Thursday, May 04, 2006

I've been tagged!

Wow, two in one day, you should be so priveleged. lol Anyway, I have been tagged by Coffee Addict. I don't think I know how to tag anyone back, but I'll at least answer the questions. Here it goes :)
What are 4 jobs you have held?
Well, I'm only 22, but I'll tell you about my volunteer jobs
1. working at a theraputic horseback riding facility with children with motor disabilities
2. I was a groomer and dog walker/cat player at my hometown animal shelter. I met some pretty special animals while there.
3. an elite swimmer (that is my current occupation) I have to go to practices 6 days a week, plus dry land training and soon I'll start cycling to strengthen my legs. It's pretty intense. This one is not volunteer in the sense that it does not better my community. I do it of my own will, but I get paid. (Now, don't go getting any wrong ideas-I don't make a fortune).
4. Volunteered with the Red Cross program that got youth involved with the community.

Four Movies I would watch over and over again
This is tough. I have a lot of favourites. In fact, we have 2 whole shelving units designated to our collective movie collections.
1. Ella Enchanted
2. Love Actually
3. The Little Mermaid
4. Brigit Jones

Four Places I have lived
That is complicated. Ihave lived in 3 different Canadian cities-all in Ontario, but I have had a few houses/apartments lately because of university moves.
1. Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada (My home town)
2. Brantford Ontario (I attended a school for the blind for 3 years and lived in residence there. No, my parents did not ship me off, I decided to go on my own). :)
3. Waterloo Ontario (My current city of choice because of university).
4. Here is a list of the places Ihave lived in Waterloo:
residence for 2 years,
a very tiny apartment that did not have a living room for a year,
and this lovely 156 year old house we are renting now

Four of My Favourite TV shows
1. American Idol (I am not commenting).
2. CSI Los Vagus (for the same reasons Coffee Addict picked it).
3. The Amazing Race (I think we need a Canadian one. I'd so go)!
4. House (He's so cranky)!

Four Places I have vacationed To
This is complicated again because most of my traveling is swimming related, but sometimes we get to stay a little bit longer and visit the country.
1. Sydney and Karnes Australia (In 2000).
2. Greece: Santorini, Paros, Athens, and Kos (In 2004).
3. Nancy France (In 2002).
4. Sheffield, Skipton and Manchester England (in 2005).
(I've been to Denmark too. It was lovely)! South Africa and Belgium are coming up next. I have also been to a handful of American and Canadian cities too of course.

The Four websites I visit The Most
1. hotmail (my email account)
2. my university's website (especially since I am taking distance education courses now).
3. tons of blogs
4. lol I don't like the internet much.

My four favourite foods
I can't pick! I love food!
1. barbecued steak
2. mashed potatoes
3. chocolate chip cookies
4. broccoli and home made cheese sauce
There are so many more!

Four Places I'd rather be Right Now
...I have itchy feet rmember?
1. at home (miss parents' cooking and our dog Flash).
2. Ireland (Always been a lifelong dream to go). Even Europe would be nice: want to backpack through one year.
3. Australia (One of my friends is there on an internship and I am so jealous).
4. Vancouver (Everyone is so dog friendly out there...and active)!

Four People I have Tagged
Well, I don't think I know four people to tag, so I'll tag 3 and hopefully they play along. I don't have their URL's though...I told you I was computer inept. :)
1. Laura and Willow
2. Katherine
3. Expat Traveler
That is all i have. lol Hope you enjoyed.


L^2 said...

Okay, just for you, Willow and I have posted our answers in my second (most recent) blog entry of the day. :-)

Expat Traveler said...

Jess - Sorry to say I've done it already... But I'll get ya the link to the post. :)

Fours Meme I'm pretty sure I changed a few things up but that's the fun of it... :)

Expat Traveler said...

Jess - Sorry to say I've done it already... But I'll get ya the link to the post. :)

Fours Meme I'm pretty sure I changed a few things up but that's the fun of it... :)

nyasha said...

must be great to travel and get paid for it (of course there is extenuating practice for the competition, but as you said the time off must be awesome).
thanks for playing along! ;) it's fun to get to know a bit more about one's blog friends.
will now go and check Expats!

Matt said...

y'know i'm pretty hurt that harcourt wasn't one of your top spots for vacationning. perhaps it's time i withdraw my latest invitation.

Jess and Jetta said...

Laura and Willow:
I know you guys don't really do this stuff, so thanks for playing along! :) I'll stop by to read it.
Expat Traveler: Somehow I thought I had seen something where you had been tagged, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. lol Thanks for the link.
Coffee Addict: It is nice, but sometimes it's frustrating because you go to these amazing places and all you really get to see is the hotel and the pool. I like experiencing the culture and depending on which coach goes with us, that doesn't always happen. When we went to Denmark and France we had coaches that wanted to look around, so we actually got to. It was exciting! Christena and I extended our plane ticket in Greece and were able to travel a few islands and meet some neat people.
Matt: My list could only hold four places-your camp was next. lmao