Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HappyBirthday Lady Yellow

Nala turns two today. It's amazing to think that a dog who wasn't even two years old can embrace her job with the grace, composure, precision and enthusiasm that she does. Of course she has her moments where I'm reminded that she's really still a young dog, but it can be easy to forget.
Yesterday was one of those days where it was easy to forget. I met Carmen at a nearby bus stop and then we spent the afternoon at a shopping centre. Nala's guiding was amazing and her behavior in all of the stores was more than perfect. I was mostly impressed by her in the Pets At Home which is basically like a Pet Smart. I have never taken her into a pet store and she did not disappoint. She was certainly excited, but she was easy to re-focus. We stopped in for a few birthday treats which were dispensed this morning. Carmen was patient enough with me while I browsed and found exactly what I was looking for. We left the store with two small toys for our new kitten (who I will update about soon), three elk antler chews (we had a brand new one at home to complete the four we would need), a squeaky cupcake and a new collar for Otis (he has outgrown his other one).
After I sang her a silly version of "happy birthday," Nala trotted proudly off with her squeaky cupcake. However, it was quickly forgotten because I promptly busted out the antlers. All four dogs sat quivering with excitement as I passed the chews out. They have all been chewing away contentedly for the majority of the morning. It came as a relief to discover that none of the four beasties could destroy an antler chew in twelve minutes the way Glacier used to. I am happy to report that an hour and a half later, all chews are still intact. In case Nala had jaws of steel like Mr. G, I selected short, fat antlers instead of the longer, slender ones. I figured the thicker the better. Not to mention, a lot of the longer skinnier ones had strange prongs sticking off of them and I was concerned that the prongs could snap off easily or stab the dogs in the mouth.
Today may be a low key birthday day for Nala, but I've invited Toby, a giant of a Chocolate Lab, for a birthday play date on the weekend. We'll head over to the park that is close by and I'll dispense plenty of home made treats for both my crew and Toby as well; ensuring he has a baggie of his own to take home.
So, even though today may only have squeaky cupcakes, antler chews and some working, happy 2nd birthday Nala.


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Nala - it is incredible :).

pattib said...

Sounds like fun! Happy Birthday Nala, what a lucky dog. :)