Friday, November 26, 2010

Santa Paws Is Coming To Town!

Hello All,
Glacier here. I have stolen Mom's laptop while she is making her coffee, so I better make this quick. I just wanted to let the world know what I have on my Christmas list this year-just in case Grandma or any of my many aunties are reading this...oh and if Mom reads this too. So, here are my top picks for 2010. Getting one of these would be nice, but Mom if you are feeling generous, all wouldn't be a bad thing either: I promise to share with Roscoe and Chloe when she comes to visit!
1. Busy Buddy large (It looked so much fun on Tuesday when you were taking them out of the packages, but you know I like to chew, so the biggest size is probably a good idea).
2. Kong Wobbler (It has treats. Of course I want it)!
3. flavoured Bubbles (I would prefer bacon, but the peanut Butter or peach will do).
4. COOKIES! (You can never have too many cookies. I am partial to the freeze dried liver treats that Pet Smart sells. They are so tasty. I once went through Mom's purse because I could smell them from the outside and ate the whole package...wait, I did nothing of the sort! I am a good boy).
5. The Furminator (I liked getting groomed and the Furminator feels so good)!
6. Linkables (Another Premiere Pet product just like the Busy Buddy. It looks fun trying to get into those little holes to get the treats out).
7. Bones! (I like to chew remember? Sterile bones, Busy Bones or even a nice flavoured Nyla Bone would be nice).

I am sure there is more, but for now, that is all I can think of. Mom says we're going to Pupcakes or Pet Smart today as an outing, so maybe I'll go "window" shopping while I am there. Uh-oh, she is done. I will go for now. Aria would like to put her list up too, but that will be for another day when I can sneak the Laptop again.
Until Then,
Lots of sloppy kisses,

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