Monday, December 12, 2005

Today’s entry will just be a poem I wrote a while ago as I am still writing my 25 page essay. It was a time when many different relationships were either winding down, starting up, or re-kindling.

Hearts intertwining,
New and Old, sweet and bitter.
Pulsing together as one
Fragments of beauty.

Rekindled unsure,
The world, showing each one
As powerful and true.
The heart never lies.

Through struggle or laughs,
Feel it in its purest form,
The rawness leaves you in awe
Remarkable love.



Matt said...

not to be unsentimental. but i have a poem too. something seasonal. enjoy!

down in the workshop, all the elves were making toys
for the good gentle girls and the good gentle boys

then the boss busted in
nearly scared them half to death
had a rifle in his hands
and cheap whiskey on his breath

from his beard to his boots
he was covered with amo
like a big fat drunk
disgruntled yuletide rambo

and he smiled as he said
with a twinkle in his eye
merry christmas to all
now you're all gonna die

it's the night
santa went crazy
the night saint nick
went insane
realized he'd been gettin' the raw deal
something finally must have snapped in his brain

well the workshop is gone now
he decided to bomb it
everywhere you'll find pieces
of cupid and comet

and tied up his helpers
and held the elves hostage
and ground up old rudolph in to reigndeer saussage

he got dancer and prancer
with an old german luger
and he slashed up dasher
just like freddy krooger

he picked up a flame thrower
and he barbecued blitzen
he took a big bite and said it tastes just like chicken

it's the night santa went crazy
the night chris kringle went nuts
now you can't hardly walk around the north poll
without steppin' in reigndeer guts

theres the national guard and the FBI
there's a van from the Eye Witness News and helecopters circling around in the sky

now the bullets are flying
the body counts rising
and everyone's dying to know
oh santa why!
ymy my my my
you used to be such a jolly guy

west virginia, now santa's doin' time
in a federal prison
for his infamous crime

hey little friend now
don't you cry no more tears
he'll be out with good behaviour
in 700 more years

but now Vixon's in therapy
and donners still nervous
but hey. the elves all got jobs workin' for the postal service

and they say mrs claus is on the phone every night
with a laywer, nagotiating the movie rights

they're talking about the night santa went crazy
the night st nicholas flipped.
broks his back for some milk and cookies
sounds to me like he was kinda gettin' jipped.

Jess and Jetta said...

Thanks you crazy boy!