Saturday, November 25, 2006

Random Thought

So, I've been up al night researching my guide dog project...and my mind wandered. Well, actually, it wanders a lot, but this time it really wandered...
Why is it that mint tastes better in the form of a candy cane? You don't often see people walking sucking on a long stick of mint for fun at any other time than Christmas time...

Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's this kind of shit that scares me...especially since this was on a street very close to my house. :(
Attempted sexual assault during the daytime.
Waterloo Regional Police Service has just sent us notice of a attempt sexual assault which took place at 1:45 pm on November 16, 2006 on *ent*** St by the
park. A 19 year old female was grabbed from behind in the park by a male who attempted to sexually assault her. She had been walking alone across a cricket
field between the tennis courts and the Lion's Lagoon splash park. The victim struggled with the suspect and he fled.
Description: Male white, in his 30's, scruffy looking, over 6 ft tall, wearing a black hoody and cap,thick canvass army type coat, khaki pants and shoes.

Community Safety and Security will be putting out a Safety Warning to all students and staff which will be posted throughout the buildings. A Crime Alert
will be put on our web site and Neighbourhood Watch alert sent out.

We are advising students and staff to use a buddy system and use extreme caution when walking at any time. Avoid parks, secluded areas and remain on designated
sidewalks in public and well lit places. Please don't be distracted by using cell phones or music when walking. After daylight hours use Foot patrol.

Please advise your staff and students accordingly and use caution until this suspect is caught.

Going Crazy-completely stressed out!

What else is new at this time of year? I am so stressed out. I have two presentations and two papers to get finished by the end of the year...and, I only have like five days to do it. I have a lot of the preliminary work done, but the actual polished stuff isn't done yet. Aaaahhh! My biggest frustration right now is the fact that my email address for my university won't work and I am trying to get a bunch of people together that I can interview for one of my projects. It just doesn't seem to be coming together. I managed to get one interview, but I need nine more and I can't find anymore. The people that I do have, seem to be slipping out of it every time I try to get something set up. For example, my one friend told me that Tuesdays are bad for him because he goes bolwing-fine, I can understand that. But, then he tells me that he is busy Thursdays too because he has to watch his TV SHOWS. His TV shows?! Oh, I'm sorry to inconvenience you, but if I don't get this done it fucks up my mark. You, on the other hand, just miss one episode of something...since it will probably only take about an hour-maybe even less. Have you ever heard of taping it? Aye! I can only do the interviews on those days because those are the only days I have access to the speaker phone at the university and i need it to tape-record the sessions. He even asked me to send him the questions and he could just type up his answers. Um, no! that is completely against my Ethics requirements I have to follow. I had to fill out a bloody form and all that crap. If I am going to do this I have to do it right, otherwise my chances of doing something like this could be put in jeopardy. Anyway, I think I feel a bit better. I have to keep googling "guide dog" websites. That is the other half of this project.
PS: If there is anyone out there with a guide dog who wants to participate in my study, let me know! :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What Would You Do?

It seems to be the weekend of strange things. I went for lunch with one of my closest friends today and she had quite the story to tell me.
She recently started dating this really sweet guy who lives out of town. It's her first partner and although I haven't met him, I think they make a good couple-just by judging by other people's accounts of him. Now about a year ago, she had confided in another guy-we'll call him boy B-and confessed that she had feelings for him. At that point Boy B stated that he did not see her that way and that he was not looking for a partner. Life went on and she actually moved in with him this May...just as roommates. Here's the tricky part. When she and her now partner started going out, she returned home to tell Boy B. He reacted with skepticism, but it just seemed like a normal reaction for him. The week went by, but he seemed a little off. Finally, yesterday, he took her aside and told her he was in love with her. Now, what is she supposed to say to that? Apparently he's been hiding these feelings since July. They even had a conversation recently where he told her that it was safe for him to live with her instead of some of his other girl friends because he couldn't fall for her. Then, after he realizes that she is no longer available he finally recognises his feelings? I feel bad for him because she is totally into her partner. She realizes that Boy B is hurting, and she has promised herself that she would never have purposely done something like that to hurt any guy. But, I told her that it isn't her fault. He said and did things to indicate that he wasn't interested.
Isn't it strange how life always throws you a curve ball? She's 20 years old and within a week of getting her first partner, someone else expresses interest. This has never happened to her before and so she's very confused. I guess I was a bit shocked as both Boy B and her are friends of mine and I didn't have any clue at all. I guess this sort of teaches you never to hesitate. I mean, think things through, but if you hesitate too long, things could change in a heart beat.
On that of my other friends messaged me last night to tell me his parents had been in a car accident. It appears that they are okay, but the truck is totaled and his Dad is in a lot of pain. It's so weird to think that one little movement that would have been different and they could have been both gone. It sort of hsakes you up a bit. I mean, no one is ready to lose their parents at 23. They aren't my parents, but it sure makes me think about who i need to tell I care for them. I have always tried to make that effort, but when something like this happens you always feel like you haven't said "I love you," enough.
So, to all my friends out there reading this...I love you! :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

