Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mr. G and His Great Move

So, it's official: Mr. G will be moving in to another home. I have spoken with the guide dog organisation and they have strongly suggested that I re-home him in order to give my new working relationship the best chance to succeed. It took me a while to accept this option. I had actually seriously contemplated going back to being a White Cane user, but I have worked with dogs for nearly ten years now and going back to a cane just makes me cringe. However, I was willing to do it so that Glacier could stay with us.
The only thing is that, since Glacier is so young, I'd be using a cane for at least another six or seven years. I'm not entirely sure I could do it for that long. With being completely blind and deaf in one ear a guide dog acts as an extra safety net for me when out traveling. So, with my safety in mind and Glacier's bet interest, I have decided to re-home him.
Fortunately, he will be moving in with a friend That means, we'll get to see him and also get regular updates. Glacier and Roscoe can also have play dates. I am going to miss him like crazy of course, but I think it's the best for everyone.
Glacier has always wanted to be an only dog I think and he'll be the centre of attention where he's going. My friend is able to take Glacier to work quite often and he works outside, so Glacier will get to romp freely. Also, my friend is excited to take Glacier to pubs, leash free runs in the surrounding woods and he has a fenced in backyard. It really is ideal.
I've also seen the two interact and they seem to be best buds already
In the mean time, Glacier is retired, but I am waiting for a new dog and going crazy. Glacier definitely doesn't want to work anymore and putting the harness on him is just dangerous and, to me, slightly cruel. He tries to sniff everything and everyone and doesn't seem to know how to walk in a straight line any longer. He'd much rather be
racing around  and being a goof than guiding me. I still work him every morning on the cycling path outside our flat, but for the most part, he's become a pet. He's spending tonight and last night at Tenie's flat for another sleep over. He seems quite contented there; going for walks in the park and lying on the couch watching TV with the girls.
So, although it's been a very difficult decision, I'm actually very excited for Glacier to move in with our friend. I know he'll have a lot of adventures in front of him and ones that he will be able to enjoy.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

