Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feels Quite Right

Have you ever noticed when something is right you just seem to know? I've been experiencing that a lot lately, including with my difficult decision to retire Glacier. We're still working and will continue to until a suitable replacement guide is found. I have had my moments, but I am growing more comfortable with my decision every day.
But, even though Glacier's retirement has been weighing heavily on my mind, another small life change is going on and it is most certainly "quite right."
Sunday we were given the keys to our new flat. We had a walk through, just exploring everything more thoroughly and I couldn't have been happier. We sat in the living room for about twenty minutes just chatting and it felt so comfortable. I was very happy that it was much quieter with regards to traffic and we could hear song birds instead of Sea Gulls. One of our neighbours downstairs also seem friendly and the building itself seems quite quiet.
There are so many little quirks about the place that we didn't notice when we walked through at our viewing that I love. For example, the bathroom door has a pane of textured glass in it that definitely gives it character. The taps on the sink and bath tub are the old ones that have a separate for the hot and cold, but the toilet has definitely been replaced and is quite new; much nicer than the one here.
The main bedroom has textured walls, which is tastefully done with small leafs and vines. There is a shelving unit that runs beneath the main window and we are going to turn that into my work station for school. It will be nice when the sun shines through those windows and I'll also be able to open up the window for some fresh air while I'm working.
As far as we can tell, the communal garden is fenced in and there is a park about a five minute walk away. The cycling path right outside our flat door leads to so many places, including the park, that we could probably walk all the way back to the old flat without having to walk on the noisy city streets if we didn't want to.
I'm really impressed with our new living space and can't wait until we are completely moved in. We are still staying in the old place because our big furniture, such as our bed and dryer, can't be moved until Friday. We also don't have internet or phone at the new flat yet. Actually, our internet was supposed to be disconnected from this flat last Friday, but it seems to still be working.
Later today I'm going to head over and unpack some things in order to have empty suitcases to refill. The cafe on the corner serves the best breakfast at the most reasonable prices we've had/seen since moving here and I may stop in for a scone. Apparently, according to a review I read about the place, they also have the best scones in Scotland. While there on Sunday, we also discovered that it's dog friendly, which made me happy because that means that Hermione can come along if I take myself for a coffee.
There is another pub not far down the road that sits on a pier out into the water that is also dog friendly. It's actually a really cool place because if you sit on the patio, you can hear the waves hitting the breaker wall and we all know how I feel about water. ;)
Despite it taking me a bit longer to get excited because my mind was elsewhere, I am super excited now and in love with a piece of real estate. The internet is supposed to be turned on in the new flat on Thursday and once that happens, I promise to be better about posting more regularly.
Happy Monday :)


Molly The Wally said...

Good luck moving and settling in. Have a lovely Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Mango said...

A new estate, a fresh start, always very exciting. I just read that you are retiring Glacier. Oh dear, how heartbreaking, but you have to do what is best for both of you.

Mango Momma

amy said...

i love you my sweet amazing cousin. happy to know you're thriving! xoxo