Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Furry Thiefs-or so I thought

Happy Saturday to everyone-it's teh middle of February and hopefully that means that winter is almost over. Since the weather has been so chilly lately, I thought I'd try to warm everyone up with a silly story: one that comes from the silliness that is my life.
Although it does not start with "once upon a time," it is guaranteed to be interesting.
Yesterday morning I woke up early to finish studying for my social statistics exam. I had been going crazy all week trying to get two other assignments done and study for a different exam. So, I felt like I should put in a few hours before the exam to make sure I would do all right. Thursday night I had returned home from night class completely exhausted because that was the class that all of teh assignments were due in and I had written the other midterm that morning. I had not had a nap and I had been up since six, so I immediately crawled into bed. My eyes were bugging me, I think partially because I am fighting some kind of cold and partially beause I was tired. (Just so you know, my eyes are prosthetic. That means essentially that they are made out of a sort of plastic and I can remove them). And that is what I did...well, only one at first. I pulled my right eye out Thursday before I fell asleep because it was bothering me the most, but I woke up in the middle of the night and the left was also starting to become irretated. Now, as every responsible eye owner does, I put my right eye in a container before I went to sleep to ensure that it did not get lost. Unfortunately, I was not thinking straight when I took the left out and just left it sitting on my bed side table. When I awoke Friday morning, I looked on my bed side table for the eye, but it was nowhere to be found. In a complete panic, I began searching frantically behind the dresser, under my bed, on the floor, in the front hall-I was beginning to fear that somehow it had gotten tangled up in my housecoat and I had accidentally taken it outside when I relieved Jetta. I cououldn't believe that it was gone. Prosthetic eyes are not cheap, and it is nearly impossible to get into see the guy who makes them-he is a very busy man. Not to mention, I had exactly two hours to get my ass to my Stats midterm. After some more fruitless searching, I just gave up. I had decided that the cats had stolen it and that it was hidden in some dark, unknown corner of the house. I tried to calm down by eating breakfast and trying to study, but I couldn't focus. I thought that if I took a break from scouring the house, I would somehow find it later-and hopefully in time for my exam. As I flipped through the calculations for the mode, median and the mode, I felt the panic overwhelming me. I ran upstairs and woke Carmen up (it was 8:30 in the morning), and exclaimed "the cats stole my eye!" She bolted out of bed and tore downstairs. The two of us resumed the search. I had hoped that with the help of someone else, and someone with working eyes nonetheless, the eye would be found. She asked me where the other one was and I told her, but insisted that the left was not with the right. Not believing me, she opened the container and said, "here it is." I said, "no, I already know there is one in there." She laughed and said, "1 2, I can count to two you know," and handed me both eyes. I was so embarrassed, but we had a good laugh. Through the fuzziness of sleep, I must have put the eye in a safe place after all and therefore, my cats didn't actually steal my eye. I'm not sure there is a lesson to be learned here-maybe except that, take bot out at the ame time and put them in the same place. :) Either way, both very expensive eyes are where they belong and not in my cats' mouths.
I hope you've enjoyed my little story. Hopefully there won't be a "next eime" to this story, but if there is I can assure you, you'll get to know all of the gory details. So in hopes of this never happening again, I will end this blog with:
The End

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