Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sir Siberian

Just one more sleep! This time tomorrow Mr. K and I will be on the train to pick up Sir Siberian Kitten. We are both so excited that I'm not sure we'll be able to sleep tonight. Mr. K is going to spend some time today fixing up our second bedroom as a kind of kitty safe haven in preparation for Sir Siberian's arrival. He turned three months old yesterday and so will probably be quite small still, therefore, it's beneficial for him to have a safe place to stay for the first couple of days. Giving the kitten a space of his own allows him to get to know your household from afar and gives him the opportunity to come out and explore when he's ready. Most kitty websites call it the "bonding room" and it reminds me of when we used to lock ourselves for hours on end in the tent with the sugar gliders. Thankfully, the bonding room is an entire room and we won't have to squish two fully grown adults into a pop-up tent in the middle of the living room again. The breeder said he's quite bold and would do well with our dogs. This makes me think that he won't be in the bonding room for long. However, we obviously will let him come out when he's decided he wants to explore.
I am actually glad that we're getting him from the breeder that we have chosen for several reasons; one of them being that she has four dogs herself. She obviously has her cats as well as she breeds both Siberians and British Short Hair cats. Witchfyre Rudolph Valentino will have had a good solid socialisation foundation by the time he comes home tomorrow evening.
Of course I'm excited because we're bringing home a fuzzy creature-you know me and fuzzy critters, the more the merrier-but I'm also excited because this could be the first step in a very interesting adventure. I'm looking forward to socialising him and prepping him for his first show. I've already started looking at a few governing sites that have the breed standard and photos of the Best in Breed cats and kittens. Maybe hoping for a Best in Breed (or BIB as it's known) is jumping the gun a bit, but you can't help and wonder what sort of potential is there. Bringing our new little guy home means that we're really doing this showing/breeding thing and it's all very exciting, and a little overwhelming/frightening as well.
I think we have everything we need to welcome him home: litter box/scoop/litter, toys, bed, kitten brush,  climbing tower/post (Mr. K calls it the "kitty fortress" because it's massive), carrier, leash harness (for clipping him into his sling carrier for socialisation purposes) and of course a lot of love. We don't have his food yet as the breeder provides that and some of the litter he's used to in his kitten pack. I am not sure about bowls, but if necessary we can run out to pick some up.
I am also a bit nervous about the trip because I have to leave Nala at home. She's more than welcome at the breeder's house, but they are picking us up at the train station and their car is too small for all of us to fit. Carmen was supposed to look after the dogs tomorrow, but she got called into work. She still may get home before us, so I am going to give her our keys so she can come and let everyone out and feed them dinner. I've left Nala for a few hours here and there, but never for half of a day. I think she'll be fine, but I guess I'm more attached to her already than I thought.
So, other than running out later to pick up a blanket for the bottom of Rudolph's carrier, we're just going to be counting down the minutes until we get on the train tomorrow...and then probably count down the minutes some more on the train until we arrive at the breeder's home.

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