Monday, January 07, 2013

The Princess is One!

Happy birthday to Her Royal Highness, Princess Hermione Sophia of the K Family.
I don't know how, but somehow you are one year old today. It seems like a running theme of late: I just don't know where the time has gone. Of course we didn't see Hermione when she was born, or really know we were getting her until she was about seven weeks old, but her birthday is still momentous in its own wright. I'm sure she doesn't know any better, but I do, so I shall celebrate for her.
To be honest, I had a few activities planned for her since "doing things" is one of Hermione's favourite things, but the constant down pour outside has sort of put a damper on those plans. If it were just drizzling I'd still take her for her big long birthday walk, but we both get soaked just going out for five minutes bathroom breaks.
I was also going to take her to the cafe this morning with us, but the rain made me decide to leave her at home. Those beautiful Spaniel feathers get so wet and muddy that I didn't want her tracking that into the cafe. She likes to sit on a bench that runs in front of a window that looks out on to the street and if she were to get up there with her muddy, furry feet, the next person to sit down would end up with mud smears on their butt. So, again, she stayed home.
However, it will have to stop raining some day and when it does, I'll pretend it's her birthday that day and we'll do all of the things we were supposed to do today.
As for her present, I'm still torn between a raincoat and one of those LED flashing collars. Roscoe got one for Christmas and it's great for off leash runs when it's dark out; especially since it gets dark here so early in the day. The collars obviously have no effect on me, but it lets cyclists know the dogs are there and also sighted friends if they are walking with us. On the other hand, the raincoat would mean I wouldn't have to spend nearly ten minutes after we come in from just going potty scrubbing her dry.
Neither of those gifts are very fun for Hermione. So, I have plans of baking her a doggie birthday cake. I'm excited since it's my first attempt at cake. I seem to have the cookies down pat, but cake is a whole other story.
I also think either her squeaky cupcake or an elk antler is also in order. Otis got an antler for Christmas from his Grandma and Grandpa and both dogs love it. So much so, I have to hide it sometimes because they argue over it. So, perhaps the antler is the way to go.
What do the next few years hold for Miss Priss?
She'll continue to wow me with her crazy antics: just when I think she can't do something even more crazy, she goes and surprises me. I've also been in touch with some agility clubs to see if she and I can start basic training.
Other than that, she'll continue to be my beautiful little nut who makes me laugh and go crazy every day. It's amazing how she went from this little fuzzy ball that kind of looked like a wind-up toy to this fully feathered, weighing five kilograms, pretty dog. Mr. K always says-after she's done something a bit nutty-"at least she's pretty."
Happy birthday Hermione Sophia. This last year has been so much better because of this little dog.


Amber DaWeenie said...

That first birthday is a very special one so Happy Birthday, little Princess! And when the rain stops you'll get to do all the fun things with Mom and Dad. Hope you get that antler. It sounds yummy!

Just Jess for now said...

Thanks Amber. :) I may nots haves the antlers yet, but I did gets a small rawhide. Yum, yum...and I saw the Mama lookin' at cakes recipients...erm, recipes on the puter. Maybes those is fur me? Yum, yum!