Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wasn't that a weekend?

The weekend has finally come to a close and although most people would not use the word "finally" when they are speaking of a weekend ending, I feel that it is very appropriate here.
My weekend started Thursday and not because I had four days off, but because I started racing at the short course provincials. Thursday's race went well and Friday I didn't make it in-as I have noted in another entry. Yesterday was probably the most fun day (I'll get to that later), and today went (pardon my pun), swimmingly. :)
Let me start with yesterday since it was probably the most eventful day. We arrived at the university's pool to do a quick warm up before hopping in the car and heading out to Etobicoke where the meet was being held. My race was the second event of the morning and I was finished by 9:30. We had found out earlier that morning that SWADs (swimmers witha disability), do not get finals at this meet for some stupid reason, so Tenie and I decided that we would go to see her aunt's art sowing in Toronto. Tenie had been invited a while back and was pretty disappointed when she discovered that the swim meet interferred with going to the show. The only problem was that I looked like I had just come from a swim meet. So, to remedy this, we hopped a bus and then the subway line to the Eaton's Centre. We grabbed a bite to eat since we were both starving and then started running from store to store in search of a more appropriate outfit. Within an hour we had found a fun, light dress and a chocolate brown blaser for me and we hit the subway station running. Many subways had been re-routed due to construction and we found ourselves in a sticky situation. But with some help from the TCT staff and a few good hearted citizens, we managed to get our asses out to the Distillery District. The bus driver that drove us from the subway station to the District even got out of his bus to point us down the right street and show Tenie a few land marks. He gave us directions for a better route back to Etobicoke and we were off to the races again. We arrived at the gallery with plenty of time to spare and managed to duck intoa bathroom to get changed and splash some water on frizzy hair. (We even beat the artists there). While we waited for her aunt and uncle to arrive, we browsed the art work and jewellery put on display by the different respective artists. Tenie's aunt was so excited because it was her first show in Toronto, which in the art world, apparently is a big deal.
When her aunt and uncle arrived they were both pleasantly surprised to see u.s. I had never met her aunt before, but we managed to have a great conversation about jewellery making. I told her that I was interested in learning how to make my own, and she told me that she was willing to teach me. All I have to do is bring the beads and the rest of the materials. (I think we're planning to go visit over Easter and maybe then I'll have my first jewellery making lesson. Ever since Carmen and I made our own necklace and earrings, I have been thinking that it would be a good creative outlet for me). We only stayed an hour because it would take us two hours to get back to Etobicoke. So, we said our good-byes and hopped back on the bus. We were supposed to be back in Etobicoke by 7 and we made it with twenty minutes to spare. The entire process (the lunch, the shopping and the jumping from one form of transportation to another), had taken a total of eight hours. (Oh and the gallery viewing is included in that time as well). By the time we got back the last swimmer from ROW was in the water and we were able to get a ride back with Dean, the head coach. Did I mention he drives a BMW with leather interior? Very nice!
By the time we got home I was starving as usual. We had managed to grab a muffin and a Greek pastry from Union station, but that did not satisfy the swimmer in me. Tenie threw on some chicken wings and we all dug in. I showed Alicia and Carmen the outfit Tenie had bought me and they were very impressed; considering the limited time we had to pull something together. I headed to bed around 10 because I was wrecked from the day and I had to get ready for the next day's race. I fell asleep to Carmen reading Jackie's "bad side" of the "zodiac" to her. (Apparently they headed over to Jackie's after and watched Thunder Cats and drank wine. I am sooooo jealous)!
Today we (me and Tenie that is), early and walked over to the university. My coach, Sean, and his mom (he's only 3 years older than me), picked us up from the pool and drove us out to Etobicoke for my final race. Tenie was sleep deprived and kept going on and on about how it didn't matter that my toes were cold because I would still be able to walk. I tried to explain that toes were imperative to one's walking ability, but she decided thta since the Ninja turtles had only two toes, and could kick some serious ass, I would be fine.
We arrived at the pool with all ten toes intact and I swam the 100 free. The race went better than I thought it would and that was very exciting. Dean, the head coach I metniioned above with the BMW, suggested a new race strategy and I used it. Fortunately for me, it seems to be a good idea, so I'll be practising that more often. Sean was pleased with my race as well and then we took Sean and his mom out for lunch. It was supposed to be a t"thanks for driving us" lunch/breakfast, but Sean's mom threw a 20 at us and wouldn't take it back. It was a lot of fun though. Except for the part where I almost snorted orange juice out of my nose because Sean mentioned the Ninja turtles again. After a big breakfast of waffles, apples and cinnamon and ice cream toppings, they drove us home where I promptly fell back into bed for three hours.
All and all I think it was a good meet. I swam well, which is a bit of a relief and we managed to have some fun along the way. That said, I am glad it is finally over. I'm tired and although I have to wake up tomorrow morning at 6:30 for practice, it's better than 5:30 for racing. :)
The only thing missing from the whole experience was Jetta. I opted to leave her at home today and yesterday because she hates the pool deck. Plus, there wasnt much room and I was afraid of her getting stepped on. On that note, I think I should go take her out-she's dancing around be hind me.

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