Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Medley!

Today is Medley's birthday. He is turning five! We have invited a few of the other dogs that hang around us over for birthday cake that Tenie has so craftily constructed. It's made out of dog cookies, peanut butter and dog food. It's basically the same cake as Jetta's, only in the shape of a bone and it says "Med," on it instead of a heart with the number 5 that Jetta had. She wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings. :) Everyone is to arrive around 7 and the humans will partake in coffee cake Carmen bought and some hot chocolate, or alcoholic coffee. I'm not sure wo will show up, but we have invited:
Jetta *of course*
Medley *I'd hope so it's his birthday*
Foster *he's another guide dog who speaks french and is a Bermese mountain dog, not sure if I spelled that right*
Cotton *Chris's dog, he's french too and is Medley's half brother*
and Lelan *he's the new puppy I wrote about yesterday, but he can't come because his dad has a prior commitment...we'll just save him cake*
We also invited a little yellow lab, but she's currently in Ottawa with her mom visiting her mom's boyfriend. So, I guess she' can't come either. Oh and of course Sisu and Loki are invited, but I am pretty sure they'll make themselves scarce once all of the dogs start arriving. Anyway, I am off to buy new deck shoes for my meet tomorrow and do some laundry. *Oh and buy more goodies for the party tonight*.
PS: I think I may have changed the time and I even got the title thingy to's only been four months.


L^2 said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Medley!!! Willow and Stella wish they could be at the doggy party too. I'm sure they would LOVE some of that birthday cake. :-) Have fun tonight, and good luck at your meet tomorrow!

Just Jess for now said...

It would have been cool if they had been here. They would have been the only yellow dogs! And thanks, I'll try my best. :) hugs