Thursday, December 25, 2014

Naughty or Nice?

From this title this post could really be about a few of my creatures: Hermione mostly, but today it's about Kira. She is just as much of a character as any of the dogs. Let me tell you about what she's been up to and you can decide for yourself if Kira has been naughty or nice.
First, let's start with the decorating of our Christmas tree.
As I mentioned before, we were late in getting our tree up this year, but nevertheless, it went up. It's one of those pre-lit trees that already had one row of busted branches on the bottom from Rufio making himself at home there last year. Considering how playful and interactive Kira is, I had a sneaking suspicion that our tree may fall victim to her antics and so opted to leave the breakable ornaments off of the tree this year. It's a good thing I did because our tree has received a royal thrashing.
The night that we decorated all of the animals, including our little black bandet (Kira), were all milling about, trying to figure out what was going on. I think Otis was the first to steal one of the shatter proof Christmas balls off of a bottom branch and chase it around the living room, but that was the only thieving the dogs did. Kira, on the other paw, just couldn't stay away from or out of the tree. She was whacking ornaments off just as quickly as I put them on. I finally figured out that if I bent the branch a bit and pushed the ball further back, she had a harder time making off with the decorations. When she realized that her ground efforts had been thwarted, she kicked her assault up a notch.
She climbed into the tree. I mean, in to it.
There she was, half way up, tucked smack in the center attacking shiny lights and ornaments alike from the inside. And, that was just the beginning.
There hasn't been a morning that I haven't come down to let the dogs out and haven't found rogue Christmas ornaments scattered around the living room floor. She even made off with the star from the top of the tree which I found tucked in the back corner of the living room. How on earth did she get the star?
Aside from her Christmas tree murder, she also stole a credit card off of Mr. K's desk and has added it to the items that have disappeared. Maybe she's holding it for safe keeping? Or until we promise to buy her more toys?
If the Christmas tree wasn't enough, she hopped up on top of the hope chest where our TV is and was deciding whether or not those ornaments were worth her time. either the little village was boring or she realized I was paying attention because after I said
"Kira? What are you doing?"" She meowed at me and jumped down, leaving the village undisturbed.
We're not sure what was up with her last night, but at about 2 in the morning she started racing around the house, carrying the little bear in her mouth that she stole from me, meowing at the top of her lungs. How she managed to carry the bear and yell at the same time, we're not sure, but she did it. Mr. K was privy to her little performance because he happened to get up to use the bathroom and there she was, running and yelling.
Maybe she heard Santa Paws and she was telling him where to drop off the big present?
She is still none too happy with us when we go to bed at night. Putting the scratching post by the bedroom door has helped to keep her from tearing up the carpet too badly, but if it gets shifted at all, she will go back to scratching up the carpet. It's the only spot she digs at and only when we go to bed. She also likes to hook her paw under the door and pull as hard as she can to try to get in.
We let her in last night, seeing how it was Christmas Eve. She burrowed under the covers for a few minutes, purred her little head off and then started hopping about. So, I let her out. I thought she may have ben worn out since she and Otis chased each other around the house for like 45 minutes, but not so much.
She really is quite an animated and affectionate cat, who may have a bit of an identity crisis from living with so many dogs. She's also certainly been a naughty kitty, but she must have been more nice than naughty because Santa Paws dropped off a box for her that she gets to open when her grandparents come to visit this weekend.

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