Sunday, December 11, 2005

I don’t think I have anything constructive to say today. I seem to be in a state of nostalgia. Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day, as far as happenings that might have some sort of impact on the greater good of the world. I went to the gym and did my conditioning-and traipsed doggedly through the snow that no one shovels, but I have already written about that-studied, made mashed potatoes and ribs for supper, held a Confederation of the Bitches meeting-where we constructed a gingerbread house, which became a gingerbread mastaba (my roommates are archaeology majors that should explain that)-and then a few of us headed to a local bar to sing karaoke. We spent the rest of the night singing and dancing-oh, and a little drinking. Jetta came too and was quite embarrassed when I brought her up on stage. I promised her a cookie when we got home and she seemed to forgive me a little. It was actually quite fun. I sang “I saw the Sign,” and oldie, but a goody and people started dancing and singing along with me. It definitely was good times. (I even gave my number to a guy I’ve had a crush on for a while, but we’ll see what happens). I won’t go into those details as they are irrelevant and…well, we just won’t go there.
Tonight we’re going to a friend’s house for a potluck and we’re bringing scalloped potatoes. There have been promises of very chocolatey desserts so that is an interesting prospect. Jetta will be able to play with other wuffs, as Medley, Cotton (pronounced in french), and perhaps a few others will be there. Jetta and Medley get along the best since he doesn’t’ use his huge bulk to his advantage. Jetta is a pretty small lab and there seems to be a trend of her getting picked on. She can run extremely fast and I think it makes the other dogs mad that they can’t catch her. So when they do, they usually gang up on her. Poor little black Jetty. (Yes, I know I’m being over protective. I’d hate to see what will happen if I ever have children).
Well, I’ll stop my pointless rambling and hopefully do something more constructive. I have laundry that I need to fold, a paper to write and biology to study for.
And since I have not been that thought provoking today, I’ll eave you with this:
Contrary to popular belief, sexuality is not a subject that is easily discussed. There are numerous topics that are controversial and make people uncomfortable, and even more that may not be considered for the idea may never cross one’s mind. The popular media leads one to believe that the definition of sexuality is clearly outlined and understood. In reality, there are many hard, unanswered questions regarding sexuality. Furthermore, the definition of sexuality, or even just the understanding of what sexuality might be, is very unclear. The experiences and challenges presented to an individual, by society, helps to define one’s sexuality. By examining “the ways in which studying the sociology of sexualities challenges our take-for-granted or common sense views as: natural and straightforward, unproblematic when it is heterosexual, a matter of private individual choice, free from social values and dictates and an unchanging experience common to all people,” one may start to recognize the complexity of sexuality.
(The rough introduction to my essay).


JuliaR said...

Feel free to ignore me but I wonder about the opening sentence of your essay. I thought it was popularly understood that people do NOT like to discuss sex, sexuality (or politics or religion for that matter). Perhaps you could consider this: “Unlike a rousing discussion of the weather, talking about sexuality is never easy.” Or something. Good luck!

Jess and Jetta said...

Thanks. No, that is a valid point. The reason I chose it was because in our sexuality class we always discussed how people claim to be comfortable with sex, and that we are an open society...when editting I will see what other people think. It's a valid point