Monday, June 12, 2006

A Hiking We will Go

My Mom and I decided to take the dogs for a walk today. Jetta has not been out in a while and she was over due for a very long vigorous walk, but when we left the house we didn't know just how long or vigorous it would be.
We loaded the dogs-Jetta and Flash-into my Mom's car and headed down town. I had to stop at the police station because I'm a criminal-actually, because I am getting a police check for the camp job just in case.
After our stop, we headed over to this place that has hiking trails and mountain biking trails in it. We parked the car and embarked on our little adventure.
The beginnign of the trail was not bad, mostly gravel road with a few dips and bumps here and there, but as we traversed deeper into the bush we found the trails getting narrower and more over grown. We walked along the creek a ways and there was a duck family swimming about in it. Jetta just looked, but Flash wanted to chase them.
We continued along, twisting and turning, picking different directions every time we came to a fork. We really should have known better, but we just didn't think about it. We finally realized, after trudging up steep inclines, tripping over gnarled roots and swatting a million mosquitoes, that we were definitely lost. We sloshed through a few more mud holes and tripped over more ruts and roots before we found a gravel road. I could hear the highway and we thought we had found our way out of the mess-but boy we were wrong.
When we emberged out onto the road, the parking lot with the car was nowhere in sight. We had been trapsing through the forest for probably an hour at this time and the sun had finally come out. It was so hot. I thought I was supposed to be an athlete, but damn was I ever sweating. We asked an older man on the side of the road where we were and he told us. Somehow, we had walked ourselves out onto the opposite side of the park. We followed the road back to the highway and found our car an hour later. We walked for probably close to two hours. We were all super thirsty and tired when we got home.
After 2 tons of water-humans and dogs alike-I had a shower and also washed Jetta's muddy paws off. Jetta had her supper another bole of water and has not moved from her spot on her favourite chair we have called "the throne." I think I actually wore her out. It's a miracle!
Moral of the story: take a map...if you don't want to have loads of fun with your mom. :)


L^2 said...

LOL! Love the moral of the story! :-)

Jess and Jetta said...

lol It's true though! We had a blast.