Monday, May 21, 2012

The Puke Problem Persists

Apparently the sign Mr. K put up  had no effect, nor having to trudge through the puke because it's still there. It makes me cringe just thinking about it, and the smell! Oh, the smell. I am so glad Mr. K covered it over with garbage bags, but when you get close it smells awful. I am also more sore than I originally thought; sort of like a minor case of whiplash, which wouldn't surprise me. I also think I bruised the side of my butt. Sitting is not comfortable! The worst part is, there doesn't seem to be anything we can do to get it cleaned up.
The way buildings are set up in the UK is very different from North America. All of the flats in this building, except ours, are owned outright by the people living in them, so there isn't a landlord or super intendant. That means, there is no way of forcing him to clean it up.
My next line of thought was to contact the Edinburgh Council as they have a helpline for noisy neighbours. I thought that perhaps it would apply to all disturbances, but apparently not. I was told that all they could do would be to tell him to clean it up with some warm water. I said that I would like it if they would do that and the girl said that she would let Public Health know and they would get back to me as soon as possible. That was over an hour ago and I still haven't heard anything. She also told me that Public Health would probably say the same thing because the communal stairway is the responsibility of the combined tenants to keep clean.
So, if you have a tenant who refuses to clean up his/her vomit that is covering an entire landing and a few steps, there is nothing you can do, but politely ask him/her to clean it up?
What if someone slipped in it and was injured?
Someone said that it's a good thing that I wasn't pregnant or an elderly person. I couldn't agree more. I am pretty flexible and healthy and I think I mostly bounced.
What if I had broken something? What if, God forbid, I landed on Hermione and she was injured?
Someone said I could call the police and report him for "anti-social" behavior, but I don't know if there is a time limit on that. He puked on Sunday morning. So does that mean, in order to charge him, would we have had to call the cops when he was vomiting? Or, can I still call the cops and report him because the vomit is still there and it is a safety hazard? I will probably call the police and find out.
I just don't understand. This country is obsessed with health and  safety, to the point where it is ridiculous, but they don't have a way to deal with an issue like this? An issue that  is not only a slipping/falling/breaking bones hazard but also a health risk? I don't really know what else to say but "grrrrrrr!"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Now That's Dedication

I've had a few things vying for my writing attention this morning, but ever since I took seven steps out my front door, I had something else to write about. Yes, exactly seven  steps.
Why seven steps?
Because that is how many it is down the first flight of stairs in our communal hallway to get outside, but let me start at the beginning.
This morning Hermione woke me up, as usual, by squawking from her crate. Today, her anxious squeaks came at around 7:30, which isn't too bad and I rolled out of bed to bring her for her first "potty" break of the day. I muddled through the preparations to take her out still half asleep as I had gone to bed a bit later  than normal. I managed to struggle into a pair of pants; dropped her leash twice, but finally got it clipped to her collar; and then headed out the door. Did I mention I was half asleep? If I hadn't been, perhaps the little accident that happened next could have been avoided. Then again, perhaps not because if I would have been awake, I would have been moving at a much faster pace and things could have been much more disastrous.
Yesterday was a  big "football" (AKA soccer) game here in Scotland and everyone started drinking early. Okay, maybe not everyone because we definitely weren't involved in the celebrations, but practically everyone. The pubs were over flowing and Tenie said she heard people off to the pub at 9:00 AM. So, it was no surprise to Mr. K and I that a few of our neighbours were slightly intoxicated. The only thing is that one of our neighbours is frequently intoxicated. Most weekends, there is a night where he passes out in the stairwell and usually ends up urinating. It is normally cleaned up early in the morning and I never would have known if Mr. K wasn't a night owl. This particular neighbour also will spit on the stairs, but again, it is usually quickly cleaned up. Apparently yesterday's festivities were too much for him because he, according to Mr. K, came home around 2 or 3 AM and planted himself out in the communal hallway and proceeded to puke. Do you see where I'm going with this?
So, this morning, half asleep and unsuspecting little me, is carrying Hermione down the stairs to go out to pee and when my right foot hit the second to last step in the first flight of stairs, I slipped and went down on my right elbow. Thankfully, somehow, I managed to keep a hold of Hermione and she landed on top of me. I had no idea what had happened until I tried to stand back up and felt squishing/sliming/watery grossness under my feet. There was so much of it that my feet kept sliding out from underneath me and if I hadn't had a good hold of the bannister, I would have fallen back down. The worst part was the smell. I nearly cried. There I stood, puppy clutched in my arms, my elbow throbbing and someone else's cold, stinky   vomit soaking through my running shoe on to my barefoot and dripping down my leg. The whole right side of my leg was covered and it had also soaked through to my skin. The elbow of my coat was covered and I only knew that because I reached to check my elbow to make sure it wasn't broken and consequently stuck my hand into it. All I could do was stand there in disbelief. This was something that happened in movies or books, not in real life.
