Saturday, February 24, 2007

Reading Week Recap

Reading week is almost over and I've barely done any reading. I'm not sure that is too surprising. I had been working really hard for the two weeks leading up to Reading week, so I think I needed the break. The beginning of the week was filled with the usual mundane tasks such as cleaning the house and grocery shopping. Sunday, Jeevan was in town and I got to see her and a few other friends for supper. I returned home after supper and baked Tenie's grandma's tasty muffins-I was going to call them world famous, but I think that would be over exaggerating a bit. Earlier that day, Jetta, Carmen and I were picked up by Carmen's dad and we went to her Oma and Opa's for lunch. We ate so much food and my dumpling had the money in it. (I guess it's a tradition that Carmen's Oma hides coins in the dumplings). Carmen laughed and said, "I knew I should have kept that one for myself." Jetta got to go outside after lunch and play in the snow. Carmen's Opa's backyard is fenced in-for the most part-and we were able to keep her corralled in there. She had so much fun running with her face in the snow and jumping through it. She is so small that she had to hop through the depper stuff because she kept sinking. It was cute. Monday was rather uneventful. Although I did go out to lunch with a camper I had this summer, her husband and her friend. The three women of the group-me included-had guide dogs and we spent the entire lunch basically talking about your dogs. I kind of felt bad for her husband because it is a topic he can't really join in on, so I tried to change the subject, but it always seemed to come back to the dogs.
Tuesday, Chris and I played Scrabble and he beat me by only nine points.This is a miracle because he's amazing at Scrabble and to beat him is nearly impossible. Wednesday I hopped a bus to Toronto and then took a Go Bus with a bunch of people I worked with this summer at camp, to Oshawa.
One of the guys we worked with, meet us and his mom drove us back to their house. We spent the rest of the afternoon sledding down the giant hill he has in his backyard. Jetta got to run around wih Lotta, another guide dog, and Floss, the family's pet. The dogs would chase us to the bottom of the hill and always beat us back to the top. Jetta and Lotta kept getting in trouble for eating the frozen compost heap. Brats! That night, we sat indoors, sipping hot chocolate that Nathan had made for us and eating cinnamon buns his mom had made in the bread maker. We talked about the summer and how we wanted to go back but weren't sure if that was going to happen. Ming and Meagan pulled out pictures from the summer and Nathan eventually got his. Meagan had brought jellybeans, but they weren't no ordinary jellybeans. They're the ones with crazy flavours-not Jelly Bellies...the cheap rip off kind. :) Those had been a hit at camp, so she had brought them with her to remind us of the summer. Nathan tried the whole evening to stick them up my nose or in my ears, but fortunately for me, I'm quicker than he thinks. :) He also took pleasure in digging out the buttered popcorn flavoured ones and feeding them to me-they're so gross!
Thursday we got up and headed out to the train station again. I stopped over night in Toronto witha friend. We ordered in supper and watched a bit of TV. I wasn't very talkative because I had cramps to kill a moose, but it was still nice to see him. Friday morning I caught the 6:30 bus back to Waterloo and spent the rest of the day sleeping, having an over the phone interview for Women for Women International, and buying beads from the bead store with Carmen.
Last night we watched Brigit Jones' Diary 2 and made necklaces and earrings for ourselves. She had brought back peach wine that her parents made and I actually liked it. She had stopped in at one of our favourite dessert places and bought us cake for dessert, which we definitely endulged in. We also spent part of the evening running around a bridal store trying to get the plans in order for the bride's maid dress I need. My friend Jason is getting married in July and he asked me to stand up in his wedding. He emailed me the dress description and style number yesterday, so I spent a part of the day phoning bridal stores and trying to figure out which store had the cheaper prices.
The dress was a size ten, but Carmen managed to tighten it up enough for me to sort of get a feel for it. It's a long, satin dress that has a gathered skirt. It is a deep red and the back is lace up. Oh and it's strapless. I'm not too sure about the gathered skirt, but the rest of it is pretty. I'm a bit worried though because it's a heavy satin and the wedding is taking place outdoors in the middle of July. I think we are going to sweat our asses off. Either way, I'm still looking forward to the wedding. Tenie's also getting an invitation and I hope she decides to come. Jason says he'll be sad if she doesn't.
We've also made plans to go camping this summer. I'm pretty excited. Jason says he's going to leave his dog at home though because he figures that the dog will pull the tent down on us. lol
Anyway, I think that is pretty much it for the week. Today will be spent doing work that I have neglected and going over to feed Chris's cat. Tomorrow will probably be th same, but with a twist. Tenie's coming home tomorrow so I was thinking of having a picnic on the living room floor. We're all feeling like we need spring to come soon and since it is still the dead of winter, I thought I'd transform the living room into a spring get away.
So I guess I'll leave it at that for now. I have to go read Stearn and write a four page paper about how death impacts a person's life. Woot, woot! :)
PS: It's a beautiful sunny day out there, so if it's sunny where you are, get outside for me. I'll be stuck in here writing for the greater part of the day.

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