Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A glimpse into the Future

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I will do once I have graduated from my university program. Originally I had thought that I would go and get a Master’s in Sociology, but that plan has changed to massage therapy college. I had always thrown the two different ideas around, but as my second last semester draws to an end, I really think I want to do something different. Sociology has been a fantastic program. I have learned so much and value my experience, but if I go into Sociology as a career, I will be stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life and this thought just isn’t satisfying. Last week I spoke to another blind person who is nearly finished her RMT diploma. She had a lot of valuable things to say and just talking to her got me excited about the prospects of becoming an RMT myself. I’ve even recently thought about adding a second part to my practice-dog massage. I could open up a practice for humans and then add the dog part on after I get a good client base. I wonder if there would be a market for dog massage, but there are dog chiropractors, so perhaps there would be. I also just phoned a practising blind massage therapist and left a voice mal for him. He has taught classes at a massage school and said that he would be willing to speak to me about his experiences. I think actually talking to people in the field has been helpful for me. It’s helped me to decide that this actually what I want to do because for a while I was all stressed out trying to decide. I have also come to the conclusion that if massage therapy doesn’t work out for me ten years down the road, then I can always go back to Sociology and get that Master’s. The number of mature students is increasing, so I see no problem with this. Besides, I am in Sociology, we’re meant to question the norm and break social rules. lol

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L^2 said...

Hi Girls,
Willow says thanks for the birthday wishes. We've been thinking of you too, and reading your blog, but just haven't been keeping up with leaving comments for you here. So, just in case... Happy early birthday to Jetta!

Laura, Willow, and Stella