Thursday, November 25, 2010

And Now There Are Five...Temporarily

Chloe arrived yesterday around 1 and has been settling in quite nicely. Miss A-a PAALS volunteer-dropped her off and we did introductions of each of my dogs on the front porch. They all went very well. Even Miss Aria didn't get cranky about this new furry girl standing on her front porch.
Miss A came in with Chloe for a while just to make sure she was settled. We gated her off in the living room and she wandered about investigating. She found a few sterile bones to chew and automatically started chewing. She and Aria hit it off right away, even though Chloe didn't quite know what to do with the little fuzz ball jumping around her feet. Balloo was indifferent since his leg was still hurting him, but he is feeling a bit better this morning and so took some to introduce himself to Chloe.
Glacier and Roscoe love her. I think Roscoe was thinking "Finally! A girl my size!" They play really well in the backyard and she runs so fast. She kind of reminds me of a yellow version of Jetta when I first got her. She is so small she can get really low to the ground and turn really easily and the bigger guys can't keep up: they try, but she is a little speed demon. Just like Jetta was.
She is definitely testing me though. :) I'm not surprised. She hopped on the couch twice and the PAALS dogs are not allowed on the furniture. She was also running through gates without waiting for the "all right" command. She also refused to do "place," which was a problem because she was wandering about when I wanted her in one spot. I didn't want her thinking that sort of thing was all right, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. :)
Miss A had taken her leash off so she could check the place out, but about a half an hour after she left, I put Chloe's leash back on. She was not listening to any of the cues I was giving her and I did not want to undo any of the training that J has put into her.
She listens much better now and I haven't really had to use the leash today. We even did a small obedience routine this morning leash free. My favourite cue is "touch" and so I'm pretty sure she's going to be a "touch" expert by the time she goes back on Tuesday. lol She is very sweet and I hope Mr. K decides that it's ok to keep fostering her on the weekends. He has already given her a nickname, "Chloers," which he sings to her while he is rubbing ehr belly. They are buddies
She is a great addition and if we keep fostering, eventually we'll be granted public access and that will be very enjoyable. I just hope I'm doing a good enough job that when she goes back to J on Tuesday morning, J will be impressed and let us keep fostering her.

PS: Happy American Thanksgiving. :)

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