Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Belated Christmas

This year Mr. K and I were to spend Christmas with his family. We haven't probably since the first Christmas we were married and so it was long over due. As per my earlier post, things didn't go quite as planned, but we still got to spend some Christmas time with his mom, one sister and her two girls. Since my parents are only about six hours North of us, they drove down to visit on Saturday.
They arrived around supper time and Mr. K had some chicken chilly made. One of our friends was also over visiting with her black Lab guide dog named Schacka who is one of the tiniest Labs I've ever seen. She's even smaller than Jetta. We have a great evening eating and chatting and then the next day Mom, Dad, Mr. K and I went to the newly built Cosco to get a membership and check it out. We then went to a local theatre to see the third Hobbit movie. I liked it, but it was a bit too visual. The fight scenes were a bit drawn out for me because after ten minutes of yelling, crashing and more yelling, it kind of gets boring. However, I'm glad we saw it. We finished the day off with a tasty steak supper.
The next day we went to one of mine and Mr. K's favorite breakfast spots. The restaurant used to be a Big Boy that the owner has converted into a very busy place. The food is excellent and you get a lot for your money. I always go home with leftovers. We did a bit more shopping, finding me an outfit for my placement that starts in January; no more jeans for me.
We then went back to our place and picked up Roscoe, Hermione and Otis and met our friend, her son and their two dogs for an off leash run which our dogs desperately needed. Just past their apartment complex there is a wooded area that people go to and let their dogs off leash. We saw a few other groups of people with their dogs, but everyone is really respectful and the dogs were all friendly.
The sun was shining and although it was just below freezing, it was really pleasant in the sun. We played fetch with the dogs at first-something that not all guide dog schools allow-then began walking the parameter of the field. Shaka was the fastest out of the dogs, she was like a little bullet Nala did her best to keep up and made sure that she was always the one to find the Kong that we had thrown. Mr. K didn't come because he was needing a nap so I hesitated to let Otis off leash. He does come back to the whistle, but he seems to just listen better to Mr. K. However, we moved away from the edge of the wooded area and he was able to run too. Hermione was right on the heels of the big dogs and running circles around me. Our friend's son has a little mixed breed of some sort named Bella who only weighs 5.2 pounds, so she stayed on an extend leash to ensure she didn't run off. She wasn't to be left out though. She raced back and forth on the leash, barking at all of the other dogs. Once she realized they weren't even remotely interested in eating her, she happily trotted along, every once in a while racing to the end of her leash and back.
We were out for probably an hour and it was so nice just to be outside in the fresh air. After our play date everyone headed home for supper-two Leggers and four alike.
My parents are leaving this morning and are just stopping in to say good-bye. It was really nice having them here and having a belated Christmas celebration.

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pattib said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! So glad you could enjoy it.