Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Still Alive but barely"

"Hey! Guess What! I got sick! Like puke my guts out, God kill me sick. It lasted for three days and I'm finally able to keep food down. The doctor saw
me and said I'd be okay. There's a virus going around, Carmen got it, but given my family history of heat sickness that's most likely what it was. I
now drink close to three litres on site and more during the day. Let me know on the OSAP and the swim meets. And another question, what about the bills?
Did you set Something up? Let me know if I have to do anything. Glad to hear you've been busy and swimming is going well. Tell the fuzzies hi and give
them hugs. We're going to Jerash tomorrow, it's ROman site and we're watching gladiators and chariot races. Should be fun. Well talk to you later!
Miss you!


As you can see, this is an email from my very best friend who is enjoying herself abroad-well, sort of. At least she's better now. I miss her like crazy. We've lived with each other for the past 3 years and it's weird not having her around. I can't just walk down the hall, flop on her bed and vent about the day's happenings-or laugh about them, which happens more often. Oh well, I am happy for her. This is an amazing opportunity and I am glad she is able to experience it. :)
On another note:
Today was the wedding I was talking about. It was a short and sweet ceremony, but I have vowed never to get married in a church! I was at a wedding in Vancouver last summer and they were wed in a church and I made the same vow for the same reasons as this one. It's just not my scene. It's too...well, church like with the minister going on and on about male and female connectedness and how only male and females are right for each other, and in one of the prayers, we prayed for the groom and bride to have lovely, plentiful children who grow up fabulously. Um...what if they don't want children, or multiple children? He also read a passage from the Bible that basically rambles on and on about how humans were told by God that we are better than all other dreatures on this earth. Are you insane? Half of the animals on this plannet are way smarter, nicer and cleaner than we are. :) But that is for another day. Anyway, once I find the guy I want to marry and we are making wedding plans, I will tell him that we can do everything his way except forr getting married in a church-that is assuming he wants to get married there. ...My parents backyard would be nice. Then again, I am way ahead of myself. I have been single for over 2 years and don't see any perspective boys popping up anywhere. :)
Anyway, it's off to get my "red dress" back on. (Exciting)! We're heading out for the reception shortly.


Amy and Zoom said...

Hey Jess, sorry the wedding was so boreing. I don't wonna get married in a church either, BOOORing

Jess and Jetta said...

Amy and Echo:
Yay!!! Someone else who agrees with me. My mom was still trying to convince me that a church is good if you have a good minister. No thanks! :)