When Nettles Attack

It hasn't even been a week since we've moved into our new flat, but I have taken full advantage of the cycling path that is right across the street. All three dogs quite enjoy walking along it and I find it a relaxing way to exercise Hermione without having to worry about pausing at curbs or cars running us over. Not to mention, my part time guide runner and I have gone out on three runs, starting on that particular branch of the path. It's so nice to run outside sometimes as opposed to doing all of my workouts on the treadmill at the gym.
 I do have to be aware of cyclists though of course, but most will ring their bells upon approaching us and I can move out of the way. There are always other walkers, runners and dogs, both on and off leash. These distractions aren't nearly as bad as vehicular traffic though and I quite enjoy the mornings, walking down the path.
  Apparently, though, cyclists are not the only danger that I may face when out for a walk, which I learned the hard way. Who would have thought plants could pose a threat on your morning stroll?
Yesterday morning I took Hermione and Roscoe out to do their business after eating their breakfasts. Glacier had gone to Tenie and Carmen's flat for a sleep over, a way to try to help him transition from his working role to pet role. So, I brought Roscoe down to the path with me. I did put his harness on him just as a visual cue to others that I am blind, but just walked myself as it's a straight line and usually quite easy to navigate.
Both dogs were really well behaved for the   most part and quickly relieved themselves. It was a nice sunny morning, which are rare here, and so I let Hermione sniff around a bit, just enjoying the peace and quiet. Just as I was getting ready to head back up the path and home, two little barking dogs started heading towards us. Roscoe became very excited and a bit anxious as he has been attacked before and barking dogs now make him a bit vocal.
I had him sit, knowing his history and that he had a tendency to bolt towards the dogs because he wanted to play. He sat, but suddenly bolted and nearly snatched the leash out of my hand. Hermione was a bit frantic since Roscoe was acting like a crazy dog and started hopping around on the end of her leash. I reeled her back in, not entirely sure where the other dogs were or if they were even on leash. Just at that instant, Roscoe bolted again, running Hermione over and sending her into a frenzy. She yelped and went tearing off into the bushes next to the path, probably seeking cover and safety. What neither of us knew was that she had hopped straight into a nettle infested area.. When she landed, she began yelping louder, probably because the nettles stung her, and I panicked thinking that the other dogs were free and were attacking her. all of this happened so quickly that I made the split second decision to let Roscoe go and plunged my arms in up to the shoulders to get Hermione out of whatever predicament she was in. I also thought if the dogs were free and in attack mode, Roscoe had a better chance of running away or defending himself if not attached to me. Plus, he had been yanking so hard on the leash that I was barely hanging on.
Don't poke the mama bear, I suppose.
With the adrenalin pumping through my veins I hardly noticed anything was amiss and I pulled Hermione out, who instantly stopped her racket. I then realised that she was not   under attack and that I was minus  Roscoe. Thankfully, the owners of the little yappy dogs had snagged him and were in the process of bringing him back. I am also thankful that they weren't angry and thought that Roscoe had just been excited, which he had been, but I was not impressed that he had managed to escape me.
By the time they returned Roscoe, I think the adrenalin had subsided slightly because it was then that my hands and wrists started burning. I don't mean, "ouch, that kind of hurts" burning. It was most like, "what the crap just happened. Were there fire ants in there?!" kind of burning.
 I quickly became concerned that I had thrust my hands and arms into something poisonous. Not only was I concerned for me, but for Hermione too.
When the two women and their now quiet dogs reached Hermione and I, I told them that i was stinging and asked what I had grabbed Hermione out of. They told me it was nettles and I was confused and relieved all at once.
I knew nettles couldn't kill me, but at that moment I felt like my hands needed to be chopped off. I got Roscoe back from the women, thanked them for their understanding and hurried home to wash my now throbbing digits.
Mr. K was up and about when I got back and swiftly checked Hermione over for any nettles that might still be on her. He found a couple and plucked them free then helped me strip my sweatshirt off, whereupon, I submerged my hands in cold water for a long while.
I have no idea if I did the right thing. I've never encountered nettles before and let me tell you, I never want to encounter them again. My hands continued to burn and tingle, as though they were asleep, for the rest of the day and only this morning did the uncomfortable tingling turn into itching.
For most of the day yesterday, anything touching my hands or wrists was painful; clothing, water, condensation from a   glass. Holding on to the dogs' leashes was uncomfortable. I am just glad I was wearing something with sleeves because if I hadn't my discomfort would not have been just on my hands and wrists. There are spots that still itch a bit, but I'll take the itching over the horrible tingling.
So, what did I learn from my little nettle  experience?
Don't touch nettles.
Other than that, I'm not sure I would have done anything different if something like that were to happen again. Mr. K said next time to pull Hermione out of the bushes by her leash, but I'm sure if I have to fetch her from the forest again, I'll probably do it the same way I did it last time. No point in inuring her even further.
As for walking on the path with Roscoe: I'll probably make him wear his halty so he can't go galloping off after whatever dog he chooses. That is if I decide to bring him again.
I think Hermione learned her lesson well. This morning when we went on our after breakfast walk, she stayed clear of any bushes that contained nettles. No scavenging in the under brush for her.
She trotted along beside me, happy to stick to the paved path.
So, take it from me, don't go sticking your hands into a nettle bush because they attack back.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jail Break

