Thursday, March 29, 2007

Killer Corn

Okay so perhaps calling corn killer is a bit dramatic, but do I have your attention now? (Not to mention it was a great alliteration).
Just this afternoon, I received an email from Green Peace contesting the quality of our corn. I thought I'd paste the email here for all of you to read. (The following email was not a product of my mind...essentially, someone else wrote it and it belongs to Green Peace).
Dear members.
Dear citizens who want to know what you eat.

Corn deliveryOnce again, Greenpeace has acted to protect the environment. This morning, Greenpeace activists dumped five tons of Quebec grown corn in front
of the Quebec Liberal Party headquarters in Montreal.

We reminded Premier Jean Charest of his broken promises of mandatory labelling of GMOs, of the relatively low costs of such a measure and of the strong
wishes of a majority of Quebecers to see that the genetic ally engineered products are labelled.

It’s a great day to remind him of his promises. Now, he has a minority government that makes it easier for a majority of Quebecers to make their voice heard.
It’s time for M. Charest to listen to Quebecers—and prepared to finally act on the majority’s demand that he respect our right to know what we eat.

Mr Charest, our message is clear. Respect your promises. Listen to what Quebecers are telling you. They want to know what is on their plates. Stop listening
only to agribusiness and industry. They are deceiving you as to the real costs of labelling.

Mr Charest, give us mandatory labelling of GMOs. Give us a real food and agriculture policy, one that accounts for the fundamental right to know what is
in the food we eat. There is no time to lose.

Ignoring this right constitutes a potential danger to public health. Just this month, a scientific study proved the risks of a Monsanto GE corn.

Mr Charest, if you hold to your principles, take heed of the precautionary principle and label GMOs.

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