Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Much Happier Me

Today I am not feeling as overwhelmed as I was when I wrote that entry last night. I have pretty much finished the research for one of the papers that is due this week, so that helps. Also, one of my friends and I went to the dog park today. It was cold, but the sun was shining and it was just so refreshing to get out there and walk around. Jetta loved it too. She ran so fast and played with other dogs as well. We met so many different breeds of dogs too-it was pretty cool. There was even a little black lab puppy who was in training to be a service dog. I think I gave his foster mom hope that everything would turn out because she was worried that he had too much energy. I told her Jetta was almost seven and still crazy, so not to worry about energy levels. There are people out there who need high energy dogs as well as low energy ones. There were three Basset Hounds, a few labs of varying colour, a husky mix of sorts, a Rottweiler mix, a golden retriever mix pup, a bull dog pup and many many more. I couldn’t believe how busy the place actually was. Usually when Jetta and I have gone there aren’t many other dogs present, but I guess because the sun was finally out and it was Sunday there were more dogs and handlers there. I was impressed that Jetta decided to run with a few of them. Usually she just goes around mowing the grass, but today she was galloping this way and that and prancing around. She seems to be in a good mood now. And yes, my dog has moods. She is tired out though. She laid on the couch beside me after we got home while I read some more research articles. It was really good to just get out of the house, forget all of this essay stuff and bitch about silly insignificant things. I mean, we talked about important things as well, but it was relaxed and we had a few good laughs. She brought her black lab Raven as well and although he's almost nine, he made a good go of running about with the other dogs too. It's also nice to talk to her because she's in sociology with me and understands a lot of the stuff that I spew out. Most people are uncomfortable with some of my thought processes because they challenge normative assumption, but she's great because we can just rant away at each other and it makes sense. We hardly know one another and because of our Soc background, we're able to talk about a lot of things that most people would feel weird talking about. I mean we ranted away about vaginas! lol By the time we loaded the dogs up in the car, they were both worn out and a bit muddy, but extremely happy wuffers.
I gave her some of the Christmas cookies Brooke and I baked on Friday for the dogs. They are peanut butter and black current and the others are beef and garlic. The peanut butter ones are even in Christmas shapes like snowmen and Christmas trees. We had a good time. I hope her three boys-Midas, Wuggy and Raven (I may have spelled Wuggy wrong) -like them. :) They deserve Christmas treats too!
Anyway, all in all it was a lot of fun and I think it was good for Jetta to be able to do “dog” things instead of just working. I didn’t even bring her harness and I think that made her happy.

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