We have officially been living in our new flat for three days and I totally love it. There is so much more space and the quiet of the neighbor hood is so refreshing. I've already made good use of the cycling path right across the street; walking both Hermione and Glacier while using Mr. K's white cane. It would seem though, that I'm not the only one who loves our new flat. Of course the dogs like it, but what about Hamish the Lionhead rabbit?
Hamish has been set up comfortably in the living room right in front of a big window. He seems to enjoy the fresh air that comes in when we open that window and has actually been quite active the few times we've let him out of his cage; hopping about the living room and using the TV stand as a hiding spot from sneaky foxes. Not that we have any foxes. Our three dogs hardly notice him. Hermione is the most interested and I think it's because she wants him to play with her. Hamish, needless to say, is not interested, but she continues to engage him. Glacier and Roscoe don't even move when Hamish goes hopping by, passing inches from their noses or paws. They really are great dogs.
Last night we let Hamish out for some exercise and close to bed time, Mr. K returned him to his cage. We left Glacier and Roscoe to sleep in the living room because we don't have beds for them yet, and since they have become spoiled, they require soft, squishy surfaces to get their beauty sleep. So, they snooze on the couch. Hermione was wrangled in and ushered off to our room and we all fell fast asleep.
Around 9 this morning-Hermione let me sleep in today-Hermione started rolling about and whacking Mr. K and I with her paws, her sign that it's time to get up and take her out. I scooped her up, got dressed, released the big boys from the living room and took everyone out for their morning relief time. When I got back in, all three dogs relieved, I unlatched Hermione's leash and she went tearing off to the living room. I thought nothing of it as I figured she was bee lining for her bowl since it most certainly was  past breakfast time. But when I entered the living room, she was nowhere near her bowl. She was skittering around under the bunny's cage instead and I thought I heard Hamish hopping, but shrugged it off as him hopping in the cage. That was all cleared up though when Mr. K came sauntering in seconds later and asked me why the bunny was out.
The bunny was out?
How the crap did the bunny get out?
All we can figure is that when Hamish was put back in last night, the latches on his cage weren't clipped into place and he pushed the side of the cage up and hopped down. We were both shocked that he had jumped out because it's at least a 3 foot drop, but he obviously made it because there he was hopping about happily, acting as though he owned the living room.
We have no idea how long he was out for, but Mr. K and I were both so grateful that our big boys aren't bothered by the bunny because that could have ended very badly. Not to mention, it's a good thing the living room door was closed because he could have ended up anywhere in the flat.
It took a little coaxing on Mr. K's part-more like bribing with bunny kibble and some fresh greens-to get Hamish back into his cage this morning, but eventually he was safely locked back in. This evening after his little romp, Mr. K was sure to check the clips were in place and secured. It always amazes me  that just when you think you're settling into a routine or getting too comfortable, something happens to shake things up a bit. I am very sure the universe has a sense of humor. As I have said a million times before, and probably will say a million times again, there is never a dull moment in this household.
So, lesson of the day: make sure your bunny's cage is properly latched because otherwise he may ninja escape.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feels Quite Right

Have you ever noticed when something is right you just seem to know? I've been experiencing that a lot lately, including with my difficult decision to retire Glacier. We're still working and will continue to until a suitable replacement guide is found. I have had my moments, but I am growing more comfortable with my decision every day.
But, even though Glacier's retirement has been weighing heavily on my mind, another small life change is going on and it is most certainly "quite right."
Sunday we were given the keys to our new flat. We had a walk through, just exploring everything more thoroughly and I couldn't have been happier. We sat in the living room for about twenty minutes just chatting and it felt so comfortable. I was very happy that it was much quieter with regards to traffic and we could hear song birds instead of Sea Gulls. One of our neighbours downstairs also seem friendly and the building itself seems quite quiet.
There are so many little quirks about the place that we didn't notice when we walked through at our viewing that I love. For example, the bathroom door has a pane of textured glass in it that definitely gives it character. The taps on the sink and bath tub are the old ones that have a separate for the hot and cold, but the toilet has definitely been replaced and is quite new; much nicer than the one here.
The main bedroom has textured walls, which is tastefully done with small leafs and vines. There is a shelving unit that runs beneath the main window and we are going to turn that into my work station for school. It will be nice when the sun shines through those windows and I'll also be able to open up the window for some fresh air while I'm working.
As far as we can tell, the communal garden is fenced in and there is a park about a five minute walk away. The cycling path right outside our flat door leads to so many places, including the park, that we could probably walk all the way back to the old flat without having to walk on the noisy city streets if we didn't want to.
I'm really impressed with our new living space and can't wait until we are completely moved in. We are still staying in the old place because our big furniture, such as our bed and dryer, can't be moved until Friday. We also don't have internet or phone at the new flat yet. Actually, our internet was supposed to be disconnected from this flat last Friday, but it seems to still be working.
Later today I'm going to head over and unpack some things in order to have empty suitcases to refill. The cafe on the corner serves the best breakfast at the most reasonable prices we've had/seen since moving here and I may stop in for a scone. Apparently, according to a review I read about the place, they also have the best scones in Scotland. While there on Sunday, we also discovered that it's dog friendly, which made me happy because that means that Hermione can come along if I take myself for a coffee.
There is another pub not far down the road that sits on a pier out into the water that is also dog friendly. It's actually a really cool place because if you sit on the patio, you can hear the waves hitting the breaker wall and we all know how I feel about water. ;)
Despite it taking me a bit longer to get excited because my mind was elsewhere, I am super excited now and in love with a piece of real estate. The internet is supposed to be turned on in the new flat on Thursday and once that happens, I promise to be better about posting more regularly.
Happy Monday :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where We're At

