquet and garter the single women-me included-filed out onto the dance floor to catch the elusive prize-a 13 year old caught it. Go figure. :) When it was time for the garter throwing though, none of the single men wanted to go and after the groom threw it, they all ran away and left it lying on the dance floor. Apparently they don't want to get married? It was helarious!
My mom and I are taking Jetta for a walk on the board walk that is in our down town later this afternoon and then we are headed to the local movie theatre to see "The Break Up." A real girls' afternoon. (There is a picture on Laura's blog of Jetta, Willow, Laura and I standing on this very board walk).
Happy Fathers' day to everyone's dads.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Still Alive but barely"

"Hey! Guess What! I got sick! Like puke my guts out, God kill me sick. It lasted for three days and I'm finally able to keep food down. The doctor saw
me and said I'd be okay. There's a virus going around, Carmen got it, but given my family history of heat sickness that's most likely what it was. I
now drink close to three litres on site and more during the day. Let me know on the OSAP and the swim meets. And another question, what about the bills?
Did you set Something up? Let me know if I have to do anything. Glad to hear you've been busy and swimming is going well. Tell the fuzzies hi and give
them hugs. We're going to Jerash tomorrow, it's ROman site and we're watching gladiators and chariot races. Should be fun. Well talk to you later!
Miss you!


As you can see, this is an email from my very best friend who is enjoying herself abroad-well, sort of. At least she's better now. I miss her like crazy. We've lived with each other for the past 3 years and it's weird not having her around. I can't just walk down the hall, flop on her bed and vent about the day's happenings-or laugh about them, which happens more often. Oh well, I am happy for her. This is an amazing opportunity and I am glad she is able to experience it. :)
On another note:
Today was the wedding I was talking about. It was a short and sweet ceremony, but I have vowed never to get married in a church! I was at a wedding in Vancouver last summer and they were wed in a church and I made the same vow for the same reasons as this one. It's just not my scene. It's too...well, church like with the minister going on and on about male and female connectedness and how only male and females are right for each other, and in one of the prayers, we prayed for the groom and bride to have lovely, plentiful children who grow up fabulously. Um...what if they don't want children, or multiple children? He also read a passage from the Bible that basically rambles on and on about how humans were told by God that we are better than all other dreatures on this earth. Are you insane? Half of the animals on this plannet are way smarter, nicer and cleaner than we are. :) But that is for another day. Anyway, once I find the guy I want to marry and we are making wedding plans, I will tell him that we can do everything his way except forr getting married in a church-that is assuming he wants to get married there. ...My parents backyard would be nice. Then again, I am way ahead of myself. I have been single for over 2 years and don't see any perspective boys popping up anywhere. :)
Anyway, it's off to get my "red dress" back on. (Exciting)! We're heading out for the reception shortly.

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Lady In Red...

Tomorrow is my god parents' son's wedding...so today I went dress shopping! It was the fastest dress shopping I have ever done in my life. Usually it takes 2 or 3 days of trying on a million things to find the perfect thing, but today it took less than 25 minutes. It's a red halter dress with a little ribbon for a belt. Halters seem to fit me the best since my shoulders are so wide from swimming. Part of my body fits in a small, while the rest-my shoulders-needs a medium or large. It's kind of annoying and frustrating sometimes, but today everything went...swimmingly. I even found a pair of silver and red earrings that match perfectly. My Mom found a dress as well-green with buttons down the front. It fits really nicely. Jetta of course tagged along and was slightly grumpy. She hates shopping, but I think she was relieved when walked out of the first store we went into and headed for the exit-I'm sure she was in shock. She knows that shopping excursions usually take hours and she gets so bored! :)
Speaking of Jetta-yesterday she got her vaxinations. Another not so pleasant experience. She started shaking the instant we pulled into the parking lot of the vet clinic. There was a poor dog that fallen off a six foot balcony while playing with other dogs, waiting to be examined. She was in a lot of pain. I am sure she did something to her leg. She could not even lay down. I felt so sorry for her. I told Jetta she should be glad that her shots were the only reason she was visiting the vet. I asked the vet about mosquitoes-as Jetta seems to sweel up from their bites. She gave me a home made recipe for a natural bug dope. So, I'll be making a trip to the health food store to collect the ingredients and concocting my own batch; just in case we go to the kids' camp.
Other than the shaking and a racing heart, Jetta was very good for the vet. She stood very still-probably out of fear more than anything-while she was being examined. The vet said her teeth, ears and eyes all look good. I said that was good, since I needed her eyes too. When she got back home, she was given her supper and I think it made up for the poking and prodding.
Jetta was not the only one to get needles yesterday. I had my blood tests to test for Diabetes and hypoglykemia-low blood sugar. I had to fast for 12 hours and then go in for a blood test. (It's good I was sleeping for most of those 12 hours, because I was cranky when I was awake). After that test was completed I was allowed to go have breakfast and instructed to return 2 hours after eating. (Bring on the waffles and blueberries). I was provided with a little bottle too and had to "pee in a cup." How lovely. When I brought the urine sample back 2 hours later, they drew more blood. They are checking levels of certain things in my blood stream when I haven't eaten in a long time and what happens to those levels after I eat and have digested. Hopefully, these tests give us a glimpse into the inner workings of my crazy appetite.
Anyway, I should go get ready for swim practice. I have to find a snack before I leave and pack up my towels and stuff.

