Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This weekend was a fun filled one with many fuzzy creatures about. Of course there were our three-Roscoe, Hermione and Otis-but we had a fourth furry butt taking up a spot on the couch.
Glacier came to visit.
Well, of course his people came too, but we got him all to ourselves Saturday evening while they attended a wedding reception. We honestly didn't do much in the evening, except watch a few TV shows, while all of the dogs were passed out on the couches. Earlier in the afternoon, before Glacier's people had to get beautified, the four humans and four pooches piled into Glacier's new Dad's car and we went on a drive, touring part of the Scottish country side. Scotland really is a very pretty country.
We drove past fields, moors and up and down gigantic hills. We stopped at a castle and even got to watch the sun set over the landscape. We stopped at a beach, where the tide was out, and the dogs got to run around. L had her "Wellies" on and splashed in the shallows with Roscoe and Glacier. Hermione isn't much of a water dog and so she spent her time digging in the hard packed sand for treasures. Perhaps we should have named her "Indiana" or "Jones." ;) She's grown into quite the little lady, with some definite 'tude. If I didn't know better I'd say that she was getting some online lessons from Jetta. That said, she's a lot of fun and she is probably one of the best dogs I've ever had off leash. Her latest skill is learning to move to the side of the cycling path when cyclists come flying at tops speeds either towards or from behind us. She is catching on quite quickly.
Otis got to tour around too, but was on an extenda leash because French Bulldogs can't swim. In fact, it is very easy for them to drown in very shallow water because of the way their bodies are designed. So, since he is quite small and because we didn't want to risk it, he puttered around on the 15 foot leash. I think he enjoyed himself despite having to be tethered. It's amazing how much the little dude has grown in such a short amount of time. He's gone from this little, squat puppy who had barely any legs to a little guy who actually looks like a dog. He isn't exactly big or anything because he is only three and a half months old, but he certainly has changed a  lot since bwe brought him home. His body is actually bigger than his head now.
Sunday morning we had a leisurely stroll along the bike path, allowing all four dogs to have some leash free time. It really was a gorgeous morning and it also meant that Glacier got some of his "beans out" before having to hop in the car to go back home, which is a four hour drive.
I think Roscoe was the happiest to have Glacier back for a while. Before Glacier even arrived if you mentioned his name, Roscoe started hopping around and wagging his tail like mad. Both big dogs spent a lot of time running together and getting each other into trouble. Roscoe's alert barking decreased a lot as well. I think having Glacier around as back up makes Roscoe feel more secure. I really hope my new guide dog comes along soon not only for me, but also for Roscoe. I think he needs another big dog in the mix since that is what he's used to. Either that or we're going to ship him off to live with Mr. G. (Just kidding).
Even though we have three dogs, the flat has seemed quiet minus the Yellow Fellow. He did leave us enough white fur to make a scarf/hat/mitten set, or maybe even a throw blanket, to remind us he was here. It is so good to see him so happy and completely devoted to his new people. Before he retired I felt like his spirit had gone or that the light had gone out of his eyes, but it's definitely back. Re-homing him with his new people was the best decision I could have made for him.
It was a great couple of days full of sunshine and fur.

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Brooke, Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue said...

Awe, I'm so glad you guys got to see Glacier. I'm also happy to hear he is settling well into retirement.

Huib can't wait for Miss Jetta to come visit us *hint, hint, Jess' Mom* (thought I'd put this in, just in case she reads lol!)