Monday, May 13, 2013

A Day Out

We've had a fun filled weekend, complete with several doggie walks and play dates in the park. Today, Mr. K and I took part of the day for ourselves, and each other really, and it was really nice.
We started with a quick bite to eat at the cafe and then headed over to a local shopping centre, or mall as we North Americans call it. Mr. K was due an update with his mobile, or cell phone for those of us from across the pond, and so I stopped off in a coffee shop to wait for him while he went off to the phone store. I knew it would probably be a long and tedious process and thought my time would be better spent consuming coffee and sitting down at a table as opposed to listening to two men go on and on about their love for anything electronic. Thankfully I opted for the coffee as Mr. K's switch over took two hours. I had run out of coffee within the first 45 minutes, but really didn't want to drink more. I had had a cup at the cafe and two cups of coffee is pushing it for me. Not to mention, I had to pee and adding more coffee to that equation was a bad idea.
Even though Nala and I work well together, if I don't know where something is that I need then she can't get me there. Plus, I was worried that if I got up and went off in search of the bathrooms, Mr. K would return and panic because he wouldn't have known where I had gone. So, I sat for two hours listening to the conversations around me and all of the noises of a busy mall on a mid-Monday morning. Have you ever done that? There are some crazy sounds that made me stop and go "what are they doing and why?" Several times I heard someone behind the counter in the coffee shop scooping large amounts of ice out of something and dumping it into something else. I think this is why I ask "why" all of the time. If you think about it, I only ever get half of the story. For example, I heard plenty of women walk by in high heeled shoes. However, I didn't get to know what kind of shoes, what colour, how high, if I liked them Etc. There are a lot of things like that, like the ice scooping, where I only get some information and have to figure out the rest for myself. Sometimes it's fun, but other times I'd just like to know what's going on. And, that is why, I have decided, I ask why all of the time.
When Mr. K did come back, we decided that we were both hungry and went off in search of lunch. We found ourselves two floors up and at the movie theatre. We found out what was playing and decided that an afternoon watching the second Star Trek movie and eating hot dogs was in order. I'm not much of a Star Trek fan, but I think the movies are fabulous. I enjoyed the second movie so much that I would be willing to go see it in theatres again. There was just enough explosions mixed in with dialogue and humour to keep it interesting.
After our very relaxing afternoon which Nala behaved beautifully through, we stopped in at Boots, a sort of Drug Martesk store, so I could buy a new brush. Then, it was home again, home again jiggedy jig as Hermione and Otis definitely needed out by that point.
Back on the farm, it was feeding time for all four fuzzy creatures and then Carmen and I took all four beasties for a nice romp in the park to make up for the puppies being crated all afternoon. All four dogs were quite happy to get out and stretch their legs. Nala didn't necessarily need to go as she went yesterday and worked all day today, but I couldn't leave her at home while everyone else got to go for a run.
Our spontaneous afternoon out was just what I needed. Losing myself in the world of Hollywood for a few hours and just relaxing with Mr. K was re-energising in many ways. It made coming home to feed four hungry beasts and walk four wild and crazy beasts enjoyable and something I was looking forward to. Not that I don't enjoy spending time with my dogs, but there are definitely days when I need more Mr. K time than furry creature. :)


K9 Katastrophie said...

Haha yes my mommy hates dealing with cell phones! It always takes a long time! Mommy would rather relax and drink coffee too!

Tail wags,

Nicky said...

And I am sure that Mr. K is glad that you like to have some special Mr. K time also hahaha. Hope you too are keeping well. Give my regards to him.