The last couple of days have been slightly difficult; a bit of an emotional roller coaster really. One minute I'm good with the decision I've made and another I want to take it back, but I know it's for the best. He's the same old inconsistent Glacier and so, I know it is what we both need. He's such a cuddle bug, all curled up next to me right now and I am going to miss him terribly. We've thrown around a few options for where he will go, including keeping him, but staying with us has definitely been crossed off the list.
I had originally thought that if I got a group of guide runners together, that he could be my running buddy. He could stay home with Hermione when we went out and she wouldn't feel left out and alone.  I had also thought that I'd get him back into Rally Obedience and enroll him as a therapy dog. All great ideas except that with me going back to school, Mr. K in school, getting a new working dog, I don't think Glacier would get the attention he needs and deserves. He really needs to go to a home where he is the centre of attention and he can be doted on. That's all he really wants, I think. So, unfortunately, staying with us has been scratched off the list. I say that, but there will be times between now and getting the new dog where I will try to work it out in my head how we can keep him even though I know that is not a realistic or responsible choice.
I've had a few friends offer to take him and it's something I'm seriously considering. If he went to live with this friend, he'd be close and we'd get to see him. Plus, get very regular updates. He'd also be able to have play dates with Roscoe, which I think both boys would really like. In the last week or so, Roscoe and Hermione have really started bonding and that makes me think that Roscoe will be a bit better off with Glacier leaving than he would have been. However, it'd be great if the two boys could still see  one another and play.
The guide Dog  rep that came to visit said that he would help us find a home for him and that perhaps Glacier could be a companion dog for a child with a intellectual disability. I think he'd be great at being a companion dog and would love it. So, if my friend doesn't work out, I would be okay with this option. Apparently you can request that you stay in contact with the new  owners and that he stays in the area where you are living. I think I will do this because I am just not okay with completely letting him go without me knowing where he is and how he's doing. Obviously, I won't interfere with his bonding to his new family or let our relationship interfere with my new dog,  but knowing how much I still miss Jetta tells me that letting him go without any contact would drive me insane.
So, really, am I okay? For the most part. I have my moments where I need to cry or run 4 kilometres on the treadmill to get my frustrations out, but every time we work somewhere, I know I'm making the right decision. It is so obvious he'd rather be off exploring and adventuring instead of getting me from point A to point B and I'm glad that I just finally know that now. He's a great dog and I am going to miss his little quirks so much, but again, making the right decision for everyone usually isn't the easiest or the most ideal. I am just going to take it a day at a time and enjoy the time that we have left to work together.
Thank you to everyone for their encouraging comments. You guys have made this so much easier, knowing that I have support all around the world. It's kind of incredible don't you think?

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Tough Decisions

I wasn't really sure I was ready to write about this. I thought that maybe I'd leave it over the weekend, but sharing seems to make it more real and also seems to help me grieve in a sort of way.
I have decided to retire Glacier.
There, I said it.
After years of struggling, going back for retraining, adjusting my handling practices and my in home behaviors, I have come to the conclusion that Glacier would rather be a pet. This decision was made so much harder because when he felt like working, he was spot on and excited about his work, but when he didn't feel like working, he was not good. The inconsistencies confused me for so long that I just kept working him.
I would look at walks that we had where he did great and try to replicate that in other walks, but no matter what I did, he always surprised me. I usually didn't know which Glacier I was getting until half way through our adventure out. He's always been firing on about 60 percent, and after retraining or if we were going somewhere new and exciting, he'd run on about 80 percent, but it never lasted. We've always had problems, right from day one, but I loved him so much that I wanted to give him every opportunity, but after he walked out into three intersections last week, I had enough. His laid back attitude about things was putting both of us in danger.
There is so much I want to say about him, but don't really know how or what to say. The guide dog rep summed it up yesterday when he said that somewhere deep in Glacier's psyche, he just wants to be a goofy guy with no responsibilities. Lately, the happiest I've seen him is when he's out just being a dog, rolling in the grass or running on the beach, or even just heeling by my side like a pet; with no responsibilities. He doesn't "smile" when we get ready to go out, I think it is a drudgery for him.
I feel horrible; like I failed him somehow. I couldn't be what he needed to be a successful guide dog. The guide dog rep made me feel a bit better by saying to Mr. K that I'm such a good handler that I make Glacier look better than he is, but I still feel as though I failed him.
What i really want, is to keep him and give him the retirement he wants and deserves. I want him to be a dog and I want to be the one who gives him that, but I don't think we can keep him. I really, really want to and after retiring Jetta, I had sworn that I wouldn't give up another retired dog, but I'm not sure we are equipped to keep him right now. However, I have some time yet as I will work him until the Guide Dog Association finds me a match and so who knows what will happen in that time. I've had a few friends say they would like him and if that means he gets to stay close and still play with Roscoe on occasion, then maybe we'll do that.
Whatever happens in the next few months, I am trying to grieve for our working relationship now, so that when my new partner comes along, I'll be ready to give that relationship all it deserves. For now, I will keep on as I am and hope that we can find some way for Glacier to stay with us or at least close by. I have learned so much from him and hope that I have given back to him half of what he has given to me. I don't think he should have ever been placed as a guide dog, perhaps a wheelchair assistance or Autism assistance, but definitely not a guide dog; there is just way too much responsibility involved in being someone else's eyes for him. He's such a beautiful dog, inside and out-I know, how cliche-that it is going to be so hard to let him go.
Anyway, it seems as though I am just stringing together disjointed thoughts, so I will leave it at that for now.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Ten Years and Counting