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Hiking We will Go

My Mom and I decided to take the dogs for a walk today. Jetta has not been out in a while and she was over due for a very long vigorous walk, but when we left the house we didn't know just how long or vigorous it would be.
We loaded the dogs-Jetta and Flash-into my Mom's car and headed down town. I had to stop at the police station because I'm a criminal-actually, because I am getting a police check for the camp job just in case.
After our stop, we headed over to this place that has hiking trails and mountain biking trails in it. We parked the car and embarked on our little adventure.
The beginnign of the trail was not bad, mostly gravel road with a few dips and bumps here and there, but as we traversed deeper into the bush we found the trails getting narrower and more over grown. We walked along the creek a ways and there was a duck family swimming about in it. Jetta just looked, but Flash wanted to chase them.
We continued along, twisting and turning, picking different directions every time we came to a fork. We really should have known better, but we just didn't think about it. We finally realized, after trudging up steep inclines, tripping over gnarled roots and swatting a million mosquitoes, that we were definitely lost. We sloshed through a few more mud holes and tripped over more ruts and roots before we found a gravel road. I could hear the highway and we thought we had found our way out of the mess-but boy we were wrong.
When we emberged out onto the road, the parking lot with the car was nowhere in sight. We had been trapsing through the forest for probably an hour at this time and the sun had finally come out. It was so hot. I thought I was supposed to be an athlete, but damn was I ever sweating. We asked an older man on the side of the road where we were and he told us. Somehow, we had walked ourselves out onto the opposite side of the park. We followed the road back to the highway and found our car an hour later. We walked for probably close to two hours. We were all super thirsty and tired when we got home.
After 2 tons of water-humans and dogs alike-I had a shower and also washed Jetta's muddy paws off. Jetta had her supper another bole of water and has not moved from her spot on her favourite chair we have called "the throne." I think I actually wore her out. It's a miracle!
Moral of the story: take a map...if you don't want to have loads of fun with your mom. :)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Living Vicariously

I got two very nice emails this afternoon. Both were from my roommates who are archaeology students and are currently on a dig in Jordan. The trip is a counted as a credit and is very expensive, but I think it is money well spent. They left Thursday night from Toronto and arrived some time Friday. Apparently they have been doing a lot of touring and the hotel they are staying in has a pool. They have to pay for its use, but they both think it's a worthwhile investment on the really hot days. (I agree, says the girl who swims for a living). :)
Tenie's been getting heat headaches, which isno surprise. She does not handle heat so well. Perhaps it's because she's so fair-blond hair, blue eyes adds for a deadly combination in the desert sun. I'm not sure when they will start digging, but I'm sure I'll get more updates as the weeks progress. I'm sooooo excited for them, but I must admit I am slightly jealous too. :) The adventures they must be having, or will have, will always stay with them forever. They are truly lucky human beings. Some people only dream of travelling, never mind spending six weeks on an archaeological dig and two weeks touring around Germany. (Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who have been able to travel as well. Once you get bit by the travelling bug, you can never get rid of it)!!
Either way, I wish them all the best and miss them dearly. If you read this girls-
have fun!!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weird Shit and All That Jazz

