Monday, May 24, 2010

A Dog's Logic

I have had dogs for 20 out of the 26 years of my life and their logic still boggles my mind.
Yesterday, I was in the kitchen making my lunch and Kyo and Glacier were in the small den that is off of the kitchen chewing on their bones. As I bustled about, I noticed that one of the dogs was no longer chewing what they should be because the sound of the chewing changed. I dropped my lunch immediately, concerned that Kyo was chewing something he shouldn't have. He's only a year old and his last family did not set up any boundaries for him, so he does exhibit disstructive behavior sometimes. I rushed into the den only to find Kyo sprawled out with an empty water bottle between his paws, gnawing feverishly at the bottle's cap. This si not the first time Kyo has made a chew toy of a water bottle. In fact, I have a Christmas video of Jetta-my retired guide dog-and Flash-my parents' dog-chasing empty 2 litre pop bottles around my parents' living room. I returned to making my lunch completely baffled.
Here was Kyo chomping on a 50 cent water bottle while his 20 dollar Rhino cone and 18 dollar nyla bone lay beside him. It seems like dogs would make just about anything into a toy. You could take the dog outside and I can guarantee, within 30 seconds of being off leash, the dog will have found something to occupy him/herself. For example, the instant you take my fiance's black lab Roscoe outside, he starts mowing the lawn. If there is a stick or rock in the vicinity, you can be sure that Glacier will find it and make a game of teasing the other dogs with it. Maybe pet stores should start selling tree branches and hunks of lawn instead of fluffy squirrels with squeakers in them and over priced hunks of plastic that claim to be indistructible but are not. :) Either way, I will probably keep buying these expensive toys and my boys will continue to eat grass and chew on water bottles.


L^2 said...

Haha... my dogs have always done these things too. But I keep buying toys for them anyway.

Just Jess for now said...

lol I think they're more for our amusement than the dog's. :)