They say that dogs come into our lives for a reason. I don't know who "they" are, but "they" are right. That statement couldn't be more true on this date ten years ago. It's just amazing to me how quickly those years have passed. Another phrase that contains a strong thread of truth is: "where has the time gone?", or "time flies when you're having fun." Time certainly has flown.
Ten years ago today I was matched with my first guide dog, Jetta. Jetta entered my life the way she attacked her job and every challenge put in front of her: paws flying, tail wagging and skittering past me as if her butt was on fire. She was my little ball of black fury and at the age of 11 and a half, she hasn't changed much. Sure, she's faster to climb back on the couch these days, but take her out to a river to run and she takes off like a shot.
Jetta has been happily retired since 2008. Her working career was only six years, but they were adventure filled years and I can't blame her for wanting a change of scenery. She traveled everywhere with me and for every hour I put in on the pool deck, she did too. Sometimes at early morning practices, when it was just me and my coach, Jetta was allowed to roam free. She would race up and down the deck, keeping just ahead of me so that she could lick my face when I stopped at the end to take a breather. There were some competitions that lasted ten days and there was one meet in Denmark where we spent 17 hours straight on the pool side. Jetta took it all in stride and did her best to be patient.
I think she was a  real asset to the team and even the staff took joy in having her around. Our massage therapist was a huge dog fan and would always keep Jetta when I was racing or just needed to take a nap and Jetta had energy to burn, which happened more often than not.
 Attending practices and swim competitions were not her only adventures. She went whale watching, riding in a peddle boat, camping, toured the Grand Canyon, climbed ancient Greek ruins and so much more. And although all of that is impressive for a dog, I think the most impressive part about her was that she did all of that while guiding me and making sure I was safe. She even kept me from getting backed over by a semi-truck on my university campus. She worked even harder than she played, and let me tell you, the girl knew how to let her "fur" down.
While on duty she was a rock, confident and stubborn. Off duty though, she was a little trouble maker who had a taste for freedom once the leash was unsnapped. She always took off running and no amount of calling would bring her back until she was ready. She gave me a few panic attacks doing that, but she always came back...eventually. She always found things to get into as well. Once, she knocked an entire tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on to the floor and we found her and our two cats eating them together. She even climbed up on to Tenie's dresser from her bed side table to try to get a hold of a chocolate bar. She ate Carmen's lipstick and left a pink stain on Carmen's white blanket. Jetta was  magical in that she could find mischief where there shouldn't have been any.
When she worked, though, she did so with a confidence and satisfaction that made me smile. Her street crossings were always spot on, but if she wasn't feeling like going to the pool that day, I had to argue with her to turn where she should. She was really good at trotting right past a doorway if she wasn't done going for a walk. I learned her little quirks though and we worked well. We had a few rough months in the beginning, but we smoothed those out and she really was a great little worker.
When we were matched, I asked her trainer why he had given her to me and he replied,
"because she's stubborn and always hungry...just like you."
And, he was right. If I hadn't been more stubborn than her, we never would have made it. Plus, I shared her love for food. When we first got on to the university campus, I don't think we made it to class on time, or at all some days, for the first two months. If I said "Jetta, left," Jetta went right or straight or turned around. She had a mind of her own, and still does, and no amount of coaxing on my part was going to change it.
That said, she was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I even got a tattoo of her paw print to commemorate our working relationship. She made so many things possible, including allowing me to attend a conference completely sighted guide free. Things just wouldn't have been the same without her little hip wiggle and wagging tail.  I am so grateful for the time that we did work together and glad she has a home that is loving where she can be a chubby retired girl.
Happy anniversary, Jetta. You will always be my special girl.

