Sunday, May 07, 2006

Keep Our Paws Crossed

Poor Medley is sick. We all went to the park last night-even though the weather was meant for ducks not dogs and people-and he ate some gravel that is now stuck in his stomach and intestine. He had to go to the emergency vet clinic and has now been put on fluids by IV. Ashley went to the vet by herself, but Tenie and went out there after I told her a million times we'd come. I left Jetta at home with Carmen just in case there was something contageous there. Besides, Jetta did not need to go, she would just have gotten all stressed out. She hates the vet. I brought along one of my stuffed black lab puppies and gave it to Ashley for comfort. Tenie brought her food since she hadn't eaten supper yet and it was almost 10 pP.M. She had been too busy cleaning up dog vomit all day and trying to decide whether he was just sick from eating grass at the park, or if there was something really wrong. She finally decided to take him and it's a good thing she did. It's the first night they have ever spent apart and I feel sad for her. I remember the first time Jetta and I spen the night apart, and it was horrible. We'll find out more tomorrow morning about what needs to be done. The vet is hoping the fluids will flush the gravel out and they won't have to operate. So, cross your fingers-or paws-for Medley and Ashley. They need it!

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