Thursday, May 04, 2006

Top 13 Favourite Phrases in Our House

Warning: coarse language, reader discretion is advised. :)
This list will consist of the many phrases and words that we utter on a a regular basis-some of the words have been made, but their definition will be included.

1. "Ow fuck" (usually shouted by me when I walk into a misplaced piece of furniture, most often uttered by Tenie when she is in the kitchen, and most often uttered by Carmen...well, all of the time)
2. "Kittends! Are you being bad?" (They're always being bad, unless they're sleeping of course)
3. "What is this? Why do we have this? This is weird!" (My phrase: used when I have discovered something that I have never encountered in our house before. Example: Pomello)
4. "Loki, fuck off, you've already eaten" (told to kitten when he is weaving persistently around your legs nearly killing you)
5. "Fuck you" (always uttered with love) Can also be replaced with just giving the finger
6. "I'm hungry!" (Guess who that is besides a cat)?
7. "Want coffee?" (Always asked by Carmen since she is the coffee maker-more often used during exam period)
8. "blindar" (Used to refer to the spidy sense that we blind people supposedly possess. Do I sense sarcasm)?
9. "community cookies" (the imaginary rewards Carmen and Tenie get for "doing" stuff with blind people. Example? going out for dessert with us, renting a movie with us...stuff that everyone does with their friends. More sarcasm)?
10. "Jetta out of the kitchen!" (She knows she's not supposed to be in there, she just chooses to ignore this rule).
11. "My brain's broken." (Most often used around essay due dates, or exam times)
12. "My *insert body part here* is angry." (Example: noses are angry when you have a cold; shoulders are angry when you've swam 4.5 kilometres Etc.)
13. "Are you okay?" (Usually asked after someone's fallen down Carmen's "stairs of death," or if number one has been uttered).

All right, so we swear a little too much, but we mean well. And there are many nice things we say to each other this list may be a little misleading, but I thought it was amusing nonetheless.

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank my roommates, Carmen and Tenie, for their help in compiling this Thursday's top 13 list. :)


Katherine said...

Loved the list! quite inventive and original. What the fuck is pomello?

Jess and Jetta said...

Hi Katherine:
It's a cross between an orange and some other fruit. It's very strange looking. Once I know the exact fruit, I'll let you know.