At first, I turned around to take Hermione back up to our flat, but all I could hear was the dog trainer voice screaming in the back of my mind about consistency. So, I trudged down the other forty something stairs and outside to let her relieve. To be honest, I only got through her going pee. I could smell the vomit and definitely could feel it and I was starting to freak out. I tried to stay patient and positive singing, "go potty, Hermione. Get busy little miss," but my patience were slipping and the second rule to dog training is positivity. The sun was shining and Hermione was more interested in sniffing the various objects the drunk people had left behind from the night before and I was still covered in puke. So, I scooped her up, in my non-vomit covered arm, and made my way back inside. I stripped everything off and threw it into the washing machine and threw my shoes into the garbage. Thankfully, they had been an old pair that I had just replaced and since the vomit had soaked through the mesh on the sides of the shoe, there really was no salvaging them. I then went and woke up Mr. K to share my traumatic experience.
I can laugh about it now, mostly anyway, but I definitely was not laughing as I relayed the events to Mr. K. When I get angry, I become very quiet and it's a sort of deep, quiet bubbling rage. He got out of bed and wrote a note that he taped up. It read something like:
Whoever vomited in the stairs, please clean it up. I have covered it up with garbage bags, but my wife, who is blind, slipped in it and fell down the stairs.
He originally was going to go over and knock on the door to tell the man to clean up his mess, but he was afraid he would "smash him into the ground like a tent pole." So, he decided the note was a better option; especially since he does not want to be deported.
I'm not sure I've ever experienced something so disgusting before, and believe me, I've experienced some pretty gross things. I've had a dog have diarrhea on my lap; cleaned up a drunk friend after a night of too much fun; had a seagull poop on my bare  leg from the sky Etc. This definitely takes the prize for "most disgusting." I'm sorry to be graphic, but when there is a lake of vomit covering an entire stairway landing, that is gross.
Mr. K and I have vowed that if he is ever out in that stairway again, drunk of course, we'll be calling the police. Sure, it was gross, but I'm so lucky that I didn't break anything or hurt Hermione. The stairs are these old, cement stairs, worn away from use for a very long time. They are so worn, there is a groove in the middle of each stair where people walked up and down them. We walk on the outside to avoid this very smooth, rounded, slightly treacherous area. As much as I'm griping about getting plastered in puke, things could have been much worse. That said, I was still covered in vomit and somehow I still managed to take my puppy out to potty; at least to get her peeing done.
Now, that is dedication. Don't you think?
Not to mention, that man drank so much that he was able to make a puke lake. That in and of itself is dedication as well. Perhaps not healthy dedication, but dedication nevertheless.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Da Case of Da Running Aways Washers Machine!

Herro all of my wonderfuls furriends. Hermione heres to tells you abouts how there is never a dull moment in our home. At least, that is what da Mama says. Wells, technically Glacier made you furriends firsts, buts since I a da baby, I gets everything the big brothers haves. So, you are my furriends too.
Anyway, I ams getting subtracted, ah, distracted from my story. And, lets me tells you, it's a great story because it is barring, um, carring, no...starring, yes, starring our favourites Mama. Wells, hers is my favourite Mama.
Okays, rights. my story abouts my favourite Mama.
Since da Mama is just waiting to go to school in September, whatevers that means-who cares, as longs as I can goes too-hers tries to stay busy around our home. Hers makes us cookies, cleans thingies that need cleaning and plays with me, which is the most important job. Hers decided to be busy as soon as hers woke up this morning and put some loondry, lunchdry...ah, dirty clothes into the washers machine. Hers puts the soap where the soap goes, closed the washers machine door and pushed the "on" button. Then, so that the noise from the washers machine didn't bother hers, her closed the bathroom door.
You see, our home is small and the washers machine lives in the bathroom and the dryers machine lives in the living room. Hers then got busy doing other important stuffs like snuggling me whiles I napped, drinking coffee-hers needs to drink that stuff or hers is kind of scary-and did some crazy 'puter stuffs. Hers even gots the dishes washed,  the kitchen cleaned, me walked and obedience trained befores the washers machine was done being noisy. See? Hers is busy.
