Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time Has Flown

Can you believe it? My first term of massage therapy college is nearly over! I wrote two oral practical exams this week and next week I have four more. And then-as long as everything goes as planned-I will be finished my first term! In some ways this term has absolutely flown, in others it has taken it’s sweet ass time. I do love the program and definitely think I have picked the right career option for me. Now, all I have to do, is make sure that I pass all of my finals next week. The only one I am worried about is Regional Anatomy. The information isn’t necessarily hard, it’s just a lot of information at once. For example, did you know that the foot has 26 bones and the hand has 27? I have to have all of these memorised and that is not including the other bones in our body nor the ligaments, muscles and joints that also exist. Plus, we have to know where every muscle originates and where it inserts on the body and their actions and what they’re acting on. Confused yet? I am and I’ve been taking it for four months. Needless to say, it’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding work and I am looking forward to starting my work in the public clinic, that the school runs, next term.
Glacier is also doing very well. He is so patient at school. He just curls up on his fuzzy blanket and passes out for the day. Jetta would never have liked this lifestyle. She always wanted, and still wants, to just go like crazy. Glacier is much more laid back with a touch of puppy playfulness and mischief too of course. He loves to work though, so when I get him out he is very excited. I am very impressed with his work on buses as well and we do a lot more freelance work than I ever did with Jetta. By that I mean, that I am more comfortable going out and looking for a place I’ve never been to before or working through a place I’ve only been to once. With Jetta I was a little more hesitant to do anything like that. His street crossings have improved as well and I’m really enjoying working with him. He does have to wear a gentle leader though. Ever since he went on an eating spree, he’s had to wear one because it gives me more head awareness. He’s also a big boy and my leash corrections were seeming to have no impact on him. So, the gentle leader just lets him know that I’m in charge. His obedience is excellent though and his recall is fantastic. I have no problem having him off leash. All and all, things are going very well and things are going even better because I’m about to have a week off and the spring weather has finally arrived…well, at least for this week anyway.
I must get going-I have four exams to study for and my classmates and I are going for a bike ride.