Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog News

I phoned home last night to check on Kyo and the report was good. There hasn't been another biting scenario with Jetta, which means he's gone a week without biting her. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I am glad, but also apprehensive because I'm worried that there are other circumstances keeping him from biting her. For example, my mom can see him, so what if she can if he's going to bite and is able to stop him before it happens? That is good, but I'm not sure how that is going to work for Mr. K and I because neither of us can see. I also don't want to get my hopes up because it's important to stay aware of the fact that he may do it again for no reason. What if he decides that biting Jetta is not his idea of fun because she yelped, but he continues to bite Glacier because Glacier never says anything? I guess it's just a lot of "wait and see" for the next couple of months.
Mr. K and I had discussed implementing a time line that would dictate when we would re-visit the idea of re-homing Kyo, but Mr. K suggested that perhaps we should extend the time line. Originally, we had agreed that we would talk about Kyo was doing at the end of October, but Mr. K thought that maybe we should wait until after Christmas. I'm glad he came to this conclusion himself because I would have given Kyo longer than the end of October, but convincing Mr. K would have been difficult. Kyo has been through a lot of upheaval in the first couple of months of his life with us, so it would make more sense to see how he does under more stable conditions for a longer time period. Plus, he's been with my parents the whole month of July and they are definitely not as strict with dogs as I am and they aren't as consistent. Neither of my parents are doing formal obedience sessions with Kyo and I was, which think helped him improve at the rate that he did. So, as long as we can keep Glacier and Roscoe safe from the very hard play biting, then I am thinking Kyo has had his trial run lengthened. I really hope we can stay his Forever Home.
On a lighter note: my parents went to the beach yesterday after supper because it's incredibly hot, both in most of Ontario and Michigan. My Dad took Jetta on a leash out into the lake and played with her in the water while my mom took Kyo in with her. Normally, the dogs would play off leash, but it's a people beach and my parents didn't want the dogs bothering the other families that were there. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Kyo really can't swim. He tried once in Cambridge and nearly panicked himself into drowning when he realised that the bottom dropped out from under his paws. I don't think his first family bothered taking him for walks or car rides, never mind taking him to the beach. When Mr. K and I were visiting Sault Ste Marie in June, we went out ith Tenie and her little sister to their grandparents' camp and went swimming. It was absolutely freezing and it was threatening to rain, but nothing, except for lighting of course, was going to keep me out. Mr. Kim waited on the dock because he isn't much of a swimmer and Kyo was with him. Glacier and roscoe were i the cabin because there was no way Mr. K could hold on to 235 pounds of dog in such an exciting situation. Kyo was not happy I was in teh water and barked and howled so Mr. K let him go to see what he would do. Well, he waded in as deep as his chest and tried leaping over the water to me and he tried drinking the water out of his way. When none of that would work, he tried to grab me by the hand and drag me out. He was not swimming!
So, when my mom decided that she wanted to get a bit deeper than her knees, which would put Kyo almost up to his neck, he was not having it. He started making silly noises and grabbed the leash in his mouth and started running backwards pulling her with him. Just thinking about it makes me laugh because I know what he had been like when I was in the water. I wish I had seen it. :)
As for Roscoe and Glacier, they ave had a pretty quiet and boring week. I'm hoping tomorrow we can walk over to the ball diamond and let them run. It's just been so hot that running them might be bad. We did try to trim Glacier's claws this morning, which was interesting...two blind people trying to cut a 75 pound lab's claws. We got both back paws, but only three toes on one front paw. lol The boys really need a bath, so he can get the rest of them done when we send them to Pet Smart to the spa. :)
Anyway, snack time. :)

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