Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Boys

WARNING: Sappy post ensues!!!!

There are three of them; two furry, one not; two four legged, one not; two short, one not. But they all have something in common, they're my boys and they make my day.
Right now, Glacier, Roscoe and I are sprawled out on the mattress we have on our living room floor since we are minus a couch. Both dogs are snoring away, but I feel secure with them squashing my feet. Mr. K is upstairs  fast asleep, but if I were to be up there tucked in beside him, I would feel just as secure. I don't mean "secure" in the "a robber  may break in and I have two big dogs and one big husband to protect me" kind of secure. I mean the "I am loved" kind of secure. I think sometimes it is easy to forget that feeling with all of the craziness that living life brings, but in the quiet of this morning as I slipped out of bed and out the bedroom door with the two dogs following behind wagging their tails and Mr. K waking briefly to make sure I was fine, that secure feeling washed over me. It stayed with me as I poured cereal and ate it with Glacier warming my feet under the kitchen table, which by the way, is a lopsided card table that is a stand in for our actual dining room table that I sent back with my parents. It stayed with me as I read through early morning blogs while Glacier twitched and grumbled in his sleep and Roscoe snored. Here are these three beings who care about me and I care about them. This is what living should be about in its simplest state; people caring for one another. Well, perhaps that should be expanded to  people and animals caring for one another.
I wish everyone could find that feeling today, or maybe tomorrow, but either way look for it. If you can't find it, it'll find you; especially when you least expect it. I can't tell you how many times I have sat in this exact same spot, in this exact position and not realised just how really loved I am.
My boys may come in different varieties and they may show their love in different ways, but I got the message this morning. And I hope, they get the message back. :)


Andyandysh said...

Awww, so sappy, Jess! I'm so glad for you, I love that feeling!


pattib said...

Wasn't so "sappy," as much as SWEET. Hugs all around!

Jen said...


Mr. "M" said...

Mr. "K" is kinda furry, just sayin :-P

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

What a sweet wonderful post. You can feel the warmth radiating from the page. Don't forget to tell your tall boy how you feel. :)

BrownDog's Human

Kolchak Puggle said...

It's the little things like that that make life sweet. What a great post, makes me appreciate my boys a little more too.

Jason said...

Wonderful that you have that Jess... and that you realize it. I'm sure your "boys" do too.