Friday, July 09, 2010

What Got into Them?!

Glacier and I have been on the move again. We packed up our bags on June 27 and headed to visit my fiance's parents for a month. (I am going to refer to my fiance asMr. K from now on because writing my "fiance" every time is a bit too long). I also thought it would be time well spent since Mr. K is moving ot South Carolina at the end of the month and we won't see each other very much in the next year. So, Kyo stayed at my parents' house and Glacier and I are staying in Michigan until the end of July.
That means there is plenty of opportunity for Glacier and Roscoe to have some fun.
This afternoon, while I was trying to do my sit-ups on the hall floor, the two crazy labradors engaged in a crazy, frenzied battle in the living room. There was plenty of snorting, growling and racing about; so much so, I could hardly finish my workout because I was laughing so hard. After completing my 65th crunch I ran down to the living room to see what all of the commotion was about. I found the two of them fighting to the death over a tiny Barbie doll pillow. It is maybe an inch and a half in width and diameter and fit perfectly into Glacier's gigantic mouth. When I reached the crazy battle scene, Roscoe was trying to fit his mouth into Glacier's in order to get the covetted prize. Of course, I corrected them and said a very firm "no," but I must admit, I was laughing so hard I nearly fell over. Usually these two dogs can lie side by side or curled up together and you would never know there were two dogs in the room-Kyo is the sh** disturber-but for some reason today, Glacier and Roscoe just couldn't help themselves. I think Mr. K and I may need to take a stroll over to the local baseball diamond and let these two go for a good run tonight. :)

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