Thursday, December 15, 2005

The time has come where I feel the need to blog again. My essay is two pages short of the requirement, but I can’t write anymore. I will increase its length tomorrow-before the deadline of course.
Friday, I head to the airport and fly to my northern Ontario home for Christmas. I can’t wait. I miss my parents and their dog; Flash. I bought her for them about two and a half years ago. She’s a lab/shepherd cross and is adorable! She talks a lot and loves to chase sticks…both typical traits of her two breeds.
Tomorrow night we’re having our final Christmas get together. We’re serving candy cane hot chocolate and apple cider. A few other people are bringing desserts and we’re hauling one of my friend’s keyboards over. That way we can all sing carols and, who knows maybe we’ll get spontaneous and someone will start dancing.
Saturday my parents and I, and Jetta too of course, are going to find our tree. Every year, we trample through the bush trying to find the perfect one. I love it! Sunday, my uncle is having a “welcome home Trish” party for my aunt who has just returned from teaching english in Korea. I’m not sure what else is planned, but I am sure it will be a busy Christmas season.
New Year’s eve is going to be spent at my place. A few of my closest best girls are coming and we’re going to have a bonfire in the backyard-totally sickish yes I know, but damn it is so fun! Last year we dressed up and went to a bar; the year before we rented a cabin and went horseback riding New Year’s eve day; the year before that we spent it at my house and made twister out of a portable phone, newspaper and duct tape. Either way, I’m convinced we’ll have a great time.
Well, I’m off to dream land. I have to get up in the morning and finish this lovely paper. I’m not sure if I’ll write from home, but if I don’t, everyone have a great holiday and have fun no matter what you do.
(Also, my apologies, normally I think I am a little more intellectually stimulating, but this paper has taken everything I have).


L^2 said...

Happy Holdiays girls!!!
Hope you have a great time at home with your family and friends!

Laura, Willow, & Stella

Jess and Jetta said...

Thanks girls! Happy belated holidays too. Sorry I didn't really have computer access at home. Hugs to you too