One of the Strangest Nights of My Life

Well, it's life is fucked up!!! This time, in a great way. :)
So, as I've mentioned previously Christena's mom came to visit us this past week. She left Saturday morning, but before I get there, I must talk about Friday.
Friday Carmen, Tenie, Mommy Lois, Ashley, Medley, Jetta and I headed to the mall. We spent the greater part of Friday evening there-just mostly window shopping. I happened to find a purple dress I fell in love with-and looked awesome in, I might add-but decided against purchasing it as it was too expensive. Mommy Lois dropped it over my shoulder in a bag asking me, "did you forget something back in that store?" I couldn't believe she had bought it for me. We also made a stop at the Body Shop where Carmen and Ashley bought yummy smelling things and then we all headed home. (This was the VERY short version of our shopping trip). On the way home, Mommy Lois called up one of our friends-who I will call Mr. J for this entry for confidentiality purposes-and he asked us to go out with him. It took me a million tries, but I finally settled on a red tank top and a pair of black pants and heels. (I was having a "hating my wardrobe" day). He showed up at our house around 11:30 ready to go to the "club." He and Lois threw backa couple of glasses of wine-two to be precise-and Christena drove us to the club. Half way there, Mr. J's partner phoned and we convinced him to come with us. (We'll call him Mr. M). Mr. M was supposed to drive home that night, but since it was Lois's last night in Waterloo he decided to come too. Tenie pulled a U-turn and we drove to get him. It was pretty funny because she had turned around even before he had agreed to come-we just coaxed...coerced him a bit. :)
After picking Mr. M up, we headed back to the bar. Upon arriving, he realized that he forgotten his ID. We were worried he would get turned away at the door, but the bouncer let him through. It might have been because we had Tenie's mom with us-either that or it's because J and M are frequent visitors at that particular club. We spent the rest of the night drinking and dancing-and for the first time in our entire lives, Christena and I saw Lois drunk. I nearly died from oxygen deprivation from laughing. She is sooooo funny when she's drunk! When she is sober, she is this loud, bossy lovely woman, but when she's drunk...well, she's even louder, even bossier and actually dances. :) (I love her)!
Not to mention,Lois kept feeding me drinks. As soon as my cup was empty, she'd get Christena to get a new one. I tried to sip slowly, but she threatened to dump it down my shirt-which she would so do! Secondly, the shooter guy was convinced Tenie and I were "dikes" and so he took Lois over to the manager to have a chat. Apparently the manager loves it when parents are supportive of their children's sexuality. Not only did she talk to the manager of the bar, but she was given a free drink. (Now we're up to drink number five for Lois and counting). One of the funniest things was that Tenie got more compliments on how "great" her boobs were at this gay bar than she has at a straight bar. We've decided it's because gay men are less inhibited than straight men and actually say what they mean.
Tenie and I danced quite a bit and Mr. J often joined us. Mr. M and Lois tended to groove on the sidelines. At one point one guy came up and put his arms around me and Tenie. I thought it was Mr. J and so said way too cheerfully, "Hi!" He just continued dancing and replied with "Woo!" I must admit I was pretty embarrassed when Tenie informed me that it was not our friend, but a complete stranger. Oh well, I just made a new friend I guess. :) The night continued from there with Lois polishing off a total of nine drinks-pretty impressive for a 42 year old, five foot two mother of two. We closed the bar down and then drove Mr. M and Mr. J home. The very drunk Lois demanded we stop at Mcdonald's and so we pulled into the extremely long line and waited in the drive through for almost a half an hour. Lois kept making crazy jokes, sticking her stinky sweaty feet up beside me and Christena and telling us she loved us. At one point she declaired that "Christena, you're my best friend." When I protested that Tenie was my best friend, she replied "fuck off. I had her first." I tried to explain that Tenie came from her womb, but she still figured she had first dibs.
While we were waiting we had great entertainment that came from outside of the car. Some frat boy was dancing on the roof of his friend's car. His friends were cheering and honking their horns for him. After a while I decided it was time for us to see if he was all talk and no action. So, I rolled down my widnow and hung out by my waist and yelled "take it all off." His face dropped and he jumped to the ground hustling his ass back in the car. The three of us nearly pissed ourselves laughing. Lois was very disappointed and swore bitterly at him because he was "a ballless bastard." she also said, "that we needed to see some ass," and that I "should show him my ass and then maybe he'd drop his pants." (She's drunk remember)?
Finally we got our food and when we were pulling out, we saw Mr. J and Mr. M pulling up to get a "four o'clock in the morning" snack. They told us to wait for them and we'd have a picnic/dinner date in the parking lot. As we drove away to the meeting spot, Mr. J pretended that he was "pleasuring" Mr. M. We laughed hysterically, but as we rounded the corner to the parking lot, I realized I needed more food so we drove up to them where they were waiting in line...and oops, they weren't kidding. Mr. M nearly died of embarrassment, but Tenie and I just said, "We want a cheese burger and a diet Coke." He was so red, but for some reason it really didn't phase us-in fact, we sat in the parking lot and laughed until they joined us. His facial expression when he saw us pull up again was priceless.
After we scarfed our food down-dancing works up your appetite you know-the three of us drove back to our house and told Carmen the entire story. It was 5:30 in the morning when our heads finally hit the pillows. It was one of the most fucked up nights of my entire life-going to a gay bar with my best friend's mom; who promptly gets "shmammered," according to her; get classified as a "dike," where upon Lois said, in her drunken stooper "I support your dikiness," (picture with slurring drunkenness); we catch our two friends going at it in the Mcdonald's drive through line; and then go to bed when I am normally getting up for practice.
Now, how many people can say they have done that?

