Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weird Shit and All That Jazz

So here is my random ramble for the day.
The stag and doe was interesting. I've never been before, as I mentioned previously, and I saw a lot of people I have not seen since I was a kid. Half of them were surprised at how tall I'd become and how grown up I was. (That is what happens when you don't see people for ten years). :)
Practices have been going well as of late. I have been swimming a lot of butterfly and doing well at it. A bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one. My swim coach here is going through a rough patch. His wife died in February and both of his kids are moving out for school and stuff. I feel really bad for him. He just always needs hugs-at least that is how I fix things. lol Well, I guess I can't fix this, but at least he knows I'm there for him.
I got a phone call back from the summer camp today. She asked me to email my resume and cover letter to her, even though I faxed it to her Friday. She said we'll set up a phone interview and then we'll see where things go from there.
The head coach of swim Canada emailed my mom-why my mom I couldn't tell you-and told her to tell me to phone him. I didnt' do it last night because I was too emotional. He only phones when he's pissed at me for something. I'm assuming it's because I went home. Except, I don't know why that is bad. I'm still training and doing better than I was in Waterloo. The email made all of the negative emotions come back up and I was pissed. I am sick of him bullying me into everything. Every time I do something wrong, he threatens to take my funding away or puts me on probation. So, after that email it became final. If I get this camp job I will be taking a break from swimming for the rest of the summer-even though practices have been going better than ever. I am sick of the politics and if I don't break now, I'll probably quit in the near future and that is bad. Wow, I think that was a huge run on sentence. Oh well.
We also seem to be having problems with the cats in their new home. There are too many hiding places and we cannot find them. This has happened before in the couple of days that I have been home, but as of right now I have not seen them since this morning. Slightly worrisome.
Jetta is doing well. She is happy to be home. I think she's a bit bored though. My home town is not designed for people to get places by walking. So, we've been doing a lot of driving and it's making her extremely crazy. The dog is so high energy she needs an outlet. My mom is working 3 to 11 next week, so we'll be able to get Jetta out for walks.
Anyway, I am using a demonstration version of my screen reader and it's threatening to shut down on me so I better get going.

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