Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Millennium theater"

(Lyrics by Ani Difranco)
Millennium theater
Get out there and buy that water and gas
Ramadan orange alert
Everybody put on your gas mask

First leak it out about the president
Then stand up and shout "impeachment"
Pulling coat tails out from under that little V.P.
Before he has a chance to get in the driver's seat

Millennium spectacle
Everybody put on a show
Slip a little prince in the back door
21st century here we go

Digital whiplash
So many formats so little time
While out in TV nation
Under darkening skies
The resistance is just waiting
To be organized

Millennium theater
Chief justice is for sale
Yucca mountain goddesses
Their tears they form a trail

Trickle down Israel
Patriarchies realign
The ice caps melt
And New Orleans bides her time
New Orleans bides her time

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to tonight's show
The millennium theater
Asks that you not smoke
Please turn off your cell phones
And forget what you think you know

Monday, January 29, 2007

It's been a while

So, I've been back to school for practically a month now and it's only been now that I have been able to sit down and blog. It's not for lack of time. Although I'm quite busy, I just haven't had access to the internet. My computer went down way back in December and I haven't had the money or time to fix it. But now it's back, so hopefully I get back into the groove of blogging on a more consistent basis. Last semester I wrote very infrequently, so I will try this semester to do a better job.
Quite a bit has happened since I wrote last, but I really don't have time to write about it now. I have decided that today is "work my ass off to get school work done" day, so I better get at it. It took me nearly a half an hour just to plug all of the cords back into my PC-computer reassembling is not user friendly under normal circumstances, try plugging everything in by touch only. Makes things interesting. :)
Anyway, I must start reading "Violent Origins," and write out my reflection on the a million pages of reading we've been assigned this week.
Talk soon-that is a promise!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's 2007!

New Year's Eve was soooo much fun! We all got dressed up at my house and headed over to the Portuguese club for dinner and dancing. (Lindsay took a lot of pictures with her camera and I'll be talking to her about putting them up). We indulged in a three hour meal which included soup, salad, pasta and meatballs, fish, rice, green beans, turkey, roasted potatoes and dessert. I think there was more, but I can't remember what it was. It took us three hours to eat the entire supper and I refrained from the last few courses because I was stuffed. The rest of the night was spent dancing with my mom and Lindsay and Tenie. Some of the music was frightening-and for some reason the DJ's thought it would be a good idea to play Spanish and Italian music at a Portuguese club-but we managed to have a great time. After the ball dropped we all ran around wishing everyone Happy New Year's. I managed to accidentally spill one of the club's member's champaigne all over my arm when I hugged him, but all in all it was relatively incident free. Tenie likes to give me a hard time because the first words of 2007 I spoke to her were "ouch!" because I slammed my foot off of a chair trying to get to her. It was pretty funny. There was one song we danced to-that I think was called 'stroke it"-and the singer asks a bunch of questions in it. Tenie started answering the questions and she had to keep saying no because the singer was asking about the last time one had had sex. My mom nearly died laughing and told Christena she wasn't allowed to say no anymore, so Tenie started saying "yes" way too enthusiastically. I litterally fell over on the dance floor laughing.
We dropped my parents back at home around 1 or so and then Tenie, Lindsay Jetta-I picked her up because I missed her-and I headed over to our favourite hang out...you guessed it, Tim Hortan's. A couple of guys we knew from high school met us there and we stayed there until 4:30 just blabbing away. The one guy was very interested in feminism and he got me started on a topic I could talk about forever. Although he didn't agree with everything I said-which is fine-he was not aggressive about it. He just asked questions and we agreed to disagree on a few points. It was a great conversation. Even Tenie got in on it, which tells me that she has been living with me too long. :) It was after five when I finally crawled into bed. By the time we dropped Lindsay off and got home ourselves, Tenie and I were up long enough for the light of day to start peaking in the windows. It was a great New Year's celebration!
Today I head back to school. My bag is packed and I'm sort of ready to go back. It's been nice to be home and I miss everyone at school, but I'm not sure I'm ready for classes to start. Tomorrow I get to start the day with Sociological statistics. Yikes! But it's my only class on Wednesday, so that is a good thing as well.
Anyway, I'm off to have a shower and eat some breakfast-I need to get my ass out to the airport soon.