Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Quick Update

Everything has gone crazily lately. I think it's just the way Ilive my life. :) Wouldn't have it any other way.
It was the kittens birthdays on June 1st. I bought them new collars and gave them extra food for supper.
I said good-bye to my friends on Friday night-supper with my friend Dave, and cake with Chris, Ashley and James. Ashley, Chris and I ran home in the rain. We were so soaked. I took my shoes off and ran three blocks because my feet kept sliding out. My skirt was drenched right through and clung to my legs and underwear. We had to ring our hair out on the front porch too. Ashley required her clothing put in the dryer and it took 3 hours for the dogs to dry. Chris had started running when it started coming down hard, so he missed the majority of it. He spent most of the storm under the roof of my front porch listening to Ashley and I shrieking as we ran through the down pour.
Saturday morning my parents arrived and we spent the next two days getting ready for my departure. I packed up the cats, my clothes and Jetta and we headed out Monday. Before we left though, on Sunday, me, Dad, Mom, Jetta, Medley and Ashley headed to St. Jacob's to browse. We wandered the little shops and I found a fountain I wanted-the price tag changed my mind. I've always wanted one for my room, but all of the nice ones are priced to buy groceries for 2 months. Perhaps, when I am rich and famous I'll be able to afford one. :)
I got home Monday and could feel the city grunge oozing off my soul. It was beautiful. Tenie was still home so we headed to Timmy's (Tim Horton's), to chat because she was leaving the next day to go back to Southern Ontario to catch her flight to Jordan. She actually leaves tonight at ten to eleven. Her and Carmen are spending six weeks at an archaeological dig-for class-and then two weeks in Germany touring around. I am definitely jealous.
Tuesday, before Tenie left, I had a great brain storm. Everything with swimming is so up in the air and I think I need a break-so why not become a camp councillor. It is something I have always wanted to do. So, the last couple of days, I have been running around writing up resumes, cover letters and trying to get a hold of the right people. My friends are on split camps on this decision and I respect everyone's opinion, but the crazy side of me says go ahead with it. If I dont try I will regret it for the rest of my life-and you only live once, so I am trying. I realized that this summer is probably the last opportunity to do it. I will definitely return to swimming in September and if I don't get in as a volunteer I guess I'll keep swimming. But, hopefully it all works out. I am so nervous and keep having dreams about it. :)
Anyway, it's my cousin's stag and doe tonight-my first one-and I have to go get ready. I'm sure I'll be back later to ramble on more about my applying process.


L^2 said...

Hi girls,
Glad you are enjoying your time at home. Good luck with the camp counselor job! And I hope everything works out for you with swimming. :-)

Jess and Jetta said...

Hey ladies,
Thanks!!!!! I'll be stoppingin later to see how you guys have been.
miss you