Thursday, February 19, 2015

Treadmill Trotters

Getting out and walking the dogs this winter has been a challenge. I know they are going as stir crazy as I am and so I thought I needed to find a way to relieve some of that energy. I had heard of people teaching their dogs to walk on the treadmill; so after a few articles, training videos and a few adjustments, I am happy to say that I have three out of four of my dogs walking on the treadmill.
Otis is the only one I haven't trained for a few reasons. First, he is just way to terrified of the treadmill. I could probably work through that with him because Hermione was pretty unsure of it as well. However, I also don't think he's aware he has back legs. I'm afraid that he would hurt himself if he did actually get on the treadmill and then he would be even more terrified of it. Franchise are known to have weak rear ends and I don't want to damage his hips or knees. Also, when he runs, he canters. Two front legs together and two back legs together. That really doesn't work for a treadmill. So, he can continue doing his own Zoomies chasing the cats and Hermione around and he'll be fine until the snow melts and the temperatures become a bit more tolerable.
Everyone else has taken quite well to the treadmill. They are each walking/trotting for about ten minutes each; even Hermione. It takes me about forty minutes to get through everyone each day, but it's definitely worth it. I know they are getting some much needed exercise and it gives me some bonding time with each of them.

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