Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Pearly Whites

Yesterday morning Mr. Kim and I harnessed our dogs up and headed off to the dentist's office. It's probably been almost ten years since I've had a trip to the dentist so this trip was definitely not joyful.
Both of the boys were excited to get out and work. Glacier was prancing in his harness as we made out way along the sidewalkless road toward downtown. When we arrived at the dentist, Glacier found the counter as instructed and I signed in. While I was filling out the paperwork, another client was standing behind us patting his leg. I didn't notice and Glacier didn't react-probably because I had him trappped between my legs and the counter-but Roscoe was getting increasingly more and more excited. Mr. K gave him a good collar correction that sort of accidentally flung Roscoe into the counter. I'm pretty sure the waiting clients were horrified, but people don't realise that the dogs being distracted like that is unsafe for us. I hate when people distract my dog, which then forces me to correct the dog. How is that fair?
Anyway, I headed into the treatment room and got Glacier settled. I was a bit woried about how Glacier would react, but he was fine. He was a bit curious while the hygenist counted my teeth. He got up once when she first startec cleaning them, but then settled into a pile of snoring puppy for the rest of the cleaning. He didn't even move when she busted out the polishing thingy. The cleaning probably took an hour and a half and I have the start of some kind of weird gum disease, but no cavities. The gum disease won't progress any further as long as I keep brushing as muc as I do, floss and make sure I go to my regular six month cleanings. When you're a student some things fall by the wayside, but no more. I will have sparkling, clean teeth!
After we were finished at the dentist, we walked over to the park and let the boys run. It was pretty warm out so they only ran for about twenty minutes and then we headed back home.
Despite the painful grinding experience of the dentist, it was a good day.
Off to get my cup of coffee and then to brush my new pearly whites.

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