Anyway, when hers heard that the machine was done, hers went to go into the bathroom. Hers said not to tell you, but hers really had to pee from drinking all that coffee, but when hers pushed on the door it would not open.
No matter how hard she pushed, rattled the door and said bad words, the door was stuck. The crazy washers machine had run aways and blocked the bathroom door, locking da Mama out. Hers was desperate. Hers really had to pee and her had no idea how to get the door open. I thinks hers may have considered peeing in the kitchen sink, but I coulds be wrong.
After her crazy pushing, groaning and saying bad words, da Mama stopped and I knew hers had an idea. I watched hers very carefully because not all of her ideas are good ones. She went into the closet and came out with this long stick with bristely hair on the end. A groom? A loom? Broom? Yes, broom.
"Whats ya gonna do with that Mama?" I tried asking hers by stepping on her feets, but she really had to pee and so ignored me.
"What? You are ignoring me? Hermione Sophia!" But hers just kept trying to shoves the groom under the door. I tried to help by putting my wee nose under the door, buts I haves no idea whats hers was looking for. So, I went off to chew on a shoe, which hers noticed and told me not to.
Really, Mama? You don't notice my helpfulness, but you notice me chewing on a shoe?
After hers realised that the groom was too big to fit under the door, hers got this crazy metal grate/plunger/stick thing. I had no idea whats it was, so I looked it up. Apparently, da Mama thoughts a potato masher would do the trick. Whatevers possessed hers to get a potato masher is beyond my little puppy brain, but there hers was, lying on her tummy, feets braced on the living room door frame with the handle end of the potato masher shoved under the bathroom door.
I again tried to be helpful because dat is how I rolls, but da Mama told me to sit.
Can you believe the nerve of hers? She told ME to sit when I was just trying to be helpful by fluffing hers hair. Everyone can use a good hair fluffing from times to times, rights?
Anyway, I guess da Mama actually had a good idea this time because after hers pushed a couple of times with the potato masher, the door banged open. I don't thinks da Mama knows her own strength sometimes.
When I told big brothers Glacier and Roscoe they tolds me it was typical Mama luck. I guess these thingies happen to hers all of the time. That is why we try to keep hers out of the kitchen as much as pawssible. I thoughts da Mama would be mad, but nope. Hers laughed and said,
"Hermione, I think the universe has a sense of humour and likes to keep me on my toes."
"Toes, Mama? Lick them? Okays!"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of the Moms out there-with human or fur kids-happy Mother's Day to you!!!
Moms should be recognised for their sacrifices all year round, but it is nice to set aside a day to remind us of just how wonderful the women in our lives are.
When I was younger, I celebrated my mom and my grandmas, but as I've gotten older this day has given me an appreciation for all of the women who act as a role model or caregiver to someone else.
I am forever grateful to my Mom and since I am very far away this Mother's Day, I miss her dearly. I don't think moms will ever know just how much they are appreciated and loved. The dedication, love, loyalty and support that I have witnessed over the years is amazing and I can only hope that I have learned to be as equally supportive, patient, dedicated and all of the other great things a mom figure can bring to our lives.
Thanks Mom for being a great role model and for being my Mom. I love you and miss you. XOXO
As for my own fur kids: Hermione let me celebrate Mother's Day by allowing me to take a two hour nap this afternoon. LOL Oh, puppy antics; how I love them. Glacier and Roscoe are the best fur sons any mom could ask for. They are both snoring on the couch right now.
Happy Mother's Day! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little Public Promotion

As most of you know, Glacier's Goody Shop is on Facebook. In the next couple of days, you will see a link appear under the heading:
"A Little More Information"
on this blog and it will take you to Glacier's Goody Shop's product and purchasing page. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the products available there, please feel free. If you are in North America, we'll figure out mailing as postage of fleece tug toys actually doesn't cost much. If you are in North America though, I'd refrain from buying treats because I don't know if they will get to you in an edible form  and the fleece blankets may not be worth the shipping. However, if you are interested, just send me an email-there will be an email address available on the page-and we can figure something out.
Also, if you are interested in a tug or blanket and you don't see the colours you would like, please just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. I'm currently working on finding some fun print fleece for the blankets. So, check back often for additions.
