Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Creeping Crud

Sick of me posting about being sick yet? Well, I'm sick of being sick. :)
All I want to do is drink coffee, get a good workout in and stay up past 8 PM. My sore skin has turned into a full blown head cold. Mr. K made a wonderful dinner of duck and mashed potatoes last night and I couldn't even taste it. I was so sad.
This morning I woke up to my nose dripping freely and some seriously watery eyes. Besides not being able to train, we're supposed to have a combination American/Canadian Thanksgiving supper today and I probably won't even be able to taste it.
I've decided I'm still going, but I'll just have to hope that some of this congestion disappears by then. I really want to be able to taste Tenie's pumpkin pie! I also think it will be good for Glacier to work over there and then have people other than Mr. K and I around to provide some stimulation. I thought that maybe I'd be better by today, but this one seems to be holding on. I guess the best thing is to accept my fate, keep snoozing on the couch, drinking more tea than I have ever in my life and hope that things will be better tomorrow. I am sure the vitamins and orange juice I've been consuming by what feels like the truck load will eventually kick in. Not to mention, the facial steam I've given myself with ukaliptus oil should also start moving this crud out. As one of my very perceptive readers pointed out: it's like your body has to break down, once you've started a heavy training regiment, in order to be stronger. This happened to me every time I came back from summer break to swimming. So, I suppose this is no different.
Anyone have a tissue?


K-Koira said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon enough to enjoy the Thanksgiving a little! And, pumpkin pie freezes great, so maybe you can talk your friends into letting you save a piece for later if you can't taste it today.

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

I'm so sorry your still sick! I hope you will be feeling better soon :)

L^2 said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.