Friday, June 16, 2006

A Lady In Red...

Tomorrow is my god parents' son's today I went dress shopping! It was the fastest dress shopping I have ever done in my life. Usually it takes 2 or 3 days of trying on a million things to find the perfect thing, but today it took less than 25 minutes. It's a red halter dress with a little ribbon for a belt. Halters seem to fit me the best since my shoulders are so wide from swimming. Part of my body fits in a small, while the rest-my shoulders-needs a medium or large. It's kind of annoying and frustrating sometimes, but today everything went...swimmingly. I even found a pair of silver and red earrings that match perfectly. My Mom found a dress as well-green with buttons down the front. It fits really nicely. Jetta of course tagged along and was slightly grumpy. She hates shopping, but I think she was relieved when walked out of the first store we went into and headed for the exit-I'm sure she was in shock. She knows that shopping excursions usually take hours and she gets so bored! :)
Speaking of Jetta-yesterday she got her vaxinations. Another not so pleasant experience. She started shaking the instant we pulled into the parking lot of the vet clinic. There was a poor dog that fallen off a six foot balcony while playing with other dogs, waiting to be examined. She was in a lot of pain. I am sure she did something to her leg. She could not even lay down. I felt so sorry for her. I told Jetta she should be glad that her shots were the only reason she was visiting the vet. I asked the vet about mosquitoes-as Jetta seems to sweel up from their bites. She gave me a home made recipe for a natural bug dope. So, I'll be making a trip to the health food store to collect the ingredients and concocting my own batch; just in case we go to the kids' camp.
Other than the shaking and a racing heart, Jetta was very good for the vet. She stood very still-probably out of fear more than anything-while she was being examined. The vet said her teeth, ears and eyes all look good. I said that was good, since I needed her eyes too. When she got back home, she was given her supper and I think it made up for the poking and prodding.
Jetta was not the only one to get needles yesterday. I had my blood tests to test for Diabetes and hypoglykemia-low blood sugar. I had to fast for 12 hours and then go in for a blood test. (It's good I was sleeping for most of those 12 hours, because I was cranky when I was awake). After that test was completed I was allowed to go have breakfast and instructed to return 2 hours after eating. (Bring on the waffles and blueberries). I was provided with a little bottle too and had to "pee in a cup." How lovely. When I brought the urine sample back 2 hours later, they drew more blood. They are checking levels of certain things in my blood stream when I haven't eaten in a long time and what happens to those levels after I eat and have digested. Hopefully, these tests give us a glimpse into the inner workings of my crazy appetite.
Anyway, I should go get ready for swim practice. I have to find a snack before I leave and pack up my towels and stuff.


Katherine said...

Your dress sounds gorgeous! Poor Jetta, I'm sorry she gets so scared at the vet's. Luckily, Sampson is pretty clueless. He's happy to go anywhere in the car. I can't tell if he recognizes the vet's and doesn't care, or if he just doesn't realize he's been there before, ha ha

Little Johnny said...

I'm not sure, i've probably told you this, but you can buy doggie bug repellant at some pet stores. Is expensive but is really good. I've used it, well Luther has used it and its worked really well. You should see me when I go dress shopping, nothing fits! Hmmmm what's with that?

Jess and Jetta said...

Aw, Sampson sounds cute. I wish Jetta was more like him in that respect. :) The dress is great! Maybe I'll get to psting some pictures of it-well, with me in it of course.
PS: I can't seem to pst on your blog for some reason recently, but I have been visiting just in case you thought I forgot about you.
Little Jonny:
No. You haven't told me about the doggy bug dope. I'll have to check it out...and perhaps your dresses don't fit because they're not designed from a 6 foot 1 200 pound man. What do you think? lol