Thursday, January 03, 2013

My Strange and Wonderful Spaniel: Part Two

If you are ever bored, why not drop by for an afternoon? Hermione will keep you entertained for the whole day. Well, that is until she wears herself out and finally takes a nap. She is currently curled up beside me taking sed nap, but earlier today and last night that certainly wasn't the case.
Last night was our final night with my parents visiting. I thoroughly enjoyed having them here for seventeen days and found that it went much too quickly. We spent our final evening at a local restaurant that Mr. K and I really like eating and talking until we realised that we should head home so my parents could finish packing. Upon arriving home the dogs were all super excited to see us as is normal in our home. I have been fighting a cold and so my dad helped me take everyone out for the final bathroom break of the night. Since Hermione slept the whole time we were gone, she was a complete nut when we got back inside after relieving.
She was running around, wagging her tail and squeaking Roscoe's squirrel he got for Christmas. She was also demanding that someone throw the squirrel for her, or her bear or her tug toy; it just depended on what toy she brought back to you.
I'm not sure if I've ever told you, but Hermione would have a drinking problem if she were a human, or at least had thumbs and could open beer bottles for herself. I'm not sure why since neither Mr. K or I are big drinkers, but whenever someone has a beer, and apparently other alcoholic beverages, she's all about what's in the bottle, can or cup. Last night my dad poured me a small amount of porte into a plastic cup. He said it was to "burn the sickness out." I wasn't convinced, but I started slowly sipping on it anyway since I know hot toddies definitely work. As I was perusing the internet, taking my time with my Porte Miss Diva Queen must have noticed the plastic cup on the coffee table because the next thing I knew porte was flowing over the edge of the table and the little weasel was licking it up. Of course we cleaned it up quickly and stopped her indulgence, but none of us could stop laughing. But that wasn't the end of it: it never is with her.
This afternoon I poured myself a giant glass of water and set it on the coffee table. Hermione's been all out of sorts all day; probably with the change of the population in the flat. I think she had become used to my parents hanging around. So, she had been running herself ragged all day. She usually has a nap around noon, but not today. Death shaking squirrel, tug toy and attempting to shred a magazine was much more important.
Even though she was being a nut and she had knocked over a cup the night before, I thought nothing of the glass of water on the coffee table. I figured she had gone after the cup the previous night because it was flimsy and easy to knock over and also contained an alcoholic beverage. Apparently none of these things were factors for her, either that or she learned that knocking over things was fun, because she tipped my glass of water over and started slurping up the dripping mess. There was so much water that it splashed on to the couch and created puddles on the lower shelves of the coffee table and on the floor. I'm not even sure how she knocked it over. Maybe she used her nose, but more likely she pushed it with her front paws. I think her nose wouldn't be enough to tip over that much weight. Either way, there was water everywhere. This time though, there was more mess and Otis thought he'd join in cleaning it up.
At first I was irritated, but then I laughed. It was just water and it just meant I was mopping up the floor.
I don't know what gets into her head sometimes, but she very obviously is plotting. Not only that, she's incredibly persistent. My parents had to close their door last night while packing because she kept going in and stealing my dad's leather gloves out of his suitcase and racing off with them.
As I've said before, she's a complete nut, but I wouldn't trade her in for anything. Life would be much too boring. ;)

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