Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Joys of Using the Internet with Jaws

So, here I am to bitch...I am currently trying to research project on the influluence of Western society's polution on Africa and everything I need to read is in PDF. Jaws is not configured to read PDF's. I'm going insane. If that isn't annoying enough, most of the sites I want to get into require a membership that costs money. Since when did knowledge become a bloody commodity? I really dont'know what to do...I am at a loss. Oh and sorry for the messy entry-that would be my screen reader AKA Jaws, not doing its job...which would be reading the screen and telling me what I have typed. Aahhhh!
Okay now that is out, I shall return to trying to research and perhaps one day when I am feeling a little more eloquent-instead of writing grunts and screams-I shall rant about the commodification of knowledge.

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