Monday, July 02, 2012

A Fond Farewell

Of course things are changing around here again. Nothing ever stays the same, which is probably why it's a good thing I keep a blog. If I didn't, I'd probably lose track of my own life. ;)
Seriously though, our family has changed a bit and we're also moving...again. But, let me start with our family changes.
First of all, we lost two of our Sugies. Both Fiona and Plato have gone to the rainbow bridge, both quite suddenly and quite unexpected. We're not sure what happened at all, but we've decided that perhaps Sugar Gliders do not do well in our household. So, with that in mind, Mr. K contacted Gus and Fiona's breeder to see if Yoda could be of any use for her as a neutered male. She is a fantastic breeder and I would tell anyone looking for a Sugar Glider in the UK to purchase their Sugies from her.
She responded saying that Yoda would be great in assisting one of the mating pairs with raising the joeys. Sugar Gliders live in colonies in the wild with numbers anywhere near 16 Sugies and so it is not unusual for them to help each other out. Because Yoda is neutered, he won't fight the other male for his wife and all will be well. We thought that was a great idea and were so happy and thankful that Yoda would be going to live with an expert and that he would have a very happy life playing nanny.
So, we packed him up with his cage, toys and other accessories and he moved out on Saturday. It was sort of bitter sweet. We were sad to see him go, but we know he's in a much better place. The breeder will be able to use the cage for more Sugar Gliders and we are glad that it will get some good use. He apparently has settled in well, with Candy and Tom accepting him, and his name has been changed to Dale. We wish Candy, Tom and Dale all the best.
 So, our family has shrunk by three members in a course of a few months. We think Fiona may have gotten sick, but Plato just sort of died randomly. We don't know if he choked on his food or had a heart attack, but whatever happened, everyone is much happier where they are now.
Despite our family getting smaller by three, we had another member join our fuzzy ranks. Enter Hamish the Lion Head Rabbit. That's right, we have a bunny. He is about 12 weeks old and the fluffiest little dude ever.
We heard that he needed to be re-homed due to a family's allergy and we offered to take him on. Mr. K had bunnies growing up and he always wanted another rabbit. So, Hamish came to live with us. He seems to be warming up to us and isn't afraid of the dogs at all. Hermione wants him to play with her; Glacier wants to mother him; and Roscoe could care less. So, I think Hamish is fitting in just fine. We've talked about getting Hamish a friend because bunnies like having bunny company, but we'll see how much room we have when we move.
That brings me to my next point; our move.
Just over a month ago our flat started falling apart. Actually, it's been slowly falling apart since about February, but we decided that it wasn't anything major and that we'd be fine until I was done with my university program, but things got worse. One of the window frames broke off in my hands when I was trying to close it because it had dry rot and it hasn't been fixed properly. There is a piece of wood nailed over the hole. The other windows also have dry rot, so it is possible they will crumble into little bits at any time as well. Our heat stopped working and our gas makes horrible squealing noises if it is left on too long to heat the water. Don't even get me started on the water not staying heated properly. The list could go on and on. So, Mr. K started looking for two bedroom flats, thinking that if we were going to move that we'd get a bigger place.
I took up the search as well and fell in love with a two bedroom flat that is only a ten minute walk from where we live now. We viewed it  and I was convinced. We put a deposit on it as soon as we walked out of the door from the viewing and finally signed the lease last week. We get the keys on the 15th of July and I am so excited. Not only do we have more room, but we also have a communal garden at the back, a cycling/walking path right across the street and a little cafe just on the corner of our street. We also have moved closer to the sea and that always makes me happy. The icing on the cake was that it was only 25 quid more than the place we are in now, which means we get all of those great things without breaking the bank. It's also on a quiet residential street, which will be nice as well.
Mr. K and I have both agreed that we are not moving any time soon after we move into that flat. We had originally moved in here thinking that one day we'd move out to find a bigger place, but we are both sick of hopping from home to home. It's time to put down some roots.
As you can see, there have been and are going to be a few changes in our lives, but you know me, I probably wouldn't have it any other way. Well, except for the moving so often part. :)