Friday, November 17, 2006

"21 Things I Want In A Lover"


Do you derive joy when someone else succeeds?
Do you not play dirty when engaged in competition?
Do you have a big intellectual capacity but know
That it alone does not equate wisdom?
Do you see everything as an illusion?
But enjoy it even though you are not of it?
Are you both masculine and feminine? politically aware?
And don't believe in capital punishment?

These are 21 things that I want in a lover
Not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer

Do you derive joy from diving in and seeing that
Loving someone can actually feel like freedom? are you funny?
la self-deprecating? like adventure? and have many formed opinions?

These are 21 things that I want in a lover
Not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer
I figure I can describe it since I have a choice in the matter
These are 21 things I choose to choose in a lover

I'm in no hurry I could wait forever
I'm in no rush cuz I like being solo
There are no worries and certainly no pressure in the meantime
I'll live like there's no tomorrow

Are you uninhibited in bed? more than three times a week?
Up for being experimental? are you athletic?
Are you thriving in a job that helps your brother? are you not addicted?
...curious and communicative...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Crazy Randomness That Is My Life

Things have been pretty nuts around here as of late. I went to Taylor's funeral a few weeks ago-about two weeks ago-and it was good. It was a nice ceremony and it gave me a chance to grieve. I really didn't cry until one of his very good friends talked and then when the priest said, "I always believed that all Scots and Irish should go out to the pipes," and they played a rendition of "Amazing Grace." I also learned a lot about him before I met him-his friends got up and told stories about when they were younger.
Since then, we've had Christena's birthday party, which was a Disney Princess theme and included a Fantasia party. We ate so much food and ice cream cake I could barely walk! Carmen and I decorated with balloons, pictures printed from the internet, Disney Princess plates/napkins/table cloth. I made punch and decorated one of our gold armchairs so that it looked like a throne. We even had birthday hats. Totally six year old, but with a
Fantasia twist. :) It was fun. We went out for supper on the Sunday, which was her actual birthday and she made us wear the hats until food came. They messed up our orders a few times, so we ended up with free cake for pretty much everyone and of course Tenie got hers for free because it was her birthday.
This past weekend, I spontaneously hopped a bus and went into Toronto and met Nathan-one of the councillors that I hung out with when I was working at camp this summer. I tried to get other people to go with us, but no one wanted to. We wandered around and went to Castaloma-which is a house built in the early 1900's and was owned by a man who owned 25 percent of the Canadian economy at the time. The depression came along and he lost his entire fortune. Anyway, they have opened it up as a museum and so we checked it out. Jetta was very well behaved I might add.
Speaking of Jetta. She is enjoying her university experience. For example, last week, she went to Christena's night class. I had been writing an essay all day and she'd had a small walk in the morning, but I think she had house fever. So, off she went with Tenie. Tenie's prof was showing them pottery and Jetta danced over to her and the professor was like, "Oh, would you like to see too?" And proceeded to put the pot down at Jetta's nose level. This pot is thousands of years old!!! And, Jetta just got to stick her nose in it!!! :)