All profits in the months of May and June will go to support Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland. Originally, it was the months of April and May, but getting the shop up and running has taken a lot longer than I thought and I would like to raise as much money for this great organisation as possible. After June, we may have a new organisation to raise funds for: I'm currently working on that
 If you haven't checked us out on Facebook yet, please come by. We love to have active group members. So please feel free to post photos of your pets and comments as well.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and you should be hearing from me more often: my little explosion of ineloquent writing yesterday seems to have broken my writer's block. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lost for Words

Have you ever felt like your thoughts or words just won't come out or lacked the motivation to put things into writing? Or, perhaps you've felt like whatever you have to say just isn't interesting or worth writing down?
I've sort of felt like this the last week or so. I'm not really sure why. I've had a few things I could write about, but for some reason, every time I start writing I end up deleting the draught and just not bothering. I haven't even updated my Facebook status in over a week.
Like I said, there doesn't seem to be a particular reason. I've been busy and probably could write a whole bunch just on one day's happenings, but it just won't come out. Even now, it seems like I am repeating myself.
I think part of it is that Mr. K's been really busy trying to get his last assignments finished for this term. That means, Glacier, Hermione and I have been spending very little time at home so that the flat is quiet for him. I've taken my lap top with me, but most of the time I don't even take it out.
I've been working away at the fleece tugs that I'm making to raise funds for Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland and have attempted a few dog cookie recipes. Surprisingly, both batches have turned out quite well. I did manage to cut the end of my thumb while slicing up sweet potatoes for the sweet potato treats, but other than that, there haven't been too many mishaps. That is a miracle since I am a complete mess in the kitchen. In fact, the Garlic, Cheese and Chicken Bites I made two nights ago smelled so good Mr. K and I wanted to eat them. The whole flat smelled as though I had been making home made garlic bread. I baked a batch of Apple Cinnamon cookies yesterday-a recipe of my own design-and that smelled good as well. The dogs all seem to like the treats too. So, that is a bonus.
Aside from the tugs and treats, I've also added hand tied, fleece blankets to the products available. Hermione has a green and pink one and she loves it. I had her sitting on my lap, wrapped up in it, and even though it barely covered my knees, I was super cozy. My next project is to make myself one; in purple, of course. I just have to go buy enough fleece and the right colours.
All of the dogs are doing well. Glacier is loving all of the work he has been doing with us getting out every day. Hermione is getting better at the forward momentum necessary for going for a walk and I'm thinking of purchasing her an "Easy Walk" harness. Despite her being small, she has a good pull and she's only going to get bigger. Of course she won't be the size of a German Shepherd or have the pull of a Husky, but I'd prefer that she didn't constantly be pulling. It's better for not only my shoulder, but her little body as well.
Speaking of Miss Hermione: I had noticed that she was scratching an awful lot. She also seemed to have a lot of dandruff. In order to combat her itchy skin, I bought some cod liver oil and have been giving her the supplement twice a week. It seems to be helping. She kind of stinks like fish after eating it-pretty much for the whole day-but if it keeps her from scratching her skin off, I think we can live with a bit of stink. The boys have been getting the supplement as well.
Cinnamon is another supplement all dogs get once a day. I had read some really good information about the benefits of cinnamon and instantly starting adding it to their food. Obviously, with any supplement, cinnamon and cod liver oil included,  should be given in specific measurements and shouldn't be given to dogs with certain health conditions, but for my dogs, both supplements are fantastic. I'd post the link to the pages about the benefits of cinnamon and cod liver oil, but ever since Blogger decided to force everyone over to its new, user unfriendly interface, I can't post photos or links.
My battle with the University of Bozos continues with me trying to explain that what they are doing is illegal. A few more emails have gone back and forth and I don't think they understand that I'm not contesting the importance of contacting the disability office in order to have your needs met, but refusing to process a disabled student's application until he/she has established whether or not the disability office can accommodate him/her is illegal. The law basically says that the university has to find a way to accommodate the disabled student, not that the university can decide whether or not they can accommodate and then base their acceptance of the student on that.
The University of Bozos tried quoting their application policy that "strongly suggests" students contact the disability office during the application process.
Um, last time I checked, "strongly suggest" does not mean "must" or "has to." These idiots have no idea what they are talking about. Regardless, my email response that I copied and pasted on another post must have them in a tizzy because I have received three email responses from three different people and I haven't even replied yet. I'm carefully crafting that response with links to the laws and quotes from their own policies that contradicts what they are saying.
Despite me saying that I didn't have anything to say, it would appear I've written quite a bit. It's slightly disjointed and a bunch of topics all jumbled together, but it's something. :)
Happy Friday, everyone.