Monday, July 23, 2012

Jail Break

We have officially been living in our new flat for three days and I totally love it. There is so much more space and the quiet of the neighbor hood is so refreshing. I've already made good use of the cycling path right across the street; walking both Hermione and Glacier while using Mr. K's white cane. It would seem though, that I'm not the only one who loves our new flat. Of course the dogs like it, but what about Hamish the Lionhead rabbit?
Hamish has been set up comfortably in the living room right in front of a big window. He seems to enjoy the fresh air that comes in when we open that window and has actually been quite active the few times we've let him out of his cage; hopping about the living room and using the TV stand as a hiding spot from sneaky foxes. Not that we have any foxes. Our three dogs hardly notice him. Hermione is the most interested and I think it's because she wants him to play with her. Hamish, needless to say, is not interested, but she continues to engage him. Glacier and Roscoe don't even move when Hamish goes hopping by, passing inches from their noses or paws. They really are great dogs.
Last night we let Hamish out for some exercise and close to bed time, Mr. K returned him to his cage. We left Glacier and Roscoe to sleep in the living room because we don't have beds for them yet, and since they have become spoiled, they require soft, squishy surfaces to get their beauty sleep. So, they snooze on the couch. Hermione was wrangled in and ushered off to our room and we all fell fast asleep.
Around 9 this morning-Hermione let me sleep in today-Hermione started rolling about and whacking Mr. K and I with her paws, her sign that it's time to get up and take her out. I scooped her up, got dressed, released the big boys from the living room and took everyone out for their morning relief time. When I got back in, all three dogs relieved, I unlatched Hermione's leash and she went tearing off to the living room. I thought nothing of it as I figured she was bee lining for her bowl since it most certainly was  past breakfast time. But when I entered the living room, she was nowhere near her bowl. She was skittering around under the bunny's cage instead and I thought I heard Hamish hopping, but shrugged it off as him hopping in the cage. That was all cleared up though when Mr. K came sauntering in seconds later and asked me why the bunny was out.
The bunny was out?
How the crap did the bunny get out?
All we can figure is that when Hamish was put back in last night, the latches on his cage weren't clipped into place and he pushed the side of the cage up and hopped down. We were both shocked that he had jumped out because it's at least a 3 foot drop, but he obviously made it because there he was hopping about happily, acting as though he owned the living room.
We have no idea how long he was out for, but Mr. K and I were both so grateful that our big boys aren't bothered by the bunny because that could have ended very badly. Not to mention, it's a good thing the living room door was closed because he could have ended up anywhere in the flat.
It took a little coaxing on Mr. K's part-more like bribing with bunny kibble and some fresh greens-to get Hamish back into his cage this morning, but eventually he was safely locked back in. This evening after his little romp, Mr. K was sure to check the clips were in place and secured. It always amazes me  that just when you think you're settling into a routine or getting too comfortable, something happens to shake things up a bit. I am very sure the universe has a sense of humor. As I have said a million times before, and probably will say a million times again, there is never a dull moment in this household.
So, lesson of the day: make sure your bunny's cage is properly latched because otherwise he may ninja escape.


Molly The Wally said...

Bunny escape, that is a first. Glad all was well. Happy Tuesday to you all.
Best wishes Molly

Nadja Öberg said...


I'm glad that it went well. I love rabbits, I'd it when I grew up and they're really charming!