Oh, and the Monday of that week, Jetta and I were in class and she got a little mouthy. We arrived late-woops-and so I slipped into the back of the room and sat down. Jetta was grumbling at something, so I corrected her and she stopped her huffing. About fifteen minutes later, when my prof was in the middle of discussing structuralism and its function in folklore, Jetta let out the loudest "woof," I've ever heard. Everyone jumped, the professor included and then turned to her and said, "Do you have a question?" I nearly pissed myself laughing.
Of course the fun of our house doesnt end there. This Sunday, at midnight, Tenie's mom showed up and surprised us. I was fast asleep as I had practice at six A.M., but Tenie had not been feeling well that day, so when I heard walking back and forth I got out of bed to see if she was all right. Turns out, Mommy Lois-the nickname I have given Tenie's mom-was at our front door. She had brought a million tons of food and Carmen and Tenie were frantically trying to get it into our house. So, I helped unpack and then we decided we were hungry and Tenie's mom wanted grease. So, Tenie and I hopped in the car-in our pajamas no less-and drove over to Mcdonald's. She got a few weird looks from the person serving, but the looks we got when we walked into the convenient store to buy diet Coke were even stranger. :) By this point it was super late and my body had decided that it had a nap and it was wide awake-so I got two hours of sleep and went to swim practice where I was given a test set...ouch! The pain in my legs was amazing, but it was exciting because I was kicking faster than I thought I could. So, that was a positive.
Wow, this is long and very jumbled up, but I thought I'd just bring everyone up to speed on the craziness that is my life.
Oh and did I mention the million assignments due in the next few weeks? Once those are finished it's time for finals. I can't believe how fast this semester has gone. I really must make a greater effort to blog next semester. :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Stuff!

Hey Y'all!
This is Jess's friend Lindsay typing from the Capital of Canada. If you haven't noticed it yet, there's a guestbook added to this blog. Go ahead and sign it! You know you want to!
With the holidays coming up, who knows, maybe I'll get really bored and REALLY re-vamp this place haha.
Ok have fun people!

Friday, November 10, 2006

"Where The Blacktop Ends"

These lyrics reflect how I feel about home and how I feel about going to university in a more urvanised city. I thought I'd post a few of them.

Workin' in the grind is an uphill road
Punchin' that clock and carryin' that load
I bust it all week and then I'm free
The weekend belongs to me

Gonna kick off my shoes
And run in bare feet
Where the grass and the dirt and the gravel all meet
Goin' back to the well gonna visit old friends
And feed my soul where the blacktop ends

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Let's do the Time Warp Again"

So, happy Halloween everyone. To take a break from life's weirdness, my roommies and Alicia, in celebration of Haloween, we all flopped out on the couch and watched "Rocky Horror Picture Show." We even carved a pumpkin and put it on the front porch to try and lure little children into our layer, but we only got five. That's too bad because those other children are seriously missing out-no chocolate bars for them. :) Oh well, more for us.
Christena, Alicia and I even dressed up to hand out the candy. I slapped on a skirt and faerry wings, while Christena wore her Juliet costume from last year. Alicia wore her pirate costume from Saturday night.
We ended up having to order in food because not only did our freezer crap out, but the fridge too. We discovered this this morning when we tried to eat breakfast. The repair guy came, but we had already thrown out tons of food and he doesn't know if the problem can be fixed. I'm not sure our landlords are going to want to buy a new fridge...well, I mean, they're going to have to, bbut who knows how long that will take.
Anyway, I need sleep. I hope everyone had a great Halloween!
PS: Sorry for the typos, my screen reader is not letting me edit. Stupid computer. :)