Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm Back

All right so it's almost been a month since I wrote last. I don't know what has been up with me this past year, but I just havent' felt like writing. Maybe I feel like everything in my life is kind of mundane and the same lately, so I figure I'll save everyone else from the boringness that consumes it. Hmmm, well that sounded slightly mellow-dramatic didn't it?
Well, to catch whoever still peaks at this blog in hopes of something to appear up...
School: I am finally almost done my degree. Starting in September, I'll be working on my last year. I took social statistics this past semester and it was a total disaster, but it's finished and I will never have to take that stupid class again. Right now I'm taking a Sociology of Health and Illness course and it's very interesting. I like the professor because she lets us use our personal experience as long as we back our ramblings up with scholarly analytical thinking...I can so do that!
Jetta: Jetta is wonderful and still cute! Recently she was sent to the groomer's because she rolled in a dirt pile and turned into a chocolate lab. Brown dirt was falling out of her a week later and I decided it was time to get cleaned. She's gained a few pounds and the vet says I have to try to get them off of her-four pounds to be exact. I've cut her food down a bit and I'm trying to exercise her more. Hopefully I can get the weight off. I do have to remind myself that she is six and a half and a lab. Labs are famous for their middle age weight gain, so I'll just have to watch it. Other than that, she is happy and loves me. She is actually showing more affection towards me and her working is still really good. Wait, scratch that...her work is really good when we're not going to the pool for the second time in a day. :) She hates it, but I can't blame her. She's stuck sitting on the deck for 2 hours while I flounder around. It's hot and it stinks like chlorene...who would want to go there willingly? Oh, wait, I go there willingly. lol
Swimming is busy. I am swimming between 3 and 3.5 kilometres a practice. I have started doing dry land workouts before practices just to strengthen my core. Plus I am swimming doubles some days. I am also going to buy a hoolahoop because I think it will be a fun way to strengthen my core muscles even more. I am going to an invitational meet in July-Canaa invited the States-and hopefully everything goes well there. The end goal is to swim well in Brazil in August. I made the Para Pan-Am Games' team in March and they are going to be held in Rio Brazil from August 6th to the 20th.
House life: Carmen and Christena have both moved out for the summer. Carmen is leaving for Jordan in a few days for the third time. Christena has come home to find a summer job and help her mom. Her evil step dad is finally moving out seems like it's all a dream and we're going to wake up and he'll be back. Actually, that would be classified as a nightmare. lol He has his own apartment now and the rest of his furniture is being moved out tomorrow. *happy dance* Ahem, sorry...I digress. Dyan-that is how you spell her name-a girl in archaeology is subletting from Tenie and although I was really worried about it in the beginning, it's a great living arrangement. She works a lot and I swim a lot and we only see each other at breakfast and for our bedtime snack. We also see each other all day on Sunday, but we get along and have started doing things together-like going for hikes and fun things like that.
Kittens' update: They're fine. Sisu and Loki turned 2 on June 1st. I am planning on buying them new collars for their birthday present. I know I'm late, but I've been home since May 31st. Loki is now bigger than his sister, but they are both really small cats. Sisu is very cuddley and Loki is more so when it's just me at home. I guess he's a one person kind of cat. They have an eventful year of killing the mice that sneak into our house, playing in their new blue, yellow and red crinkle tunnel; rolling in catnip provided by one of their humans; stalking squirrels that are bigger than them in the window of our kitchen; yowling ferociously at other kitties who dare to step foot on the deck outside their kitchen windows; and many other kitty things. :)
Home home: My Dad is still working with a student after school. Actually he is there this weekend. My mom has been down to visit me in Waterloo once already and she is driving me back this Monday and staying for a week. We've booked a cottage to stay in for my cousin's wedding at the end of September and Tenie's coming too. My grandparents are doing well and my Dad's mom is as rediculous as always. She called last Sunday and said she was not coming to her great grandson's birthday because she thought had broke her wrist. lmao! I mean, oh poor grandma, let us dote on you and make your *fake* broken wrist feel better. I love my family...really, I do. Another cousin got married in May. So now that means that two of my cousins are married and the third is in the works.
Stuff I may have missed: I cut my hair-about six or seven inches. I really like it and everyone says that it makes me look smarter and more mature. I figured I'm going to be 24 this year, maybe I should chop the long hair off that I have had since I was like 9 and get a new hairstyle. I'm standing up in one of my very good friend's weddings in July. I am picking up my hemmed dress on Tuesday and I am very excited. Jetta gets to wear flowers on her harness for the wedding. :) Tenie's coming and Chris is playing the piano for the ceremony-he is tickled pink. I'm getting fitted for new eyes this week-I don't know what colour, but I guess I'll know in a few days. Ashley has officially been accepted to McGill and her transfer is final. She has a new place in Montreal starting July 1st. I am going to miss her. It's going to be weird without her. Jeevan has a new job in Toronto and so does Chrispy and Cathy. Everyone is graduating and going away. It's kind of weird. But, I guess that will be us next year. I've decided to skip Vancouver for now and take the massage therapy program in London. They also have an Equine program and that is what ultimately made up my mind. I'll take human massage first and then equine after that. So, I think that is it...well, of course condensed. :) I know I've said this before, but maybe I'll feel more inclined to update more often. Then, instead of pouring out a bunch of information, I'll be able to ramble about what is actually swimming around in my brain-actually, this morning when I woke up it was mostly the stuff I just wrote. I think there has been a lot of change and things will continue changing, but I am pretty excited about it-especially the massage therapy stuff. :)