Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two romps in the park, 2 exams and way too much good cooking by my parents later...

Easter weekend was very good. My parents got here Friday night and basically fed me for the next three days. :) This is very good in my books, since all I pretty much do is eat. Jetta was bugging me Friday morning when I was studying and I had no idea why. She was dancing around and laying her chin on my leg and staring at me. I had taken her out a million times and could not think of what she wanted. Christena had just woke up and said to me, "Maybe she wants to go for a walk." Well, that was it. The dog's entire body began to wag and she raised her eyebrows at me as if to say, "come on! She's on the ball, how come you aren't?" So, I threw on some clothes-since I was still in my PJ's for study purposes-and Jetta and I headed out. I let her pick the route we walked and, surprise surprise, she took me to the park. I called Tenie on my cell and told her to come for a picnic. Jetta and i played while we waited for Christena and Carmen to arrive. It was pretty refreshing to just sit there and listen to the birds singing and people laughing as they walked by. (My ass did get soaked since it had rained the day before,but it didn't really bother me. I was enjoying myself too much). Jetta sprawled in the grass with a stick and chewed while watching everything around her. The girls arrived and we had a fantastic lunch and then wandered around the park. We headed to their little zoo thingy and saw some very strange animals, such as peahens (very cranky) and miniature goats. I also met my very first Newfoundland dog. He was massive and beautiful! I never realized how big those dogs can get!
Saturday, Christena my mom and, oh and Jetta of course, headed to one of our main drags and checked out the little stores along the way. We found a little place that makes Italian ice cream and we just had to stop. (I must admit we have been back since). We ate outside and got to meet these very fluffy easter bunnies handing out chocolate eggs. One bunny handed me eggs and somehow one managed to drop out of his/her giant furry hand-or sorry paw-and Jetta was on it before we had even known it had fallen. I grabbed her upper snout and my mom shoved her hand in to rescue the very slobbery, but uninjured chocolate egg. The bunnies felt bad, but we just laughed. Oh Jetta.
Sunday, we just ate a lot and my parents and I went to see Ice Age 2: The melt Down. Very funny. I think it is a must see, as long as you have seen the first.
Yesterday I had a crazy practice that I finished and thought I couldn't. I felt so good afterward. It's a feeling that is hard to explain. Anyway, my parents and i went for breakfast before they left and then I headed home for a nap. When I woke up, Christena, Carmen, Jetta and I went for a walk back to that lovely ice cream place and then stopped in at the drug store for necessities, such as lip gloss, and wandered back home. (Oh, and a quick stop at the Stag Shop). After a mishmash dinner of leftovers, we all settled down to more studying, but couldn't seem to concentrate. The good weather was getting to all of us-including Jetta. So, we phoned up Ashley, made a stop at Timmy's (Tim Horton's) and marched our asses over to the park. We visited the animals again and then parked ourselves on the swings while the dogs ran around. Medley kept Jetta in check and she didn't dash off too far. We also showed Ashley how to spider someone on a swing. She had never seen it before, so Christena and i demonstrated first and then Ashley and I did it so she could see what it was like. Tenie helped stuff her onto the swing and get her legs into the right spot. I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off backwards. Speaking of falling off backwards...I managed to find myself on my tush in the sand. I was trying to demonstrate the way I used to lie back on a swing, my feet in the air wrapped around the chains, but my jacket was too slippery and instead of stopping where I should have, I just sort of kept sliding through. How embarrassing. :d Once our rears were sore from sitting the swings and we had begun to get chilled, we headed back to our house-Ashley too since it is her second home-andwe finished the night off with a very educational chat about blind people and vibrators...actually it was about sexuality, religion and disability and sexual experience. It was quite interesting. I may elaborate later, but then again maybe not. It was kind of private thoughts that should stay between the "bitches."
Anyway, I have two more exams to write and we're heading over to the cafeteria to get supper. (Something we don't do very often). And I think I have written enough of a novel for now.

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