So here is my random ramble for the day.
The stag and doe was interesting. I've never been before, as I mentioned previously, and I saw a lot of people I have not seen since I was a kid. Half of them were surprised at how tall I'd become and how grown up I was. (That is what happens when you don't see people for ten years). :)
Practices have been going well as of late. I have been swimming a lot of butterfly and doing well at it. A bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one. My swim coach here is going through a rough patch. His wife died in February and both of his kids are moving out for school and stuff. I feel really bad for him. He just always needs hugs-at least that is how I fix things. lol Well, I guess I can't fix this, but at least he knows I'm there for him.
I got a phone call back from the summer camp today. She asked me to email my resume and cover letter to her, even though I faxed it to her Friday. She said we'll set up a phone interview and then we'll see where things go from there.
The head coach of swim Canada emailed my mom-why my mom I couldn't tell you-and told her to tell me to phone him. I didnt' do it last night because I was too emotional. He only phones when he's pissed at me for something. I'm assuming it's because I went home. Except, I don't know why that is bad. I'm still training and doing better than I was in Waterloo. The email made all of the negative emotions come back up and I was pissed. I am sick of him bullying me into everything. Every time I do something wrong, he threatens to take my funding away or puts me on probation. So, after that email it became final. If I get this camp job I will be taking a break from swimming for the rest of the summer-even though practices have been going better than ever. I am sick of the politics and if I don't break now, I'll probably quit in the near future and that is bad. Wow, I think that was a huge run on sentence. Oh well.
We also seem to be having problems with the cats in their new home. There are too many hiding places and we cannot find them. This has happened before in the couple of days that I have been home, but as of right now I have not seen them since this morning. Slightly worrisome.
Jetta is doing well. She is happy to be home. I think she's a bit bored though. My home town is not designed for people to get places by walking. So, we've been doing a lot of driving and it's making her extremely crazy. The dog is so high energy she needs an outlet. My mom is working 3 to 11 next week, so we'll be able to get Jetta out for walks.
Anyway, I am using a demonstration version of my screen reader and it's threatening to shut down on me so I better get going.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Quick Update

Everything has gone crazily lately. I think it's just the way Ilive my life. :) Wouldn't have it any other way.
It was the kittens birthdays on June 1st. I bought them new collars and gave them extra food for supper.
I said good-bye to my friends on Friday night-supper with my friend Dave, and cake with Chris, Ashley and James. Ashley, Chris and I ran home in the rain. We were so soaked. I took my shoes off and ran three blocks because my feet kept sliding out. My skirt was drenched right through and clung to my legs and underwear. We had to ring our hair out on the front porch too. Ashley required her clothing put in the dryer and it took 3 hours for the dogs to dry. Chris had started running when it started coming down hard, so he missed the majority of it. He spent most of the storm under the roof of my front porch listening to Ashley and I shrieking as we ran through the down pour.
Saturday morning my parents arrived and we spent the next two days getting ready for my departure. I packed up the cats, my clothes and Jetta and we headed out Monday. Before we left though, on Sunday, me, Dad, Mom, Jetta, Medley and Ashley headed to St. Jacob's to browse. We wandered the little shops and I found a fountain I wanted-the price tag changed my mind. I've always wanted one for my room, but all of the nice ones are priced to buy groceries for 2 months. Perhaps, when I am rich and famous I'll be able to afford one. :)
I got home Monday and could feel the city grunge oozing off my soul. It was beautiful. Tenie was still home so we headed to Timmy's (Tim Horton's), to chat because she was leaving the next day to go back to Southern Ontario to catch her flight to Jordan. She actually leaves tonight at ten to eleven. Her and Carmen are spending six weeks at an archaeological dig-for class-and then two weeks in Germany touring around. I am definitely jealous.
Tuesday, before Tenie left, I had a great brain storm. Everything with swimming is so up in the air and I think I need a break-so why not become a camp councillor. It is something I have always wanted to do. So, the last couple of days, I have been running around writing up resumes, cover letters and trying to get a hold of the right people. My friends are on split camps on this decision and I respect everyone's opinion, but the crazy side of me says go ahead with it. If I dont try I will regret it for the rest of my life-and you only live once, so I am trying. I realized that this summer is probably the last opportunity to do it. I will definitely return to swimming in September and if I don't get in as a volunteer I guess I'll keep swimming. But, hopefully it all works out. I am so nervous and keep having dreams about it. :)
Anyway, it's my cousin's stag and doe tonight-my first one-and I have to go get ready. I'm sure I'll be back later to ramble on more about my applying process.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I haven't written in a long while because it's been too hot here to turn my computer on. The heat off of the machine heats up my room to unbarable temperatures, so it's remained off-until now that is.
I have decided to go home for a while. My parents are coming to get me tonight and we're heading backt to my home town tomorrow, or Sunday. I need a brain break from this place. My coach and I really do not get along and it makes me sick to get up and go to practice and have to face him. I know I'm probably being over dramatic, but when you're in a situation things always seem so much more worse than they are. So, I'll get away for a while and hopefully, when I return, things will be tolerable.
Anyway, I'm off. It's lovely outside-not too hot, not too cold-and Jetta needs a walk.