Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Think I Need More Coffee

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you've been run over by a truck? I may be having one of those today. What I think is happening is that I'm so excited/worried/doing a million things/going crazy about this move to Scotland that I think I'm getting a bit worn out. Notice how I did list "excited" first? I am excited-super excited. I wish we were leaving now! Wait, I think I've said that before. There are a few reasons for that and one of them being that if I could just hit a huge fast forward button, we'd be there and we could skip this stressful stage of moving.
Last night I hauled two jam packed garbage bags full of mine and Mr. K's stuff downstairs and stacked them with the other two bags and one box sitting in our dining room. We've already sent three or four bags to Good Will and these, and I'm sure a few more, will join them. We're selling some things, but other unsellable items are getting donated.
We also filled our first vaccuum pack bag with linens that we're taking and it made me realise how much we're going to have to leave here. It's just too expensive to either ship the stuff or to take extra bags. Mr. K looked up  costs for extra baggage last night and we both had a bit of a freak out. It basically means we're taking less stuff, including my bass which we need to sell. We still have a few other things up for sale, but with the move getting closer and closer, we're running out of time to sell them and that is nerve wracking in itself. Here is a small list of things we have up for sale:
-my electric bass guitar complete with travel case
-Mr. K's car
-our dryer
-our Queen sized bed
-Matilda (my road bike),
-my hot stone set (for massage),
-a bed frame (double sized)
and who knows what else. We also have a bunch of kitchen stuff we're giving away, like plate sets, flatware, pots, baking tools Etc.
Then, on top of all this, I had received an email from the woman who helped me fill out my application to Queen Margaret University back in january. She had noticed that my name wasn't in the acceptance letters and wondered what had happened. I told her and she offered to check and make sure that my aplication was up for consideration for 2012. I had been told that it was, but it doesn't hurt to have things triple checked right? By the sounds of her response, things still weren't organised properly, but she assures me that my application is now in for consideration. Wait, what? I thought it already was. Either these people are completely disorganised or lack communication skills. I've decided that a visit to the QMU campus is in order once we're settled in. I may decide after visiting that perhaps attending QMU is not an option. If their acceptance process is any indication of how the program is run, I don't think I want to be going there...but we'll see.
I've also been freaking about getting Glacier and Roscoe's paperwork worked out. We have to have the seven page document stamped for each dog. Originally, we were going to get that done early, but the USDA dude told me that we couldn't do that until the six month period had expired. I think I have since figured out that that is incorrect. I wish people who had no idea what they were talking about would keep their misinformation to themselves. I have contacted the Animal Reception people to make sure I'm correct and if I am, we'll be making a visit to Mr. USDA guy sooner than later. I have read that if animals go  over to the UK without the six month period being finished, they can finish it in a kennel. If that is the case, the documentation can be stamped before the expiration of the time because that stamp needs to be on the paperwork before the animal leaves its country of origin. Did I lose you yet?
Oh yeah and then I had to dig through the DEFRA website to find out what kind of flea/tick/tape worm treatments are acceptable. I copy and pasted that to our vet. All we need is to show up 24 hours before we're to leave and have them tell us that they don't have the correct treatments. I think I've mentioned this before, but we have to get the dogs "flea dipped" (AKA treated for fleas/ticks/tape worms) no more than 48 hours before departure, but no less than 24 hours. Fun, fun.
I've also been job searching like a maniac. I did get a reply from one potential employer and I filled out a job application this morning. I'm really hoping something comes of it. It seems like a really neat organisation, but I'll keep that to myself until I know more.
I've also been doing more research into dog training. It's a notion that won't go away. I've emailed a few rescue  organisations and trainers with not much luck. One breed specific organisation did email me back, but just to tell me that they only need experienced handlers and people familiar with that breed. Please tell me how that is good for your RESCUE organisation?! I had told her that I wanted to know more about the breed and that I would love to help out any way possible, including administration duties. Her response shocked me. She wasn't rude, but quite elitist. It's like because I don't know anything about that breed, then I'm not invited into the club. Erm, how are people supposed to get to know that breed? How are people supposed to know if that breed is right for them? Wouldn't it cut down on rehomings and such things if people were actually allowed to get to know the breed of dog they are thinking of buying/adopting?
Out of the six trainers I emailed, one responded, but I think I may come on a bit strong or a little over enthusiastic. I haven't heard back from him. Then again, he could be busy, but I think I was a bit over zealous in responding. I was just so excited someone actually replied and gave me useful information.
The personal training courses seem to have hit a wall. A few of the places I have contacted have not responded and the one that did, dropped off the face of the planet once I told him I was blind; slightly suspicious. It's fine. I think it would have been too expensive for me to pursue that avenue anyway.
So, really, that has been it in a nut shell but when you are living it it is very easy to get emotionally frazzled for no reason. I just really need to step back and get some perspective. Maybe a massage would be nice...or I'll just have another cup of coffee-it's cheaper. :)

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Jen said...

Pity shipping wasn't so expensive, I need most of those things you are selling, for my new house!
I love reading about your move because it all sounds so adventurous, and because I'm not the one doing it. Seriously, if I had that much to organise I would die!
I hate people who give wrong information and have no idea what they are talking about. I would visit the university soon to get a feel for it if I was you anyway. I went to Queens in Belfast, which is one of the best in the UK, and although the course and the people involved with them were great, the disability services had a lot of work to do.
Good luck with everything. I'm off to get a coffee after just reading that!!