Friday, January 04, 2013

Six Months Old

Mr. Sky Blue, as he is  known in the Kennel Club registry, is six months old today. It's amazing to think that three months have already passed since we brought him home. It's even more amazing to think that he's gone from fitting in Mr. K's palm to weighing at least seven kilograms. He's definitely heavier than Hermione now. He's still shorter, but definitely thicker as his Bulldog ancestry would dictate.
Otis is probably one of the easiest puppies we've had come through our home. He's a relaxed, chilled out  guy who likes to nap, puppy battle with Hermione, eat and nap some more. He likes to sleep in until at least ten in the morning, and probably would sleep longer if Hermione or I would let him.  Even with his late sleep ins he will also  happily take two hour afternoon naps. He's been really easy  to re-direct as well when he's misbehaving. For example, when he was teething he would chew on the corner of the pillows on the couch. All I would have to say is  "no" in a quiet firm voice, hand him his Nylabone and he'd automatically focus his full attention on the new object. Hermione used to do that, but within ten seconds would go back to the forbidden object. I had to keep on her a lot more than Otis. He also  hasn't chewed anything up even though he's definitely capable of doing some damage and he is nearly house trained. If I stick to a schedule and make sure he gets out, then he never goes in the house. He still doesn't know to hold it or ask to go out, but as long as I'm consistent with outside time, our floors stay puppy accident free. This in and of itself is a miracle.
Otis also loves everyone and has no ill will towards human or animal. He's always happy to greet everyone on our walks and has no fear when other dogs, big or small, come up to meet him. He does, however, feel he should protect Hermione which is very cute. I've read that you have to make sure French Bulldogs don't get "little dog" syndrome, so I've been really careful about staying on him about behaving, greeting others nicely and not letting him boss others around. I think, so far, he's doing well.
My only complaint about this little dude is his lack of motivation to go for walks. If you try to take him for a walk, he sits down and refuses to go. I thought that if Hermione or Roscoe were running out front he'd be more inclined to walk, but I was wrong. I wish we had a backyard because I think he'd be the kind of dog who would be happier pottering around at his own pace, smelling what he wants to smell and going where he wants. He just runs at a slower pace than me, Hermione and Roscoe. It's part of what I love about him-his chilled out attitude-but at the same time walk times are frustrating. I still take him for walks though as he needs the exercise and also the structure of walking on leash. Admittedly though, some days I leave him at home and just take the other two because I just want to walk and not have to play games to get him to walk. I may be investing in a squeak toy to see if that has any impact on his forward momentum.
I've said a million times before that I'm more of a big dog kind of person, but since we live in such a small flat, we're better off with little dogs. That said, the two small breeds that we've chosen to bring into our lives, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the French Bulldog, are some of the coolest little dogs around. Mr. K said he'd love to "have an army of Otis's." He loves the laid back and comical personality of the French Bulldog, and more specifically, our little guy.
So, happy six months little dude.

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